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Hi, I like the the flexibility your theme offers. I had a few pre-purchase questions. I am not a developer, so they may seem pretty basic.

1. I understand you can use whatever content in the Lead area. Can you use an image as a background pattern and the text layered on top? I did see a “custom” option in the demo screen grab.

2. For the boxed layout, can I have the top edge flush to the the browser window instead of having a 50px margin?

3. Under Styling Options, what are the differences among the boxed and unboxed Theme Skins besides colours? If I choose one, can I not alter the background image, colours and fonts in the Styling Options listed?

4. I understand you use widgets for the sidebar. In your samples you show widgets that show images, or text. Can you show both? For example, for an event you would have a pic of a pie and beside it “Pie Eating Contest” and link to that event’s page.


Hi there, please read answers below:

1. Yes you can without problems

2. Yes with little bit of custom CSS not a problem

3. not at all, Boxed / Unboxed options doesn’t change any of the general theme options. Everything is available for both these layouts.

4. Yes of course, not a problem. You can have dynamic widgets generated by some plugin or you can use u=your own custom widgets.

We hope it’s enough for you to have you onborad ;)

PS: Happy New Year Cheers

Thanks for the reply. Definitely on board at this point. Happy New Year to you, too!

Thank you very much ;) We’re very happy to hear that!

Can i have the blog page on category?

Where in php code I can change that?

I want to display only one category in the blog page. is it possible? in php code? where?


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