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Where did you get the hand mockup holding iphone from?

Hello mate,

thanks for purchased my item. About hand iphone mockup. We bought here: https://creativemarket.com/TomAnders/10798-iPad-iPhone-Mock-ups

Because this is other resouces, i can’t include in PSD files. So Sorry, but if you like this one, buy it and use.


Very nice template! :)

Many thanks ;)

very awesome template

Hello, thanks for purchased my item. ;)

Added to my PSD TEMPLATES and public 1PAGE collection! Might come in handy. Happy selling ;-)

Yeah! Many thanks for support!!! ;)

Wow! Awesome design! :)

Thank you!

Is no one coding this into an HTML static site? (non-WordPress). If so, when will it be available?

Please do. I was thinking of outsourcing it to someone or code it myself but I have no much free time. If this is coming really soon, then I rather to purchase it from themeforest, even after I already purchased the PSD template. Just let me know asap. Thanks

Yeah, i will reply you in 8 hours. My team are sleeping… Thanks so much!

Hey friend, I asked my team! We hope to release in 4 or 5 weeks. Thanks for interested. ;)

Awesome :) Great Work :)

Hey, thank you very much ;)

Just taking a moment to say this has to be the BEST organised file I’ve ever bought. All psd’s should be held to this standard. Cannot appreciate the time you took to organise more. Thanks mate!

Hi mate!!! Thanks for purchased my item and give me a nice comment. Just update my description.

Great work, very nice!

Thanks!! ;)

You are, in absolute, one of my favourite “author” on themeforest … Great works man! I LOVE IT!

Hey friend, thanks for kind reply. :)

I need this design for HTML and wordpress and I want to submit it to ThemeForest.

Will extended license will work for it.

Hello. Thanks for interested but Extended License will not valid in this case. Please email to tranmautritam@gmail.com to know more detail. Thanks!

Omg ! Good Job ! I have a question… the archives follow the bootstrap system ? 12 columns ? Thanks and Good luck with sales :)

Hello friend, Normal archives follow 1170px grid system. Simple archives: Main-width: 830px.

Thanks and regards, Tam

Great theme :)

Tried to install missing fonts (on mac) and for some reason ElegantIcons is not working. Any thoughts (sources)?

Where did you get the icons that are not fonts?

Many thanks!

Hello thanks alot for purchased my item,

Please install: http://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Lato and http://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/resources/elegant-icon-font

About icons are not fonts. I get from shutterstock.com Regards,


Like your concept! MiniFox! Good luck to your sales!

Hello, Thanks for kind comment. You too. Regards,


When will be available wordpress version?

Hello @dszmaj,

First, many thanks for purchased my item. About your question, currently i can’t reply this because i have not plan to develop MiniFox now, we have come a long way as good so far. But have some problem and MiniFox was paused. So, i need to find a developer to partner etc.. Anyway, thanks for purchased and i will note your account, if i have any news for MiniFox, i will inform you soon.

Enjoy it! Tam


I have looked at your template. Great design. Are you developing wordpress and html version for this template? If you didn’t start the development and don’t have development team yet, our team can help you to develop them. We are ready for both of full license and partnership relation. Please let us know your opinion.

Thank you, SoapTheme.

Hi SoapTheme,

Thanks for contacting. I mailed you. Please check it. Have a nice weekend and speak soon.


Hi tranmautritam, We would like to convert this template to HTML template, we have sent you an email. Kind regards,

Ahmed Yasser - Zawia