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Please Give a reply We tried to remove the menu sidebar. But when removing it, a small blank space is left in the left side. Also the scroll bar appears in the left side and not in right side. How can we fix it

Naah okay it’s relatively easy.

from HTML file just remove whole sidebar it might me lines: 406-758.

from SCSS file remove line 75 for content padding and line 8031 for scrollbar position.

from main JS file remove lines 26-83 for functions widthLess1024() and widthLess768(). Then you need remove all functions that are in some coopertation with sidebar and all callings for functions widthLess1024() and widthLess768(). It can be lines: 250-321 and 452-453.

We have downloaded the latest version from envato and tried to make the changes.

We removed line 75 from ‘minimal.css’, but there is no line 8031. It had only 2835 lines.

We also made changes in the ‘minimal.js’ files as mentioned. Please clarify if we were correct, because we couldn’t obtain the expeced result.

I wrote SCSS file, if you are not using scss remove lines for this elements ’#ascrail2000, #ascrail2000-hr’ making it float left from minimal.css. Or just add to your own css float:none for this elements.

Remember that in html files is linke minimal.min.js file so you must change that to minimal.js or minify your edited file.

please reply

Nice Work! I have seen alot of admin templates’s but this one is perfect! But i have 1 question… Are they some tutorials how to implement it? The scripts? Or is there a standard working source that i can see? instead of the demo?

Hey, thank you. You can use this theme as any of others HTML templates…..you can just build your own project on top of this or you can start your own projects and apply stylesheets/js files and html parts into it


I bought your Minimal Theme on 16 Oct 2014.

I just want to download the latest version as I saw you made some tweaks in 2015 that help with the navbar. Do I have to repurchase it to get the latest version?

I have a download link that says “You purchased this item. Download it here.” But when I download it, I think it’s the same version from 16 Oct 2014. In the ZIP, the change log is the same as the version from Oct 2014 with “22.7.2014 – Version 1.3” being the last update.

Can you help with this?

Nevermind! I checked the dates on the files in the ZIP and they’re updated to 05/11/2015 so it is indeed automatically downloading the latest version.

dear sir i like to know that is it possible for you to prepare a verion of your admin panel that can work with a framwork?

if not, do you have any idea that how can your template work in a framwork?

thank you

Hi, implementing theme to your chosen framework is up to you, sorry :(

I am having a problem with Interface/UI Elements/Custom Modals.

The text inside the modal appears blurred for all effects except “Sticky Up”. I also noticed that text becomes clear if I open chrome inspector while the modal is open. I am using chrome version 44.0.2403.157.

Please guide me how to resolve this issue. Specifically I want clear text for “3D Slit” effect modal.


please try to add this:
filter: blur(0);
-webkit-filter: blur(0);

to ’.md-modal’ css class

Thanks a lot. It works.


I am having a problem with Example Pages/Invoice/Print Button.

I am producing invoice dynamically, and sometimes the content is much greater than one page. However, when window.print() is called, only the content for first page is displayed in print preview. I have tried various things, adding page breaks (doesn’t work), a print plugin https://github.com/DoersGuild/jQuery.print (shows all pages, but messes up style for the table), replacing and restoring content of body on print (shows all pages, but restored content messes up style for scroll bar). I am using chrome version 45.0.2454.85.

Any help in this matter would be appreciated greatly. Preferably a CSS based solution.


there is “overflow: hidden” for ”#content” element so you need change this css option into “overflow: visible” for @media print like this:

@media print {
    #content {
        overflow: visible!important;

I apologize for this one :)

Thank you very much. Works perfectly.

No need to apologize. I understand it is almost impossible for someone to test a design for all possible scenarios. Great work on the theme by the way. I love it. :)

I am trying to run this template in internet explorer from visual studio 2015 . But it is giving this error message JavaScript runtime error: bootstrap-datetimepicker requires Moment.js to be loaded first


Are you going to add more solid backgrounds? I really like this template and considering purchase but I cannot find comfortable background which I need for my application.



Is there a reason why the Multiple select box doesn’t POST all selected values?

Is there a way to make it so?



do your select-box have name attribute? It’s important to give “name” to form element to see it in post action.