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Hi AGAIN . :) I was wondering if there was a “suggested” size for the background images? Not sure exactly why but I am having some issues with the transitions. Starting to think this is a size related issue.


Hi there! I’m using “normal” background size (1024×682), I mean wider than higher… and it should work without problem.

sreffej Purchased

Greetings TWI ,

Quick question for you:

When Fancybox opens my images, I’d like to have them be displayed at their maximum size. Right now, they’re not being displayed as big as I’d like. How can I change the code to allow this?

If this isn’t possible, how can I deactivate Fancybox so I can install another lightbox that will allow me to do this?

Thanks for your time

My website is thirdhorizonmedia.com


Hi, I think you need to add “autoDimensions” or “autoScale” to false into the main.js where the fancybox is initiating.

If not, your can more option here : http://fancybox.net/api

Can I use widgets with this theme? Is it possible to add them in a bar like the contact link shows?


Nop no widget, sorry.

snazer Purchased

Salut, This look great. I just purchased it this second.

I know I’m certainly being very stupid here but I can’t find any of the documentation which I’m assuming comes with this. To be honest I’m a bit lost without it at the moment – could you point me to where I might find it?



Hey! Thanks for the purchase! :)

It’s really strange… don’t you have a “documentation” folder into the zip you downloaded?

snazer Purchased

To Twi & all,

Thanks for your response twi, sorted that out. Emailed you a couple of questions, nothing serious though.

To people considering purchasing, I can say that this is easy to use, even if you have little knowledge of wordpress, like me! I’m pretty much a novice but following Twi’s instructions, step by step, I got the site up and running in no time.

Couple of minor issues include:

1. How to add the ‘about’ page in the bottom bar 2. Network images (i.e. facebook, linkd in) aren’t showing on front page 3. Contacts: I’m getting that dreaded red zero (tried clearing cache etc).

As I said, they are minor points and just by uploading a couple of my photos, I think it looks ace. Great work twi, and thanks for your responses.

I can recommend this and would say to novices, read the instructions carefully, and take your time.

All the best, Simon


Hi snazer,

Thanks a lot for the kind words! I appreciate :)

1. You need to create a “page” to have this link in the footer.

2. Did you fill all the field from the theme options with your network profile url?

3. This is driving me crazy, I think it’s because some server but I not sure. Can you tell me on which Host are you?

snazer Purchased



1. Still not managing to get it in the footer,. Create a page, called about, and it doesn’t show up… will keep working on it.

2. Yeah, working now after an update. Didn’t like it before for some reason (didn’t properly check what was there before).

3. 123Reg, contacted them as I think there might be an issue with WP on their end. Not sure, but will let you know.

Thanks again, Simon


Once your website is online. Send me your admin account… and I’ll check for the footer. It’s really strange! (Remind me your username in the mail please! (snazer))

Think203 Purchased

Hi there,

just purchased this theme, pretty spectacular btw…couple of questions though can’t seem to figure out how to change the John Doe on the footer? Also I’m just dummying at the moment but text/images aren’t loading at all and (except contact page) I wonder where I can find some documentation on customising this site. Thanks in advance for your help.

Again great job.


Thanks for the kind words and the purchase!

You should find a “doc” folder in the main zip. This theme need a special configuration (it’s easy don’t worry, it’s just no lisle the other theme) because of the AJAX thing.

To change the John Doe logo you’ll need to edit the header.php… It’s explained into the documentation too :)

Hope this helps!

Hi Twi, thanks for all the amazing support you’ve given to your purchasers. I wanted to add a page link to the AJAX menu on the left and have it link to an OUTSIDE URL directly from that button in the menu.

Can I do this?

Thanks TJ


Yes you can but you’ll need to add it manually into the code. It’s not possible right now from the panel.

Think203 Purchased

Hi Twi,

Thanks for your prompt response. ok So I think I’ve messed up completely now :(

I uninstalled the template from wordpress, redesigned my logo and replaced the john doe logo in the images folder with my own one 220×70 pix.

I went to reinstall the template and this is the message thats showing?

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Destination folder already exists. /usr/local/pem/vhosts/155035/webspace/siteapps/31359/htdocs/wp-content/themes/minimalista-an-ajax-wordpress-template/

Theme install failed.

At the end of the themes page it says

Broken Themes The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description minimalista-an-ajax-wordpress-template Stylesheet is missing.

Any thoughts would be great, the rest of it I’m good with thanks a bunch!


Your don’t have to upload the whole zip that your have download from ThemeForest to install it. Unzip it, and you’ll find a “minimalista” folder.

1. Connect to your FTP , go to wp-content/themes and delete the folder “minimalista-an-ajax-wordpress-template” 2. Upload the “minimalist in wp-content/themes 3. Activate it from your Appearance panel.

Then read carefully the documentation to install it.

Hi twi.

It´s great theme, thank you. But i have one question. Can i insert video into lightbox? Or i can only insert video on page?

Thanks in advance for your answer.



Thanks for the kind words. I’m afraid you can’t do this a this moment. I need to edit some stuff. But if you know how to code, it should be easy.

RE: my last question.

I have infact done this. the button works fine with an exception. In firefox browser its perfect, on safari its position changes. I havent tested any other browsers. Any thoughts?

Hey twi,

awesome theme and brilliant support you’re offering here. I’m not sure whether this question has already been answered, but:

Is it possible to deactivate the background-image-slider post specific post? Or maybe just deactivate it for all the post, and just leave it active for all pages (the ones in the footer)?

Best wishes,



Thanks for the kind words :)

Are you talking about the background of the whole site? If it’s the case, I’m afraid not, but you can for example for each post give the same basic background image for post, and the same one for each page.

Not sure if I understood your question… I hope this helps.


Thanks twi :-)

Yeah, I’m talking about the whole site BG. My plan was to “fix” the BG on the posts, but keep it changing on the pages.

Bad luck, that won’t work out.

Thanks anyway!



Great theme! I would love to purchase but would like to know how I can get this theme to work in older versions of IE or if there is a plain html version that can work in older versions of IE….

looking forward to your response


1. Is there any way to change the left side “categories” column or section to just external links in the link manager module in wordpress?

2. or is there a way to change them from categories to individual pages?


Nop sorry, categories are only the left, and page on the bottom.

Hi Twi,

could you tell me how to change some font colours. I only managed to change the color for all fonts in line 12 of the style.css.

What I need to change is:

h1,h2,h3… of the posts.

Colour of the links in the Posts.

Colour of the footer Menu font.

Thank you!



From line 267 in the style.css, you will find all you need :) Thanks for the purchase!

cpaone Purchased

I cant get my posts to load – not sure what s going on – need help.

Thanks & love the look of the theme.


Did you read the documentation and make all the step to install the template? This is not a usual template. You have to create a page choosing a special template.

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finally decided to purchase the theme and it works great. the documentation were easy to follow and got the website started right away, great job.

just a quick question, how do i add the navigation for the gallery in the post right now? i can only select one photo only.

also can you point me to the direction on where to adjust the post alignment, right now it is to the right but i would like to rearranging it to the center. once again, cheers



What navigation are you talking about? What alignment too?

Give me some example with URL please.


ahdont Purchased

the navigation for the gallery, i assume it is the fancybox? i can’t get the navigation (e.g. left and right arrow) on the posts.

Hi again, how I can get this theme to work in older versions of IE or if there is a plain html version that can work in older versions of IE….

looking forward to your response


nkuehne Purchased


The “Cleaner Gallery” plugin (http://justintadlock.com/archives/2008/04/13/cleaner-wordpress-gallery-plugin) works great with the minimalista theme and allows for the FancyBox arrows to be used.

You can see it in action at http://www.niclaskuehne.de/photography/


Thanks for helping! Nice use of minimalista by the way :)

Hi again (maybe I will get a response the 3rd time I am asking the same question)

How I can get this theme to work in older versions of IE or if there is a plain html version that can work in older versions of IE….

looking forward to your response



Maybe you should actually buy the template before asking help?