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Is Ajax mandatory to have? My server doesnt support asp

any new updates coming soon? and if so what will it include?

Update came!

awesome! where can i see the changelog and download the update?

How do I update without messing up the current settings?

Hi Twi,

Amazing theme. How can we get the blue box appearing on the left menu once clicking on a categorie. Same thing for the scrollable box in posts.

When I click on a categorie, it doesn’t become blue. It says white and the title of the categorie disapears.

Here is my website: Thank you

You need to assign to the category you want, the boxes are posts.

any idea why the category title starting showing up in parentheses under the post title on the post thumbnails?


Hi Twi, I’m using wp 3.5.5 and I’ve noticed that my media deforms in firefox. It seems like the pictures I use get zoomed in or something: When I click on a post, the picture (background) often is a blown up part of the picture. I’ve tried to change the picture and then save, but that doesn’t seem to do the trick. How do I solve? Is there an update I missed?

I’m experiencing a problem with this theme.

None of the “pages” or “posts” ever render to the screen.

I get the “loading” wheel and then nothing.


You need to create the ajax page, please read the documentation.

Hello Twi,

a) where can I find the documentation? b) does the theme work properly w/ WP 3.5.x?

Thank you Paul

To get support, you need to post with the account where you bought the Minimalista template.

Hi Twi,

I’m also wondering where to find the documentation on how to create the ajax page. I am also having the issue with pages and posts not loading. I purchased this theme on themeforest.

Thanks for your help.

in the “doc” folder

Thank you I found it! Now I am wondering how can I fix the width on the blog posts? The text moves when changing screen size.

any chance i get use this theme as the backbone of the website and apply masonry effect to the rest of the blog and gallery?

Nop sorry.

Hi Twi,

I am thinking about buying this beautiful theme. Is there a pleasable way (plugin / button) for viewers to stop the background from changing?

(Maybe this question has been asked before but the comments page doesn’t have a search option)

Thanks! Gideon

Sorry your can’t do that :/ Thanks for your interest

Hi Twi,

Thx for the beautiful theme. I love it. But my contact form didnĀ“t work. Any tips ?

Thanks! Marvin

Hiya with Wordpress 3.7.1 get these errors in WP-Admin

Warning: array_unshift() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/public_html/wp-content/themes/minimalista/functions.php on line 13

Warning: array_unshift() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/public_html/wp-content/themes/minimalista/functions.php on line 14

Once you’ll configure the template as said in the documentation, it will be fine. It’s because you need to create the ajax and home page.

Once you configure it like as said in the documentation, you’ll not see those error.


I’m having a lot of problems with this template. I have followed the instructions in the documentation, and still have trouble with the background image loading properly. I have to refresh the screen to get it to work. Also, it doesn’t appear to be responsive, as I thought was stated in the demo, the mobile version increases the size of the patterns in the standard background into huge black squares that cover the image. I submitted an email to you about 6 hours ago and have not heard back yet. I don’t think this template will work out for my client, he’s rather disappointed.

Thank you for any help you can give me,


Hey do you have an URL to see it in action?

Succesfully Installed but not working. When I go to my site, it says:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator to inform of the time the error occurred and of anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Thanks in advance

Hey, That’s weird. Do you have an htaccess their? Can you try the default permalink structure?

Hi, thanks for the reply. I don’t know what’s htaccess and default permalink structure. I just upload the theme via ftp or wordpress as always. The Installation is succesful but after that, the theme doesn’t work and the error message always appears. I can do nothing after the installation. Thanks for the support.

I see. Maybe your didn’t check the documentation? There is some few step to setup the ajax system to have everything working. Please try to follow them and tell me if you still have issue.

Ok, let me check it. I’ll let you know. Thanks.

Hello , we downloaded and installed your template with wordpress 4.2.2 . We can not enter the galleries and articles . What are the standard parameters to configure? Thanks!

You have step by step installation guide in the documentation. You need to follow them to get the template working correctly. Just to let you know I’m working on an update of this template, will be version 3 but totally different and better. It will not be ajax anymore, but angularjs.

Any chance of this coming out in an HTML version without all of the wordpress PHP stuff?

No sorry, it will be only for WordPress

I just bought the theme and want to do some changes in the Angular but the files are minified and I can’t edit them. Is it possible to supply the unminified code?

Hey, Thanks for the purchase. I can send you the dev files if you need to edit stuff (with nodejs & gruntjs) Send us a mail via our profile! sorry about the late

Hi presale question. i need the fast theme for my website. For now your theme is the fastest theme i found. My website use buddypress. Can buddypress working in this theme??

HI kimono, I just purcased and installed your theme on (it’s just a work in progress). It looks great but it doesn’t work properly, I have some questions: - if I tag some posts and I put the tag on the menu, it doesn’t filter the contents, it loads instead of showing just the tagged posts.

- If I choose as home page a static page, it shows anyway always the blog page with the thumbnails.

- the menu doesn’t scroll. it goes over the browser scroll, and the mouse scroll doesn’t work too.

- the gallery doesn’t work, I tryed to put some pictures on a post with a wp basic gallery, but I can’t show any more than the featured image.

- I desabled the comments, but they still appears.

I hope all can be fixed, as I love this theme, hope it will be the one! Thanks have a nice day matteo pini