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Looks great pista42. Good luck with the sales :)

Hello, thank you very much :)

wtf ? don’t work in IE8 !!! mde…

Well, it works fine trust me ;). Troubble is comment in headline

<!--                                  -->
<!--                                  -->
<!--      MINIMISO Premium Theme      -->
<!--           by MeeDesign           -->
<!--       ThemeForest 2.1.2012       -->
<!--                                  -->
<!--                                  -->

It causes some problems in IE (of course).

WIll be fixed in 1.1 tonight ;)

so… where is 1.1 ?

Hello from Barcelona! First of all, thanks for this beauty theme. ;-) I’ve a question, where could i change the mail of the contact form? Thank you and congrats another time!

Hello, thank you very much, I very appreciate it! :) About your question – I’m afraid I will disappoint you :( contact form is only HTML , this teme doesn’t include working PHP contact form. But still – you can get some on Codecanyon, there are lot of great stuff and if you will need help with its import into Minimiso just send me an email and I’ll help you.

Once again, thank you and stay in touch, there are lot of fresh new themes coming up soon :)


I’m PSD files missing. Include one for a logo at least pls!

Thanks, nice template BTW

Hello, thanks for purchasing.

About your question, there’s updated version waiting for revision, including new PSD files. Hope it’ll be allright.

Zdravím do ceska :)

Thanks a lot.

Taky zdravím, všiml jsem si u dema domény s ceským jménem :)

Hi, can you please explain how I install this theme? I keep receiving errors about the header and style.css

Hello, thanks for purchasing.

Do you install it as a wordpress theme?

Yes, I’m uploading it as a standard wordpress theme.

Well, I’ll dissappoint you, this is not a Wordpress theme, its regular HTML theme.

Ah!, thats ok! I can still use it.

Well good luck then and thanks for purchasing :)