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Hi michak , please send me an email via PM and we’ll take car of that ;) Site works perfectly in all browser, you must have messed up something and now you get different results.


Very nice design!

Can you please tell me, very I can change the image preview effect!? I want the preview-picture to stay/popup inside the screen. Hope you understand what I mean…

And – is it possible to download the upgraded version?

Thank you and regards from Denmark

@kimmer78 Don7t get it quite, but I’m sure that you can adjust everything ;) Can you send me a PM via my Den? Thanks.

michak Purchased

Hi Segen… are you on holidays? I send you a PM and it´s really urgent with IE problem. Cheers, Micha

Hi michack I replied two times! Whatever, if you’re heaving IE problems after you modified the HTML or CSS then try to compare the original file you bought with your modified version. Go step by step and compare the CSS for that part that is causing you problems. Hope I could help a bit.


Very nice. Heads-up, live preview doesn’t seem to be working (your Theme doesnt display) ?

Thanks RobbyDesigns! Preview works fine here.

Hi Segen,

There are two index/php/html files… why? Are them both necessary?

Thanks for this nice template ;)

Can’t see the preview either.

@marcelofranklin One is in Onepage folder and the other is in MultiPage folder. The one for OnePage has all content in one page (index.html) and the on in Multipage has only small portion of the site (homepage). Hope this clears it now ;)

@MissJen Preview works just fine here ;)

There is a JavaScript error in IE, the page doesn’t show.

@CubeCart it’s just in Preview, otherwise it works fine ;)

this is really beautiful. would you happen to have a preview of the multipage version of this file anywhere?


Nope, I don’t have it. Sorry. It is however almost the same as One-page layout, just broken into Multiple pages.

yosh66 Purchased

I am loving the template. so simple and clean.


Thanks :)

Hi Segen,

Great site – the only problem is I’ve changed the email address in the php file as per your instructions in the PDF and the actual file but the contact form doesn’t appear to be working. I haven’t touched anything else. Am I missing something?

Thanks Ste