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Great work StampReady! I wish you the best!


Thanks lordthemes! and congrats for being a part of the Blogger Bundle, wish you many sales :)

~ Sebastian

Great work guys!
Good luck :)


Thanks man I really appreciate it :)

Nice work! Good Luck with Sale! ;)


Thanks a lot

Great work and clean design again :) Good luck and with sales

Looks great, but is this significantly different from your ‘The Talk’ email template released over 6 months ago? Same layout, just different colours and images. Am I missing something?


Thanks, Mint started with a new design process, aiming to reach the similarity as The Talk, but cleaner, easier to edit and optimised for our new system.

The code part was again started from scratch and again, optimised for our system. It’s much cleaner and well commented.

The similarity may be there, but template has been developed from scratch.

Great template yet again guys.


Thanks so much KaleidoMatt :)

I’m thoroughly impressed with except for one thing I have a question about. For colors, I need to use specific ones. Am I able to input hexadecimals as opposed to just dragging on a colorpicker?


You’ll be able to change the colors within the code. Although, you will need to adjust every hexadecimals in order to have it changed.

Inline styling is used to prevent glitches and compability on several Email clients. We often use the Search and Replace method.

You could also send us your newsletter and we’ll change it manually for you.




I’d be able to do it myself, but it’s just pretty time consuming. Since there was a color picker, I just figured, like with most themes and some other email templates, one would be able to enter the color codes.

Thanks for your responses.


Thanks for your thoughts.

You may want to look forward to the next release of our Live Preview. :)

Hi guys,

I am very happy with this template but I strongly suggest to use the standard html tags (html, head, body) for the markup, in order to make chimpmail generate thumbnail views for the uploaded template. Without those standard html tags, there will be no thumbnail generated.

Also, the viewport meta data is throwing errors because the used ”;” is not accepted.




He Mark,

Thanks for the purchase and thanks for letting us know about this issue :)
Our developer will have a look at it!
Please let us know if there are any other things you want us to help.


Hello your emails for your support are being bounced back… I will try again but I have a time sensitive question that I would like answered…

Hi Guys, I have a problem with the email template, It is not looking good on Gmail application on android. The responsive is not working well. Please I need your help fixing this. Thanks



Kindly email us via our profile and we’ll happily have a look a it.


Hi Guys,

I just dropped you a note like Mostafa we are also having issues with the template not woking on Gmail. Can you help? I just dropped you an email too.

Cheers, Midu.


Hi Midu,

We have sent you an email to help you with the template. We have tested it again and it works in gmail.

Regards, StampReady support


I have a question with regards to the typography. Will the type be consistent across all email engines?


Hi khuzemasiam,

No, unfortunately it doesn’t. A lot of the email engines support typography, but not all.

Regards, StampReady support

Hey, where is the Zero template?

The “inclusive generator” is included to be installed in my server or I get just the access to used that on one external server?