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I want english-arabic for this theme. Arabic is from Right to Left. thanks.

Hello,fahadhha. To enable multilingual features you need to install a plugin that will deal with translations. Contact us on support@1theme.com , with the same question, a member of our team might give you some suggestions. Thank you for choosing “Mint”.

A little update, we recomend purchasing this plugin http://goo.gl/01jDDk , but if you need someone to configure it for you or add some customization you can order a job here http://goo.gl/nWnNNR

Hello, I just bought the theme and have installed it am starting to make some changes.

When I added the plugins, it now says to update the Visual Composer and LayerSlider WP. Are these updates included in the theme?

I’m editing the theme options, and at first it will update but then after a couple changes it doesn’t do anymore updates. Do you know why the theme options wouldn’t update even though I’m clicking save and getting the “updated” notifications?


Hello, the premium class plugins can’t be update by you unless you purchase a license, but every theme update comes with the updated plugins. Plugin updates are more often than theme updates,so even if we updated the theme couple of weeks ago, there are already new plugin updates. Next theme updates will surely come with latest plugin updates. Regarding theme options issue please send us a message on support@1theme.com with temporary user data,login and pass and a link to your site so we can confirm the problem and find out what is the cause of it. Thank you.


mroyer1 Purchased

I have seen the message “Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files” on my site since the theme install yet I dont see anything on this support group how to get & replace the files. I am seeing double checkout and paypal buttons and double cart summaries.

Hello, this is a forum thread on this problem,regarding Woocomerce,that will help you out. If you can’t bring it to a happy end, contact us on support@1theme.com , and provide temporary user data, login and pass, so we could confirm and deal with the problem . Thank you for choosing “Mint”.


I’m having a problem with the Visual Composer Carousel in Internet Explorer. It doesn’t seem to display, and it takes ages to load the pages which have it on, and it creates a massive gap between the carousel and the content. Do you know what’s wrong?

Best Regards, Aimee

Hello , Aimee, would you be so kind to send a link to your site and temporary user access data, login/pass to your site’s dashboard, to support@1theme.com ,so we can confirm the problem an find out what could be the cause. You could also provide some info, if you remember, what where the latest changes you made and how long has it been since this problem appeared or since you noticed it. Waiting for your mail,thank you.

Hello there! I just wanted to ask if there’s a way to get an update? I’m using Mint 1.4 ever since I’ve installed the Theme, although I’ve ticked a box the very same day saying “notify me when there’s an update” (if it was me, maybe it’s ticked by default?). Thanks in advance, cheers!

Hello, dear costumer, all you have to do is go to the downloads page on your themeforest account and download “Mint” again, there is v 1.8 available now. After that,CREATE A BACK-UP OF YOUR SITE AND DATABASE. Go to your WP dashboard , deactivate and delete the existing Mint-theme, and install from the newly downloaded “Mint” package the updated theme. If it seems too complicated for you send us temporary FTP access data user/pass to your sites hosting root folder to support@1theme.com ,so we can make the back up for you, and also temporary user data for the Dashboard and a link to your wordpress site, so we can check how everything works after we install the updated theme. Note that conflicts could appear with the older plugins installed on your site if there are any and it would also be advisable to save all the custom styles or/and classes you created for your site if there are any. Best regards.

Thanls for your advice! But now I’m having issues with my theme since I’ve updated Mint from version 1.4 to 1.8. A: The background image is now overlayed by the boxed layout. B: A certain menu in the post editor has gone, now I’m forced to publish my posts without post image (thumbnail?) on the blog roll. I checked the enitre theme options, nothing there seems to lead to a solution.

The domain is www.musicstudio-vie.com, there you can see what I mean. Please help me, I just renovated the studio and can’t even promote it online because the website looks so bad (I know it’s far away from a Monet painting, but it worked for me…).

Thank you in advance,

best regards!

Hello, we replied to the email message also. Further assistance will be provided by mail. Thank you.