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GROOT Purchased

Hello virtualsense,

In a massage to newdesignmedia you say the following:

“The theme comes with a detailed documentation and I can provide you the exported version of the demo site (one .xml file), which you can import into your WordPress install using the native WordPress import tool.”

Can you give me that exported version of the demo site as well?

Thanks again!


Hello GROOT,

Sorry for the late answer, I haven’t been online in the holidays. Please contact me trough my profile page, so I can send you the exported version.

Happy New Year!

HI there,

I am having trouble printing out the entire layout of this theme. I would love to be able to look at the design while I am working on the backend content. Is it possible to send me a PDF?

Thanks, Ashley


I’m considering whether to by this theme but I’d need to know if it’s possible to set an slide in both the posts and the portfolio items.

One more question: could I’ve any help for changing the background and menu bar colour?

Many thanks

Something more:

We love your design but is very unusefull and troublesome for us because of the different types of posts, blog and portfolio.

We need to have a post with both tags and categories, as the blog type are. But whena tag or category of a blog is clicked, the response is not as visual as the response is got when you click a portfolio categories.

Is possible to have the same grid of the portfolio when you click on a blog post? If so, we could work with only one type of post and forget the portfolio.


I updated the theme to version 1.1 but none of the shortcodes are working. I tried adding buttons and separators to multiple pages, and it will insert the shortcode into the editor, but when I view the page, the buttons and separators do not appear.

How can I fix this issue?

Thanks for your help.

RavilZ Purchased

There is a problem with display for retina device. Probably there is a conflict to WP Retina 2x. It may be other ways to show @2x for retina of displays???

Hi there,

I have just purchased this theme and I have had no end of troubles getting it running.

I have it working 80% now, but I can only find the help.html file – no other documentation (am I missing something?)

I cannot see how to load any examples from the demo site onto my server – the files are there (ie, portfolio-filterable.php etc) but I get a 404 when I try to navigate to them.

I have now got the filterable portfolio working but the css is way out of whack. I looked on the demo site and it seems to be using completely different CSS tags?

Have I missed something glaringly obvious in all of this?


Mobiq Purchased

like the design, any plans for supporting retina ?

This theme is missing documentation for how to set up the portfolio. I am hoping the developer responds to some of these comments, I also sent a private message to him, hoping for response.

Mobiq Purchased

I think he’s busy creating other themes. Hope he has a plan for updates, I already purchased another well maintained theme since this theme is not maintained.

doole Purchased

Yes, this theme is missing documentation for the portfolio. I tried to contact him about two weeks ago, but still no response.

kubawolf Purchased

Accordions aren’t working with the following shortcode taken from your documentation (I’ve attempted a variety of configurations):

[toggle type=”accordion”] first item’s content. You can insert pictures or even other shortcodes.[/tab] second item’s content./tab

kubawolf Purchased

I was just revisiting the comments to see if you had responded to the question I’ve already answered and to pose a new question but that would seem to be a waste of time.

It’s been 9 Days without a response.

The answer, you put the wrong shortcode tags in your documentation. It should be used as follows: /toggle_item not /toggle_tab.

You’ve also neglected to provide any sort of insight as to how the slider should be utilized.

I’ve not rated this yet but it seems you’re on the edge of a 4 star rating and it’s entirely likely that another poor rating will demote you to 3. As we all know, a 3 star theme is entirely worthless and denotes a lack of described functionality and/or support/documentation.

I would appreciate some feedback and perhaps a little demo code for the slider as you’ve used in slide one of the live preview.

Agree with Kubawolf above. I keep finding more and more quirks with this site that are simply maddening. Plus, lack of response from the author is a huge turn off. If I could get a REFUND, I would.

Hi, In a some pages appear “Leave a reply” How can remove it? thanks