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I purchased your mission theme. Thank you for it, it is very nice.

I have a little issue with sermons and events in regards to URLs

When I create a new event or sermon, then the URLs created are and

I would like to get

How can I do that?

Thank you for your assistance,

Best regards,

Hi AJ,

Thanks for your fast reply. Can you let me know how to change the URLs through WP posts hardcoding files?


Ok. I found another solution. Thanks

Ok. I found another solution. Thanks

Good Day. When will you update this theme to WordPress 4.3?

Hi johnpurcam

THanks for the message.

We are awaiting the release of WordPress 4.3.

All themes will be compatible once the release is activated by the WordPress team.


Hi AJ,

I am not at my first website creation with WP and I am having very serious issues with your theme.

First of all, in the left side bar WP admin panel, wether I click on “customize”, “Header”, or “Background”, I get the same panel, which is normally in every WP theme the “customize” panel. There, I try to upload one picture because I need a simple header, but nothing works. Either nothing happen, either I get a distrorded image, despite it has the size you recommend. When I try to upload a picture there, no matter what size it is, it always asks me to crop and then part of the picture is cut, I cant seem to crop it the way I want.

When uploading a picture at the size you recommend for the banner above the begining of the page content, it gets cut, not at the right size and only the upper part of the picture is shown. I don’t understand how to fixe that.

Tried to remove “proudly design by Croma” but I have several footer.php folder and none of the code looks exactly like you shown.

I don’t understand why I am having all these issues.

Can you please help me fixing these issues.

I don’t need anything complicated. Just simple header with one picure, pages, and podcasts…

Thanks in advance for your support,


Basicallay how to remove the message “Theme installed. All Ready to go” by a centered picture?

Ok, don’t mind the questions above I managed to solve everything. But my question about how to add a favicon remains. How can I add it? Also, is it possible to display no slideshow but only the background image on the home page? Thanks

Glad all is sorted.

There is a WordPress plugin that will assist in setting favicons for all devices:

it is possible to disable the slideshow in the homepage:

in the index.php look for and delete the following lines from line 20 to 30:

<div class="slidein">
    <div class="slideout">
    <div class="row">
        <div class="twelve columns" style="position: relative;">
            <?php echo cro_fetch_slider(); ?>

Are you going to be updating this theme? Thanks,