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I sent in a support request and didn’t receive an answer :/

I’m trying to customize the stylesheet via a child theme and it’s not recognizing it. I see another comment had the same issue. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi graphicmemory.

Thanks for reaching out.

I received a request a day or so back and replied asking for login details so I can trace the reason for this for you and fix it.

If you can get logins for me I can surely assist.

You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here


Thanks for the offer, but I was able to figure it out. Love the theme :)

Great news.

Take care.


seanie Purchased

Flexslider is causing the images to get cut-off on the main slider -homepage. Any advise? I’d like for the proportions to get constrained as opposed of getting cut-off. Thanks,

Hi seanie.

Thanks for taking time to touch base on the Mission Theme

If you make contact to my personal assistance line we provide assistance on this. You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here


Hi, I upgraded to Wordpress 4.0 and my header images all set to the same image. Originally, we had different images on each of the page headers. Are you aware of a conflict there? Is there a fix for it? My site is:

Yes, looks like theme 1.0

If you update to the latest version all should be ok.

More on updating at the link below:


Ahh, okay. Thank you!!

Hi, We have some part have to custom make from this theme, could you please send us your contact email for more discussion? Thank you.

HI kelvinche

Thanks for the email.

You can make contact at



Two questions:

1. Can I use Revolution Slider in the theme options, or would I need to manually insert it into the header.php file?

2. Can the sermons be searchable to tags and categories?

3. Can donations or pledges through Ignition Deck be added to the Woocommerce cart for checking out with other products?

Thanks, Rob

Hi robphat

Thanks for taking time to touch base on the Mission theme.

Revolution slider need to be manually added.

Sermons can be tagged and categorized.

As Far as i recall, Ignitiondeck have a options to add pledges to the cart. This is something that just need to be checked with Ignitiondeck.



I’m really loving this theme, but I want the header images/slideshow I’m using in the chroma dashboard to show up on all of my pages, right now it seems to be buried in pages that aren’t visible. How do I do this?

I did watch the video but it was about adding a static header as opposed to the slideshow in the chrome dashboard.

Hi tamekariley

Thanks for touching base on the mission theme.

If you make contact to my personal assistance line we provide assistance on this. You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here


Will do! Thanx

A) Has your theme been translated to German? B) Would it be possible to also crowdfund based on “number of backers” instead of “amount”? (e.g. “10 backers needed to reach our goal”) C) We also want to allow campaigns for events (with attributes: “start date”, “end date”, “location/venue”). Would it be possible to add extra fields? And filter by these fields in the front-end? D) Would it be possible to integrate facebook login?

Very much looking forward to hearing from you, Simon

Hi simons0.

Thanks or taking time to touch base on the Mission theme.

We do not have a German translation ready for the theme, but full instructions is given on translating the theme.

As far as i know, crowdfunding will not work on the amount of backers but always a goal amount.

Extra fields can be added to the campaigns, but you will need ot make contact with a developer that can code that for you.

Facebook login can easily be added via a plugin.


How do i get the widget on the landing page to work.

Hi medesigns.

Wow i know that flag.

You are talking about the woocommerce widget?


no the widget for the crowd-funding for ignitiondesk, keeps linking to a post and i can’t get it to point to the “funds” i’ve created.

I’m thinking that you might need to flush your permalink cache

If you make contact to my personal assistance line we provide assistance on this. You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here


Greetings – Nice theme and a candidate for our project, thank you. I will not require a shot, will the donations function work without the shop addon?

Thank you – happy new year Ron

Hi Ron

Thanks for the feedback.

The dontations function is powered by the ignitiondeck plugin.

More details on getting the plugin below:


Thank you AJ – I appreciate your clarification.


I am considering purchasing this theme and prior to finalizing can you please tell me if there is an option to reduce the size (in terms of height) of the upper banner where the company name and navigation bar is located?

Thank you

Hi henleycmf.

Thanks for the message.

It is indeed possible to reduce the size.

If you decide to purchase, make contact and i can quickly assist.



I have purchased your theme and upon installing in Wordpress I receive the following message:

“Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.”

Please assist at your earliest convenience. Once correctly installed I will contact you regarding adjusting the height of the banner. Thank you.

Hi henleycmf

Thanks for the support and the message.

After clicking on the download link in your Themeforest dashboard, you will be presented with 3 download options. Click the second option which says “installable WordPress file only” if you install that theme you will not get the message. You are only seeing the message because you did not just install the update but the whole package including amongst other the wordpress files.


Is it possible to show the calendar in the sidebar?

Hi mapsgirl.

THanks for the message.

It is possible to add a list of upcoming events but not a calendar in table form.



mapsgirl Purchased

Is it possible to list events on a page? Not just in the sidebar?

you have the calendar that you can add to any page as well os the list of upcoming events.

More on achieving this below:



Love the theme but still have two questions before I will buy this one. 1- is it possible to charge some money when some one like to create a Campaign? 2- Is it possible to use it with a ideal plug-inn? (holland)

Kind regards, Daan Ragbourn

Hi Daan

Thanks for the message.

Charging for campaign creation is not possible.

The ignitiondeck plugin will sync with the woocommerce plugin which have a extension for ideal


Hello, I need to know some details before buying this theme

1 – Is it valid for nonprofit campaigns? Is there no commission to the creators of projects?

2 – When the payment of the causes is done in the account of the creators? When it reaches 100% of the target the cause? That’s what I need

3 – The amount shown in the bar donations increases automatically? Is it only the amount of donors pledged?

4 – the identity of donors to the visits of the web are hidden?

5 – Supports Currency €?


Hi GroupoEl

This crowdfunding campaign can be used for nonprofits, Because of the fact that you create your own projects, there is no commission payable.

The payments of the causes are definately only being released ot you personally.

The amount shown are the amount that is being pledged, and increases as the pledges increase.

The identity of the donors are indeed hidden, and Euro is definitely supported.


Hi Is it possible to display all causes in a page of type grid? Who can create causes? Is it only the admin? Need any registered user can create causes, but it only admin who approves them to be public Regards

We did not add a “kickstarter” layout to the theme.

Admin is the only one that cna create causes.

The idea is not for the site ot be a kickstarter clone, but to be a platform that a church can use for all their crowdfunding requirements.

Hey guys, pre purchase question here – is this theme compatible with woo products designer? I’m looking to setup a site where people can design a t shirt with woo products designer and then crowdfund the shirts for their campaign.. would this be possible with your theme? :)

Hi Studiomarketing.

Thanks for the message.

The theme is compatible with woocommerce, so the wooproductsdesigner should be ok.


Which Ignition Deck plan was used on the demo? I don’t want to purchase one and not have it work.

Hi kasiahbug

Thanks for the message.

The basic plugin wouls be ok.


I want my shop images to look like the demo, but they are not (they are a lot smaller). There is no option to overide CSS style anymore and I changed the sizes in woocommerce settings / products / Display and then regenerated thumbnails, but they are still very small.

Hi Kasiabug

Thanks for the message.

If you make contact to my personal assistance line we provide assistance on this. You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here



I bought the Mission theme, but I am struggling to add a mp3 link to my sermon page. Could you please assist me?

I did upload the Mp3 to the media page, but when I create the link in the Edit sermon page and save I cant seem to play it on the actual website.

Please help. Thanks

Hi Jono85

THanks for the message.

If you make contact to my personal assistance line we provide assistance on this. You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here


I want to find a crowd funding WP theme, which is prefered to be the same/similar style of The following features are required:

1. youtube video embedded: the starters can link their video to their project’s page, for the audience to better understand their ideas; 2. user review and rating; 3. Update: the project’s updating history on a graphical time line (; 4. progress: how much percentage has been finished. 5. voting: for user to vote for specific topics 6. Easy to translate. PO file ready. 7. Payment gateway: is it Ready to use?

May I know which of the above features already exists on your website? You can kindly list the available features by their number. Which feature are you developing or you don’t want to develop in the future update.

8. Events Calendar Pro (Modern Tribe) fully compatible.

Hi peteranddu.

The theme does not have the same functionality as the kickstarter site.

The site was developed for a church that want to fund their projects.

None of the functionality feature any of visitios that can log in and select their own projects to be funded.

All functionality is provided via the ignitiondeck plugin.

You can view their site for more info.




AyannaKai Purchased

Sent in a support ticket but not sure it’ll be answered so asking it here. Having trouble with the sermon/podcasting feature. Is there a way to:

Enlarge the download/ listen/play/ notes icons OR Place the download/listen/play/notes icons underneath the caption rather than at the side OR Label these icons so that people know what to do with them?

Getting many complaints that this part of things is buggy.

Thanks for the feedback Ayanna

i replied to your mail.