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I could not import the demo content. Do you know what would cause this error?


Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

It’s “kinda” okay that you just forwarded me to your forum, but it would be helpfull if you would answare to the upcomming questions.

When I redirected you to the forum, I was at the end of my “shift” .. will answer the forum in the next hour. Thanks.

No Theme updates since 2013??

No, there wasn’t any bug or any necessary update.


I was wondering if you could help me with my support question in the forum. It’s under the mission themes and my screen name is skingcreative. Thanks!

Hey, all support question have been answered :)

Hi! This is a pre-purchase question. Is this theme compatible with WooCommerce and Gravity Forms?

Hey, the theme is not styled for woocommerce. There shouldn’t be any problem for gravity form. For the instagram button, do you mean in the top bar?

Yes I was referring to the top bar

Really sorry for the delay! Yes there is an instagram icon in the top bar :)

Hello – Is this theme compatible with WP 4.2.2?

Hey, yes there shouldn’t be any problem, if you have let us know and we will fix it :)

Great – thanks!

Hi Dany,

I posted a support query, subject: Full Page Slider – Secondary Pages on your Support Forum – it’s been over 24 hours and you have not responded.

Could you please have a look and revert urgently.

Thank you

Almost 48 hours and NO response. Seriously?


Hey sorry about this, will answer this afternoon.

Hi Dany, Pre-purchase question on the Mission theme: is there any configuration available for the navigation on mobile? I would prefer a nav sandwich (the triple bar menu icon) rather than the drum. Is it possible? Thanks Ramon

Hey, not at the moment sorry.

My client purchased a theme from you but it isn’t working. When I create a page, the content does not appear on the page.

I tried creating an account on your site to log a support ticket, but I get a message saying “No valid purchase codes where (sic) found.” Is there any other way I can contact you to get more information to you?


Hey, we do not answer during the weekend. For the support forum, make sure you are using the same username from the account you purchase the theme with but a “different” password.

I purchased the theme, trying to figure out how to import the demo content. I did try and sign up in the forum. I put in my purchase code with and without dashes and still wouldn’t go through

nvm got it

Is it possible to setup the home page to have the blog posts show up in a 3 or 4 column layout across the page, so that the latest blog post would be on the left, the next blog post beside it to the right and so on? Also, I have a tall logo, if I use that will I be able to customize the header so that the menu will be at the bottom of the header space?

Hey, for the homepage I don’t really understand what you want to achieve exactly. Can you explain? For the logo, it has to be in the slider for the homapage. You can have it in the header but that would require some customization.

Hi there, I’m wondering if this theme is compatible with woocommerce? Any known issues with using the woocommerce plugin with this theme? Thanks!

Hi, woocomerce would work in Mission but it would require some modification in term of styling to fit the theme.