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hello, i’d like to buy your template, but before i have 2 question: - there is the italian language vrsion? - this template is ok with joomla 2.5.x and virtuemart 2.6.x? - cpuld you see my website and tell me is this template is ok?? thank you

That is good to know but I hope you are aware that Joomla has discontinued support for Joomla 2.5 already.

ok, so this afternoon i will buy the template and then i give to you my ftp account. Can we speak in PVT?? My email is ivano.sciretta@live.it

emailed you

hi, i have already sent you some essages. have you received them? i have major problem installing the mj cart template. i install the quick start but the product pages are corrupted. the same with the joomla article pages. please advise.

hi, i finally downloaded the correct files today.you should have uploaded them recently correct? until now i could only download the old files. now everything worked fine untl i updated virtuemart aio. now the site crashed : Fatal error: Call to undefined method shopFunctionsF::sortLoadProductCustomsStockInd() in /home/xxx/public_html/modules/mod_virtuemart_product/mod_virtuemart_product.php on line 80

i solved the problem disabling RANDOM PRODUCT module

now the site is ok

Hi i have made this for a client and have been trying to get an error fixed for over 2 month , i have left messages on here and emailed you directly, if you cant fix it could you please let me know.

My problem which has been the same from the start which you have not fixed is when an item is out of stock it should come up notify me, but it does not show when i add stock items, it STILL shows notify me

will work on this now.

I want to block the module mj-topbar when a user scroll the site. How can I do?

Can you send me your mail?

you can contact us by clicking on support tab or by filling up form from our profile page.


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There is no error message displayed when a wrong username or password is filled in the login form : http://dasinfomedia.co.uk/mojoomla/mj_cart/index.php/login Would you know how I could correct it ?

Thank you.


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Great, but how can I correct it on an existing site ?

Hello, Go to ROOT/templates/mj_cart/index.php , opn this file and find this line <jdoc:include type="component" />, apply below both line insted of this single line <jdoc:include type="message" /> <jdoc:include type="component" /> Thanks,

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Great ! Thanks a lot.

Hello, there is an error (also in the demo on themeforest), please check here. Could you please fix it?


Inform us in details, what is your issue in current site? Which joomla version and VM version you are using?

the demo website is www.prezzemolo-play.com/sito and the problem is clearly visible in the following page http://www.prezzemolo-play.com/sito/index.php/it/component/virtuemart/editaddresscartBT?Itemid=191

I’m using the latest versions of Joomla and Virtuemart. I can give you the ftp access in private if you need it (please give me an email address). thank you for the support

you have to add one class in that file structure.

Go to : ROOT/templates/mj_cart/html/com_virtuemart/user/edit_address.php, open this line and find the form tag.
add the class name as 'floatleft'  in that form tag.

Hello, A year ago I bought the template MJ Cart. Can i have the template for Joomla 2.5 ? It’s possible?

sorry… i want the template for joomla 3.0

its already there in the package. Just download it.


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Some data are apparently synchronized with Facebook (I have a message saying “transfering data from connect.facebook.net…” at the bottom of the screen) but I didn’t set up a Facebook account or link in the website and I cannot find a module or somewhere in the template where it is linked.

The problem is that sometimes (it is happening right now), this data transfer from Facebook is very very long and causes issues with the JS of the home slider (not loading properly).

Do you know where I can disable that “connection” with Facebook ?

Thank you very much,

Best regards.

Can you provide us your admin details and FTP details so we can check properly.

also send us screenshot of that message related to facebook.


Sorry for the late answer. The problem didn’t occur again since my last message, it’s only when Facebook servers are busy…

I watch over and take a sceen shot if it happens again !

best regards.

Hello, this template is cool. Before I purchase it, i have some questions 1. My customers want to send me specified pictures so i purchased this extension from http://addonspro.net/virtuemart-extensions/order-upload-images-for-virtuemart-detail, can you keep this extension for me on new template. 2. How long does it take to install because I need it fast 3. Is it responsive on all versions of Iphone

Thanks for showing interest. 1), 2) Not sure what you are trying to say. 3) Yes its responsive for all version of iphone.


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Hi, if I login with wrong details the system doesn’t give me any error. If I change the template the error appears. Could you please check? Thanks

Please submit support ticket with admin details and FTP details so we can check properly