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can i have slider similar to the one in the store page or any other slider on a normal page. if so how?

Yes, you can go to theme folder and open store.php. Then copy code on line no.7 to 62 and paste this code in your specific page at top after <?php get_header(); ?> code.

I have a heavily edited version of V8 of this theme so I really don’t want to start again from scratch with version 9. Can you advise what I need to change in 8 to get the responsive menu to work when on smaller screens?

btn btn-navbar appears but nothing happens when you click….

Many thanks

Please visit profile page and email us your site URL, admin and FTP details and I will check the issue.

Thank you – I had you email from a previous support issue – just sent the information across to you. Many thanks…

i need the demo content!!

we have replied on emails

I could not set the home page and the slide , help me http://bocadomatomoveis.web2057.uni5.net/

Please check documentation it is covered already on settings page.

I am not receiving support My Money Back !!! attention themeforest!!!

I can not set the home page and slide, my theme came with error, since the data passed and nobody answers me !

WE are on your request and will reply soon

hi id downloaded this theme and in trying to instal the plugins from the: themeforest-4410174-mj-simple-responsive-woocommerce-theme FILE wile in uploading on WP ive this error msg: Installing Plugin from uploaded file: plugins.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

what do i do wrong?! please help me, thanks!


You can try uploading plugins using FTP client filezilla. Copy all plugins in to WP-content-> plugin folder and then go to admin side and active plugins.

If you faced any difficulty with this do send us your FTP and admin details and we will help you with that.

thanks i got it!



sorry for the delay in response. Please reply to our email and we will provide the support needed.

something wrong with 1920×1080 have a look

The updated version has this fixed.

Where can we get the Demo Content?

All the demo content is included in mj-simple theme root directory folder as Sample_data.xml file.

And How to import demo content?, Read more instruction from installation_guide.

Thanks I found it, Now for some reason the Theme Options aren’t visible to make any changes, any idea what this may be? According to the documentation, its suppose to show, this is weird, are we missing an update ?

Nevermind, your directions aren’t really clear, had to load those plugns first before it showed up? thanks

when are you update new version for wordpress 4.x

Its updated with latest version of woocommerce and wordpress. Go ahead with purchase

your responsive is very slow… i’m afraid your support to me… if i purchase.

How do i put products in the slider ? your support/help documentation doesn’t talk about it at all and is very hard to navigate based on traditional guides. could you please assist. thanks

Thank you so much!

However this does work now, the description, title & image are all jumbled to the left side of the slider. is this a quick fix in the css or something? thanks again.

yes you can modify css for that.

Hello, I bought this tamplate and already installed it, but it looks NOTHING like the one in the pictures (the shopping cart is horrible)... i bought it mainly because of its compatibility with ECWID… is there something I’m not doing??? can you help me set the shopping cart? i’m a total noob with wordpress :(

Have you already reffered to Installation Guide provided?

We bought the theme in 2014, i see that since then you made updates to the theme.

How do i update the MJ-Simple theme to the new version and keeping my css changes i made ?

i send you the information, when do you have time to look into it ?

replied to support ticket

i emailed you because i cannot log in to the ticket

I want to know whether i can use ecwid with the theme without any hassles as i want to use ecwid only and not the woo commerce that comes with the theme.

Ecwid has the separate link in theme demo and you can check it how it works.

Hello, Please I am a Newbie to Wordpress. I have an ecwid account and a package on it. I want to purchase this theme but i will like to know if there will be a demo content that i can upload so that i can just start working on that to my taste and I believe the demo content is what you have in the preview.

Also i believe the necessary plugin will coming with it.


woocom demo contents are provides. Yes and all necessary plugins are included in package.

Hello, when I post a new article, i can’t see the image in the list of articles (or Blog Roll page). Can you help me? Thank you

Never mind, i fixed by myself

good to know


Patabit Purchased


I have an e-commerce website (Wordpress) with an Ecwid premium account. I’m interested to the theme in object and i’d like to know the difference between regular license and extended license. In my store i sell more than seven hundred electronic products so i need a good theme to manage it. I hope you answer me soon.


Giuseppe Valio

There are some limitation on ecwid part and Concept of having ecwid is to have regular site on home page and shop as supportive ecommerce model. In any case if you have to show ewid on home page this will help:

Open home-page.php file in wp-content->themes->MJ-simple folder and comment or remove code line no. 71 to 140.

After generate ecwid store code in textarea using bellow link and past on commented code.

http://help.ecwid.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1171115-product-browser And past bellow code in theme style.css file. .ecwid .ecwid-productBrowser-innerTable { float: left !important; }

Patabit Purchased

how do I configure the slideshow of my home page with Ecwid ?

send me support request and i will send you exaplanation with code.


fyalcin Purchased

Hi, I am installing all the plug-ins. Unfortunately slider management and other themes are not working. Downloads’ve checked again. Could you please help for installation. Theme I bought 4 months ago. Please help

replied on support ticket – email

Hi, I’ve installed this theme as per the documentation, but there are no options under Appearance > Theme Options. What should I do?

Please submit support ticket with FTP details and username and password of your site. I will check out and let you know.

In Cart totals page, you can barely read “Subtotal” “tax” and “total” do you have a fix for that or anyway to make the font black?


Past below CSS in theme style.css  file
.cart_totals th { color: black; /* here color name or color code */ }

Best Regards.