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Are the colours easily changed on this wordpress theme?

The theme comes with the default color but you need to change the style.css for the color management if this is what you are asking. ( “Red” color scheme will be updated soon. Currently there’s no color change option on WP theme by automatically yet, for this version )

But, if you send me the color codes, I can do it for you.

Nice theme! Good luck with sales, bro!


nice … good luck :)


Would it be possible to add a RSVP box where users can enter their name and select yes or no. Also a drop down to select a meal choice? Say beef or chicken etc… I will buy if this is could be done

I’ve already requested an update for RSVP plug-in (from coder) and I’m guessing the update will be available in a few days.

Please, follow me for the updates.


what about the text on the page, do we just insert our text and it appears in the same style? or is this an image?

You mean the name/date/place area? It’s editable text. You can change it easily.

Great, should I download this now or should I wait until you have updated the theme with the RSVP box.

Just contacted to coder and waiting for a estimate date for the update. You can decide it after.

Hi. The RSVP section is ready now and planning to update the template today after double-checking.

You can buy it now if you like.

i would like to buy too when you have the rsvp date sorted. beautiful design!

Thanks! We are working on it. Please, follow me for the updates.

Hi Candiceta,

Double-checking the RSVP function, probably It will be ready for download today.

Regards. Y.

One questions:

Where can i add blog posts or how does the blog part work?



Thank you for the reply – I found the page titles could be changed in the Theme Options page – then removed that question from here as i had sent it before digging deeper.

But the blog part is truly important. Do you have any suggestions how to solve that?

Hi Kaarel,

The theme currently doesn’t come with blog function yet, -we will working on it and guessing will be ready for the second update ( first one will be for the RSVP section, probably today ). You can give a link for the blog right now, I can help you with that but you’ll need to wait for the origin blog function if you prefer the origin one.

Please, let me know If there’s anything I can do.



Is the RSVP sections ready, I would like to see it before download.

Thank you

As you can see from the live demo, RSVP sections is ready to download.



I would know when you will update the template with a blog feature?

Code team working on it and I’m guessing It’ll be available to download in couple of days.

Hi Jompa007,

Blog function added. The preview site hasn’t been updated yet but If you wanna see it, Please, contact me.


I notice nothing happens when you try to click send rsvp.

also, are we able to remove options? If there is only one venue, can we take then other boxes out.

Sending option is disabled for the demo version. And yes, you will be able to remove/edit the options easily.

Downloaded the theme. Looks great, I have a question about the length of the surnames, 1 seems to be too long and causes the text to be misaligned. Can you send me an email to And I will show you what I mean.


Hi. Thank you for purchasing the theme.

I understand what you mean and would like to help you on this. E-mail sent.



Could you resend, I have receieved no emails


Thank you geceolurken, you have been more than helpful to me with this theme!


You’re welcome.

instead of using “our story” on the menu I would like to change that for other words, not only that title, but all the title, because we will translate to portuguese, how can we do that? thanks!

Hi rgoldoni,

First of all, thank you for purchasing the theme. There’s a section for renaming the items. Please, follow these steps: Appearance > Theme Options > Rename Menu



Hi, I’m having trouble with the sliders for the Our Story section and the Events section. The button’s aren’t showing up, am I missing something?

Hi kimvohanh,

If you contact me by mail, I’ll try to help you. Please, do not forget to include your login informations, too.



I love the look of this theme, but would also like to change the colors – just not sure I am confident of my coding skills, is it relatively easy to change the background and text?

Thanks! Jennie

Hi Jennie,

It’s easy but if you still need help, just drop me an email. I can help you on this.



Is it possible to remove the address text and just have the bride and grooms names?

How would I do this?

Hi weewheels,

Please, drop me an email so I can send the modified file.





You’re welcome.