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awesome work buddy! Good luck with sales :D

1st upload and 1st comment :) Thanks, JOGJAfile

looks really nice. good work

Thanks, revampmysite it means a lot :)

Is this responsive? It doesn’t scale when you resize the browser.

Hey Andrey26, this is a good question and thanks for asking. The template is responsive. I have removed the code in the live preview so that a desktop and a mobile view can be seen without having to resize browsers.

Here’s a Litmus render of the template to show how it adapts to email on mobile https://litmus.com/pub/6ce94c2/screenshots

I hope this fully answers your question but please let me know if you have any other queries. Matt :)

Great template. I just purchased it. Thank you :)

Quick question– I have loaded the template to my server, but when I access the url on my desktop browser it does not resize. Also, when I visit from my iPhone5 the site seems to be displaying the 1-column mobile version, but it is not the right size and on right side of the screen.

Am I missing something? Or, can I send you the URL to show you the issue?

Thanks so much!

Hey jcohen10, thanks for purchasing and the comments. And that is correct, the template does not render as it would in email which is down to the way it has been structured. You can test how the email renders using litmus or by sending a test email though Mailchimp, Thunderbird or Campaign Monitor. Here’s a test email run through Litmus https://litmus.com/pub/6ce94c2/screenshots Sorry about the confusion here. If you have anymore questions you can email me at kaleidomatt[at]gmail.com Again thanks for the comments :)

I have used the template in one project and is ok but a better indentation of the code should be required

Hey Kronoscode. Thank you for your feedback. I’ll soon be out of my TF noobie ways and will better indent future versions.

Thanks, Matt

Hi Matt,

the template looks great, but can you please post a link to the screenshots on all clients that are supported? I am very close to purchasing, but I need to know my emails will display correctly and be readable on all devices and email clients.

Greetings, kim

Hello, I really like this layout, but I want to make my own, and I was wondering if you used a column collapse? Have you tested it on newer iPhones and Androids? Mine doesn’t seem to work on Gmail (media queries :/) and I just wanted to see code that actually works.

Hey Nalsh, Thanks for your kind words. This template also uses media queries to achieve the column collapse and so will render at full size in gmail as you say. You may be able to achieve collapsing by floating table elements but it depends on your design. Best of luck and happy building :)


Hello, I purchased the template, the layout is pretty good but it doesn’t seem to be email responsive on my iphone…..do you know what is happening? are the templates all tested on different mail clients?

Hi mattypoo, thanks for purchasing. Yes the templates are tested and should all be responsive on iPhone. Which template are you having problems with specifically?

Very good!;

Thanks @GrafAS

Hi there,

I purchased the template but I don’t seem to be able to make it responsive. I’m using 1c and taking the code and putting it straight into Pardot, but it isn’t working responsively for me.

Any ideas?


Hey @ashmarriotteig, thanks for purchasing. The template is untested in Pardot so it’s difficult to understand why you’re having this problem.

The template does used media queries though, which may be stripped out my your tool? Also be sure to fully test send the email to a mobile device to see responsive results.

You could test send in MailChimp or CampaignMonitor under a free account as a results test for your sanity check.

Hope that helps

Hello, we just bought this template from you but it seems that is not responsive in the way everybody understand this concept, I mean to be resizable when you resize the browser window. We did not find any mobile html template in archive or any java script file.

Why do you encourage this confusion with this responsive email template cause is not ! !