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i had to edit in css . the black on black close [x] was hard to see

I will need to fix that. Thanks for pointing this out.

Hello, I updated to the latest version of open cart, but now the “Latest” mod no longer scrolls with left right arrows. It is simply a grid. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.

Thanks for pointing this out. I will upload a fix asap.

It also looks like I am having an issue with the welcome mod. It shows the content top in both content top and content bottom

Did you set the positions properly?

Yes everything matches the included document.

compatibility with 1.5.1 x ?

For now it is compatible with There will be an updated version tomorrow for

i am using this theme with Version The drop down menu for Region/State is not working when entering a shipping address that is different from the billing address. The Region/State drop down works in the field for billing address. Please advise

The theme has not been updated yet. I will work on it this week.

Hi raviG , i need your help please !

I still have the Order confirmation problem , the confirmation button does not appear , please see the image : http://www.imagup.com/data/1154989291.html

Website : http://maroc-ecigarette.com

Hi Ravi, we bought and implemented your Mobile template but we are facing an issue in the client order confirmation email: Notice: Undefined variable: invoice_no in /home/<domain>/../../public_html/shop/catalog/view/theme/mobile/template/mail/order.tpl on line 95

Can you give tips how to get this resolved? OC v


Try this:

Take the file “order.tpl” from the “default” theme in the folder “mail” and update the one in the mobile theme. Let me know how it goes.

Done, problem fixed

Hi Ravi, Can you let me know where I can change the styling of the Shopping cart dropdown in the upper right corner? Eg the links are in the standard blue and font is very small. Not sure where we can change this? OC v


The styles are in the file stylesheet.css. I will have a look at it and upload a fix if need be.

I have purchased and installed this theme on opencart I followed your documentation instructions to the letter & I went over them a second time to see if I missed anything. Nevertheless, the footer text doesn’t work.

Please help! Thanks


The theme has not been updated for yet. It works for only for now.

a month ago you wrote: “The theme has not been updated yet. I will work on it this week.”

any chance you can make good on your promise?

I’ve been really busy. I will upload the updated version on Friday.

have you uploaded the updated version already? thx!

subscribing to comment notification..

Hi Ravi,

2 weeks have passed since I was promised an update…

Clean and nice theme, does it work with v.

Kind regards Gregory

Thanks. Yes it works with

Disappointed. I tried contacting the author several times without response. Luckily some of the bugs were identified along with a fix on another website from another user I suppose. I am not a developer and I had to modify the code myself using instructions from a 3rd party. Currently I am still having trouble with a bug in the search module. This design turns out to be very buggy, and I wouldn’t mind so much if I could get a response from the author or if the author was thoughtful enough to fix the bugs instead of leaving this for sale as a completed project. It still needs work.

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been really busy. I will have a look into issues and upload a fix asap. Do note that I have not updated the theme for the latest version of OpenCart yet, that is why you are having issues. I will update the theme this wee.

How do i get a backend for this template??? i don’t want to use html for everything, i need a simple back end to edit this site…

It is powered by opencart and it has an admin panel to manage the site. http://opencart.com

It is powered by opencart and it has an admin panel to manage the site. http://opencart.com