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Nice themes, I really like the Event list style. GLWS :D:D


Thank you very much :)

Nice Template Bedros! Good luck with the sales :)


Thanks a lot Sebastian :)

Looking good. Greets from Kev


Thank you very much Kev :)

Ummm these are taking WAY too long to load. I passed on them for this reason. You may want to rethink encrypting them.


Hi Kraymer,
It seems there was a temporarily problem with my server.
It should be fine in a couple of minutes.
Thanks a lot for your interest.

Edit: All fine now. :)


Thanks Bedros,

Working much better now. They look great! Congratulations.


Thank you Kraymer :)

Are you sure the responsive versions work in Outlook desktop client? I’ve purchased multiple emails template from here, they all say compatible with outlook and none of them are actually compatible with outlook. Everywhere I read says you can’t do responsive without outlook. Is this true?


Bedros, all the test emails you sent me worked perfectly! Thank you so much for your professionalism! Beautiful email template!


Thanks a lot Derek, I test my templates hundreds of times with my own mobile/tablet devices, I was sure that there was an issue with your email service provider.

It was really weird to hear that they were not even heard about the word “responsive” before… :)

very creative


Thank you ! :)

I love this email template, works great so far!

But I have an issue with the Mailchimp version and perhaps you can help me. My Level of webdesign is beginner.

So I attempted to make the the Mailchimp version to have 3 items much similar to the other embed/inline templates. However the problem I run into is that when I replace one of the 200X200 images, it replaces all the images!

What can I do to work around this problem, I would like to keep the ability to easily edit the HTML file within Mailchimp’s easy editor as possible.


Hi Andy, please get in contact with me from apkarbedo@yahoo.com , this has a very easy solution. :)

Thanks a lot for your purchase.

Glad to announce a new Responsive Email Template, Flatroway, inspired by Metro and Flat design trends..:

Glad to Announce Retinactive, our third Email Newsletter from the Retina Ready series. Now at your service!

Glad to announce RESPONSIVEUR – Responsive Email Template.

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January 29, 2014

Tested across Browsers, Desktops and Mobile Devices ONCE AGAIN to make it sure with the latest updates. Works perfect as expected. We are bulletproof for your luxury. Thank You!


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