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Congrats Kev, wish you the best with sales ! :)

Cheers Bedros. :)

Great item! I’ve sent you guys an e-mail if you could help me setting it up in mailChimp. Please let me know.


Replied and helped. Don’t hesitate to contact us again. :)

Is it possible to get buy the extended license directly from you guys?

He Andrey, I’m afraid not. We’re Themeforest exclusive. :)

Hi, can you help to integrate in mailchimp ? I don’t know how add image.. and have i to modify from html editor always first to charge it on mailchimp ? Thanks

Sure Marco,

Send our support an e-mail

We’ll gladly help you.



We’ve noticed there’s someone/author on this marketplace who keeps spamming our templates 1 stars without reason to manipulate our sales. This is not the way to compete on Themeforest.

We’ve got people around the clock working on our templates to provide customers the best support and quality, just as they would expect from us.

We would kindly ask our purchasers to give our templates honest ratings and contact us whenever they encounter any issue.

Thanks so much!

Hi, I’ve sent an email yesterday regarding of the I send the email template via mailchimp and it is showing working properly on Gmail, could you please give me some advise to solve that out?

My name is Dennis, I was using another email account to contact you yesterday.

Many thanks! :)

Hello Dennis,

Apologises for the delay of response. We’ve answered your question via e-mail. We believe MailChimp is responsible for the bug.

We’ll on our way for a fix.


Are all the buttons hardcoded? Can’t seem to change them to the links we want for this newsletter. We’d change them for every mailing.

Hi dshan,

I’m sorry for the delay.

Please send us an email to: with your index.html file so we can have a look and help you out. Our developers can fix the link you want in the buttons if needed.

Just let me now if this will work with you.


I emailed you guys on Nov 26th and haven’t heard back. This theme’s not compatible with Mailchimp’s new drag/drop editor, nevermind the inability to link buttons freely (as opposed to the text within buttons). Frustrating to say the least.

That doesn’t strike me as Mailchimp ready.

He dshan,

I’m sorry for the delay, we’re currently overloaded with support. Please send us again and we love to help you out.


Do you plan to build a mobile UI builder ?

In the future we are going to.