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Beautiful work, as always!

Awesome work my friend. You can be proud of this work, in my eyes its your best theme till now. Good luck with sales – you deserve a lot of it :D

Very nice! Purchased!

Wow just love this a fantastic job. Will be purchasing.

Not sure if you are aware that @font-face have decided to bow out and close down now as a result of Google Web Fonts entering the market.

Are you able to generate a Google Fonts version for future proofing as I’m not sure how long @font-face will be serving up their .otf font files.



the Google Web Fonts feature will soon be provided with all our new WordPress themes, but right now we can’t say for sure if the HTML versions, that we sell here on Themeforest, will get this feature or not.

nice work…

nice work! any ETA on the wordpress version?


it’s already available (exclusively) on our site


Can you email me the link?



Very cool. Really like all your work. Keep it up! :)

Awesome theme, posted on ThemePassion. Modern, simple, and a great slider.


great, thanks

Just one question : is it possible to have background image a lot wider than it is now ? For example 1920 px of width ? I mean the one that is in the background for scroller.


If you are referring to the background image with the stripes from the bg of the slider, no I’m afraid that one can’t be modified in width.

puchesjr Purchased

I love this theme. However, I am having an issue with the footer form. I’ve modified the two areas you specified in the code comments. Is there something else I should be doing? FYI – I’m attempting to use the sendmail_footer.php


Hello there, please head over to our dedicated Support Forum (http://themefuse.com) and post the question there, with as many details as possible. You will have to post it in the HTML section, and our developers will help you out in no time.

vmpro Purchased

Very cool template, great work :)

Great work, exactly what I needed. Thanks guys.


Great, thanks for your business!

How to use shortcodes? Do they work only with WP? I am a bit confused.


yes, the shortcodes are available only in the WordPress version

Can you help me get this set up I am a novice and need just a little help. Please contact me at stangustafson99@gmail.com thank you. Stan


Hi, please head over to our dedicated support forums and our developers will help you out in no time.

We are not offering support here in the comments as it is hard to track by others that might have the same questions or encounter the same issues.

Thanks for the understanding and patience.



Does this theme supports multilingual plugins (WPML, qtranslate)? Does this theme supports, for example, localization for Greek language?


this is the HTML version, so no plugins are integrated obviously. The WP version is available exclusively on our website.


Just to make sure before I purchase the template. Is this compatible to Wordpress?

And I’m not an app developer. I am thinking of using this template as product showcase website. Is it advisable?

Thanks in advance.


This here is the HTML version, the WOrdPress version is available on our website.

elles Purchased

Hi Great job, however on IE you get a Object expected error , anyways how to error, its also happens on your preview item



We’ll look into it. Thanks!

elles Purchased

Hi great template, however the contact form does not seem to work looking into the theme there is this in the pages

when you place the name of the contact php file in the between the action =” ” you just get a blank page


Open the sendmail.php file and you’ll have to modify the lines 5 and 6 with your Blog name and email address. Hope this helps. Let’s continue this on our support forum. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


miguelmd Purchased

HI, we bought it, nice work.

some bugs when using chrome and internet explorer:

see this:


The latter buble is right aligned in IE and Crhome, but works fine for safari and Firefox.

The footer creates a black space under in IE and Crhome as well.

What did we make wrong?


Thanks for pointing that out, we’ll take a look and try to fix them in a future update. Cheers.