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Ok, here’s the code to cache the site locally on a phone. This will mean that most of the app will work offline. There are obvious exceptions such as the contact form and php files. There is a technique where you can swap these files for an image to say that you need to be online for the feature to work.

The example below was for a site I have been building. It seems to work ok. Though you will need to change each page on the site unfortunately.

Anyway, here goes: -

# The following lists all the files to be cached
# version 0.1

# Create this file in a text editor and name it cache.manifest

# Add the following line to your .htaccess file
# AddType text/cache-manifest .manifest

# Replace  on line 2 of the template with the following on EVERY page
# <html manifest="/cache.manifest">

#The following list needs to contain all the files you need to cache. These are the ones on the site I am working on. Note that you will need to look for links to files in the html and the CSS that may apply


# The following lists all the files that should never be cached (* is a wildcard for everything not in the section above)


Surprisingly simple really! I’ve tested on an iPhone, but as this is an HTML5 feature it should work on pretty much anything (even Android ;-) ).


Cool, thanks for sharing :)

Hi Beantown! Here is a follow-up to my question posted yesterday about my Twitter feed page. I am getting a reading from Google Chrome that the specific Twitter page “contains content from, a site known to distribute malware” and consequently I am getting a red page malware warning from Chrome. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the site having issues, but any help you could offer would be appreciated. All of the other pages within my customized “Mobilize” site do not show this error.


Sounds like an issue with your twitter feed. Try changing it to a different twitter feed. If that works fine then you should contact twitter to see what the deal is.

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Hi bean town,

i worked with your template at the last moment i received a request to add a project portfolio page where it should display small images with read more once the user clicks that a new page open in which they need to display three images with some text of the project.

could you please help as i am very new to this webdesign.


Sure, I can help you out with that. Send me an email through this form with that request again and I’ll help you through email. Thanks for the purchase, and if you could give a 5 star rating I would appreciate it! :)http://themeforest.net/user/BeantownDesign

mnisar Purchased

HI Beantown,

any update on my previous request


Hello, i should have time later today to put that together for you. Ill send it over to your email. Thanks

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hi there you have a bug in the contact form, if you hit the submit button, it shows the validation screen which is fine but the ajax-loader image appears right in the buttom of the screen, scroll all the way down and you will see it, if you hit more than once you will see more of those image loader, can you please send a quick fix. by the way your desgin is awsome. thanks


Hi, you can add #loader {display:none !important} to the bottom of your css file. Thanks

I was wondering if you had experienced any issues with the contact page captcha (math problem). For me it wont load when i go to the page, but if I refresh the page it shows up and I’m able to send my message.

Could you help me with this?


Emailed you :)

Hi I am interested in this template but I want to know if its only for touch devices or all kind of mobiles. Can I translate the template?


Different devices have different level of support for some techniques like .png images, css3, etc. so they might have slightly different experiences, but you should be all set on the most common latest devices (the device needs JavaScript, etc).

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I just bought your template. One word: great work!. I am waiting for your update, hopefully it will surprise me.


Thanks, glad you like it :)

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Just downloaded the theme and in tried to upload the theme in wp. I get the following message:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

I unzipped the file on my desktop and couldnt find any style.css file. Did find style1.css, should this be copied to the main folder?


Vincentw Purchased

woops, forget my question. Thought I bought a wordpress theme…

(would be nice to have it as a wordpress theme, guess i’ll have to get some extra webdev skills ;))


Right, it’s an HTML theme looks like you figured it out, thanks

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Great theme!

I only have one problem. After some the the slider is doing really weird things. Sometimes it freezes and becomes really small.

Whats the problem?



Hello, please send an email to the address in the help file with a link to your site in development and ill try to help you out, thanks :)

I can add this as a mobile version to my main wordpress site no problem right? It will automatically detect mobile device (iphone etc) and display the mobile version, correct??

Thanks! Great theme!


This is an html template, not a wordpress theme (so it wouldn’t hook up to your same database without you making some modifications.. you can use this to make an html mobile version of your site). I show you code to create a redirect with .htaccess file. Thanks :)


This theme has been good so far. I do have one question. If I want to have a “Switch to Non-Mobile Website”, is there specific code I need to use for this? Currently I have standard hyperlink code and its not taking me to the non mobile version of the site.





Check out the directions in the help file regarding redirects with a .htaccess file, I show you how to setup that link there.

Thanks, Mike

Hey Bean Town I have an issue with the sliders that seem to stop working (won’t load) or show up very small in 1 row after navigating away from the index page. I have seen a few people here post similar and you have emailed them direct

Hope you can help me solve.

BTW – it wasn’t happening at the start but now I can’t get any other page to load a slider apart from the index.



If you have a slider on a different page you will need to add data-ajax=”false” to the link opening that page.


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May I get the code for a [Back to Top] button please. Many Thanks

How do I even use this template? Do I upload it like an ordinary wordpress theme or install it like a wordpress plugin?

I tried compressing the entire downloaded file into a zip file and uploading but that didn’t work.

Also, do you know if the mobile template is compatible to samsung products (galaxy 3, galaxy note, galaxy 2, )?


The template is an html template, not a wordpress theme, so you will need to use an html editor to edit the files. Should work fine with any device with a modern browser.

Thanks, Mike


Can I open the html file with dreamweaver?

However, where exactly and how exactly do I upload the file?

I don’t know computers and ftp or other stuff well enough.


You can open and edit the file with dreamweaver, but you’re going to need basic html and css editing skills to edit the files. You upload the files to your server with FTP . Thanks.

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2 quick Q: (sorry if they’re silly q’s).

1)Am using your demo page as basis for website. How do I make the slide-show non-touchable? As in auto-slide, but not pausing when someone touches it. Want products to slide continuously.

2) How do I get this to work with non-mobile website? i.e.: If mobile user arrives via normal website, how to redirect them to this mobile website instead? or vice-versa. I need to add code to the top?



There are configuration settings in the flexslider.js file. The download has the index page hooked to the minified version of the javascript file, you will want to change that so it is hooked to the non-minified version, so you can read and edit the file.

Thanks, Mike

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Understood! Open up the big guns! :)

Thank you kindly, (and for disregarding the htaccess Q as discussed by email). :)

Given it 5 stars. For simpletons like me, I would have benefited from the CSS maybe being split up into 2 sheets, BUT , your support has been great.

Site coming together nicely already. Cheers.

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Hi! Really nice template but I am having a problem… In the index page a put 10 sliders and I see the time of loading is long….is that possible? Can it depends of the fact 10 slider are too many or what?



Most likely, try to optimize the images with Photoshop :)


I tried using the data-position=”fixed” code on the page-header div (in order to get a fixed header), but it appears as though the quality of the images is reduced greatly.

See what I mean at http://m.eyemagic.net.

Can you please shed some light on this?




I’m looking on a desktop and it looks great. If you’re referring to retina screen, try making the images twice the size and setting the size of them with background-image size.