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You are not using email best practice coding to build these emails. I tested your HTML through Litmus and the results are not the same as what you have shown, as you are not using inline styling?


Hi abulksiddique,

The CSS in the layouts and modules were not inlined by default because you’ll lose the responsiveness of the templates if you do so, and it would be tiresome to edit the appearance of the templates (if anyone wishes to do that) with all the CSS already jumbled within the HTML tags.

However, I’ve described a method in the Help section to get around these issues, so please do check it out.

If you are still encountering a problem, I’d be glad to help, so please contact me through my profile page so that we could easily exchange files if necessary. Thanks.


By the way, I’m just curious.. how were you able to test my templates’ HTML (as you claim) when you have yet to buy them?

Don’t know why can’t show the CSS correctly in GAMIL web mail.

Please test.


Hi poonwinghang,

Thanks for purchasing Mobilized-I.

Can I take a look at the code you uploaded to GAMIL web mail? Please send me a message in my profile page, so that we could easily exchange files, if necessary.

And make sure you’ve followed the steps I’ve described in the documentation before uploading your edited template. The desktop CSS declarations must be inlined, while those for mobile should be embedded.

The result is same even using the HTML code from ZIP directly.


Again, please message me using my profile page. Thanks again.

zolidomi Purchased

hmm. how about the PSD for the buttons ? not really complete. OK. my bad. didn’t read the description carefully. It says, PSD for header and footer.

zolidomi Purchased

You’re correct, i was exaggerating. im sure once you update the file this will be a wonderful template. Thank you for your work and good luck.


Thanks too, mate! I appreciate your kind words. :)


Hey zolidomi!

I’m so happy to let you know that I’ve just uploaded an updated version of all the layouts, with all the minor errors already corrected. (Please try to re-download it and see for yourself.. I bet you’ll have a hard time finding any coding errors.. ;))

I’ve also updated the help section to better show how to easily build a layout from scratch (by copy-pasting the modules) or by editing the existing layouts.

Please do check it out.. I’m sure you’ll be more satisfied this time around.

Hi. I’m considering buying this template: so cool that it’s a responsive email template. I’m wondering if there’s a simple way to tweak the color theme to match the branding I’m working with. Can I just change the CSS, or are there many elements that are either hard coded or images?

Thanks in advance and I’m really digging the innovation here.


Thank you so much for your kind words, beingdaring! I appreciate it very much, and it was such a pleasure to work with you. (Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised; your good work at Being Daring tells a lot about the kind of person you are.)


Thanks for the shout out, sporkweb ;) The pleasure’s been mutual!

I like for integrate in the new email marketing platform, but extended edition is very expensive :(

Can you create acumba template edition?

regards http://acumbamail.com

Hi dcarrero,

Hmm maybe I could create something similar to Mobilized-1 in function /look & feel for acumbamail, but to integrate Mobilized-1 for acumbamail, you really need to buy it through ThemeForest.

Message me through my profile page and maybe we could talk about it.

hi there. Can this be sent via just Outlook (i.e., NOT using an ESP such as mail chimp)?


Hi kimsnider,

The short answer is “yes” if you follow the steps as outlined in this and this article, for example.

However, depending on how large your customer base and email campaign are, it might be best to use an ESP, if only for their additional tools and services (analytics, tracking, etc.) at such a small cost.

This has got to be one of the most innovative and timely email templates I’ve seen here on ThemeForest. I like how I can create a layout by simply copying and pasting the modules that I like, and after I’m done, the layout’s automatically responsive! Never thought that was possible.

Bravo. Thanks for the effort you put into this.


Thanks for the kind words, ArtTanIII! :) Mobile device use to open emails have been on the rise since a few years ago; actually, they’re now on top, so it just makes sense to make responsiveness the top priority in my email design.


Great template, well done, best one I’ve found so far. I would like to know the following:

- Does the template support adverts? Gif files, for instance for banners? - Is it possible to have a custom image as background, instead of dark or light?

Would really appreciate your feedback. Also, do you offer customization service for an additional fee?



Hi Flimsy,

Thanks for your interest in Mobilized-1.

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, you can use gifs / banners in Mobilized-1. The Divider modules can be easily modified to achieve this, as banners are just stand-alone GIF files (which the Divider modules are).

2. Yes, it’s possible to have a custom image as background.

3. Yes, I offer customization service for an additional fee.

I’ve noticed you’ve already sent me a message through my profile page, so let’s continue the conversation there.


Are these templates ready to go as a Campaign Monitor template? I.e. all the tags are in place for it to be loaded as a Campaign Monitor template?



Hi ac1234,

Thanks for your interest in Mobilized-1.

I’ve provided extra HTML files to make the templates ready for Campaign Monitor—mainly, headers and footers with Campaign Monitor tags in them. So you have to substitute these for the default headers and footers in the layouts (by simply copying and pasting them), to make the templates work seamlessly with Campaign Monitor.

Also, replacing the images and text (body copy) can be easily done using a text editor (e.g. Dreamweaver or Notepad++); so if you need any help with this, just contact me through my profile page, and I’ll make sure that your email campaign is created in no time at all (assuming that you already have your own content ready).


Thanks. So to confirm I can use the tags from the files so this can be a Campaign Monitor template and I can set this up so all content can be input through Campaign Monitor and not a text editor?


At the current state of the ESP files, I’m afraid you still have to use a text editor first to edit the content, before you can upload the templates to Campaign Monitor.

(Only the links usually found in headers or footers [e.g., unsubscribe, forward to a friend, online version, link to facebook, etc.] have been taken cared of.)

Are you going to use it for a client of yours? If you are, I can create a version that’s completely editable inside Campaign Monitor, but maybe only for a specific color theme and/or background (as doing so for all the 98 layouts and 462 modules would mean tons of work. In the future I might consider releasing such a version for all of these).

Just contact me through my profile page, and maybe we could already discuss in detail the special files I could create for you.

3MGonza Purchased

Awesome. The templates worked as expected. I’m using it for clients who are subscribed to MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and iContact, and we’ve encountered no issues. My only wish is that there’s a video tutorial for the steps one has to take to create a layout from scratch, so that my clients could easily follow it. Still, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. 5/5


Oh, thanks for the kind words 3MGonza. :)

Sure, I’ll consider making a video tutorial in the future to ease things up for your clients. Hopefully the current written instructions are clear enough to get them going in their email campaigns.

Just had to write it down here. ThemeForest user tonebg, who bought my other email template FineLine, had this to say about Mobilized-I in the comments section of FineLine:

“I spent several hours reviewing your Mobilized-I – Responsive & Modular Email Templates, and tested them across several mobile devices.

In short: it is impressive and I think you’re way ahead of the rest.


Thank you too for the nice words, tonebg! And for taking the time to test Mobilized-I across several mobile devices. :)

Hi Sporkweb,

I am considering buying this template. But can you answer these questions:

- Could the Mobilize I templates (or your email templates in generel) be used for landing page purposes?

- Could I replace heroimages with videos?

- Could I place google analytics code inside the html?

- Explain why (if at all) I shouldn’t use this or any email template for web landing page purposes?

i would for instance be using them as brochure order pages. Do yo have any other thoughts on this to share with me?

Thanks, Niko


Hi julianawebmaster / Niko,

Thanks for your interest in Mobilized-1. To answer your questions:

- Yes, it can be used as a landing page. If you couldn’t care less that it’s coded using tables (the standard for HTML email), then there’s no problem. If you can view its full responsiveness in a browser, then certainly your potential clients would be able to see that too.

- Yes, the hero images could be replaced with videos. We’ll just have to replace a few lines of code to make the hero image containers hold videos instead.

- Yes, we also could place Google Analytics inside the HTML. We’ll just have to copy and paste a block of code, and that’s it.

- Why it (or any other email template) shouldn’t be used as a landing page: The only reason I could think of is the way it’s coded. Since it uses tables, the final size of the page in KB would most likely be a bit larger (than if it was coded using the current standard for web pages, table-less HTML), thus there could be a few milliseconds delay before it can completely load in a browser, compared to a normal landing page. (This depends to a large extent on the bandwidth speed of your potential clients.)

If you’d like to use them as brochure order pages, I don’t think there’d be any issue that might arise. The links and buttons would still work, the images would still display, and videos could be used instead of images, wherever you see images in the templates.

I should have tested before going through the work of making these fit my different templates.

These dont work for google mail on android… I took the html from your default template01 with no modifications and put it into putsmail.com and sent it to a gmail address… the proceeded to check the mail on both android gmail and gmail web from android phone… both dont scale.

I thought maybe it was because of the whole gmail stripping style blocks… but then found out and verified with testing that media queries are not stripped by gmail. This really sucks as I wanted to use this template.


Thank you Swiftlayer, for being very patient with it.

You are actually the first one to complain of such an occurrence, so I’m not really sure what’s happening. (There’s one other, but the “device” solution I mentioned a few replies back worked like a charm for him.)

Maybe the problem is in putsmail.com? If I may suggest, you might want to sign up for at least a trial account in MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, and then try to send your email from there, and see if the problem still persists.


The emails from my server go out through mandrill.com which is mailchimp for apps… I get the same results… I have been trying a number of methods… about to give up… I know why gmail blocks css on the web but their lack of support in mobile is plain retarded


Yeah.. as I’ve mentioned in my first reply to you, the Gmail app really does strip out any embedded CSS—in both the Android and iOS—which makes it virtually impossible for responsive email layouts to work when viewed through it. (Thankfully, the native Android email client does not, since Froyo in 2010.)

I purchased the template and want to do something very simple. That is to upload a layout into MailChimp and using MailChimps editor. I thought it would be easy, but I am pulling my hair out. I uploaded this file: \_the templates\CSS inlined-embedded\1-dark-background\1-darkblue\layout01.html and Mailchimp will not let me edit the template. According to the instructions I should not have to change anything to make the layout work with MC. I just want to upload a layout into MC and use MC for editing! Please advise…


Hi Ghilbert12,

Thanks for purchasing Mobilized-1, and I’m sorry I think I wasn’t able to clarify the things you can and currently cannot do with it inside MailChimp.

As I’ve mentioned in its details page, you can make the Mobilized templates MailChimp-ready by using the ESP files, which are header and footer modules that have MailChimp’s merge tags in them.

Which means it takes care of the links and information that MailChimp can automatically generate for you (unsubscribe link, subscription preferences, view in browser, etc.). However, you still would have to edit your MailChimp-ready template in a text editor, so that you can insert your own images and text inside it.

Having said that, if you’d like to use Layout01 as a MailChimp template that can be edited inside MC’s Template Builder, I certainly could convert it into one for you. (I’m actually planning to release a Mobilized-1 update within the coming week, hopefully, with the ESP files already converted into MailChimp templates [and also, Campaign Monitor and Constant Contact templates, for that matter].)

I’ll just ask you to contact me through my profile page, so that we could talk about it further, and exchange files and maybe some specific information in your email campaign.

(Please allow me some 24 hours or so for the conversion of Layout01 into a MailChimp template, as I am currently involved in a lot of work.)

Thanks again.




Hi sporkweb, Thank you very much. The MC formatted template you sent me is perfect and MC is recognizing all elements. Keep up the good work. Thanks again, Ghilbert12.


No problem, Ghilbert12, my pleasure. Just part of my work. ;)

I’m very keen on buying this item, but I need to know if it’s been tested inside AWeber? Or if there is anything special I need to know about integrating it into AWeber before I commit to buying it.

It does like mighty awesome though!


Hi mystus,

Thanks for your interest in Mobilized-1.

Yes, it has been tested inside AWeber and no issues arose. Here’s some proof.

When importing in AWeber though, it’s best to edit it first on a text editor, host your images online (and use absolute paths), and choose the option to copy and paste the HTML code.

In case you need any help with it, please don’t hesitate to contact me through my profile page, and I’d be glad to assist you.



I don’t understand where you add the desktop and mobile css files in MailChimp…

Do you use the inline html file (with all the CSS in the html) – put it in a folder (along with the images) and then zip the folder in order to upload the zip into MailChimp?

There are just too many options… inline/ not inline etc

Thanks in advance


Hi Blueskybeach,

Thanks for purchasing Mobilized-1.

Which layout are you planning to use? (Or are you planning to create something new from scratch?)

I could create a MailChimp version of that layout for you (just like what I did for Ghilbert12, please see comments above). Just contact me through my profile page and let’s discuss it further there.

I’m actually in the process of updating the ESP files into full ESP templates (MailChimp templates, Campaign Monitor templates), which should make them fully editable inside MC’s or CM’s template builder, and which should scrap the need to copy and paste the header and footer modules inserted with these ESP’s proprietary tags.

Incidentally, I’m also in the process of updating the help section to make it easier to understand the steps you need to take to create your email campaign, depending on how you want to go about it.

I should be finished with these updates within the week.



Thanks very much Sporkweb!

The MailChimp formatted template you sent over – it worked great.

Thanks for such a speedy response and for all the help! Keep up the awesome work!


Glad to know it worked great, Blueskybeach! And thanks for the kind words too..

Again, just contact me for any support-related issues.. and I’d be more than happy to help. :)

Does this work will with Hubspot? Is it in HTML format where I can copy and paste in Hubspot?


Hi Sunnnee,

Thanks for your interest in Mobilized-1.

Yes, as long as there’s an option in Hubspot where you can copy and paste HTML, the Mobilized-1 templates are guaranteed to work fine in there.

And if you encounter any difficulties in the creation of your email campaign, just let me know through my profile page and I’d be more than happy to help you out.


bill5590 Purchased

This is one of the nicest and professional email templates I’ve seen. It worked very smoothly inside MailChimp. Best part is the amazing support I received. Made it very easy to get my email campaign out to my customers.


Thanks for the kind words, Bill! Brings me great joy to know that you were satisfied with the template and the support you got from me. :) Regards.

Hey Sporky, my Kaspersky is picking up a trojan on your demo site. Just thought I’d let you know :)



Hey JinWook, thanks for informing me, I don’t know how it got there.. rest assured I’ll check what’s happened and will also report the matter to my webhost..

Btw, nice responsive email template you got there.. :)


No prob and thank you.


I did some scanning of my local demo files (using AVG) and they’re all clean. And here’s what my web host has to say about it: “We have scanned your home directory and no virus was found. This indicates that your virus scanner is incorrectly identifying a virus.”

So it just might be a “false alarm” (or a false positive result) from your copy of Kaspersky. Actually, the makers of Kaspersky have admitted before that this could happen from time to time.

At any rate, I just re-uploaded my local demo files and replaced what’s in my server. Hopefully that solves this possible Kaspersky glitch.