mobiTheme - XHTML Theme for Mobile Devices

mobiTheme is a XHTML theme for mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, android based mobile phones and many other hand held mobile devices.

It can be used either as a standalone theme OR with a few lines of code inserted it can be served only to your mobile users as a mobile friendly version of your current site.

Included in the purchase of this theme is a Smart Twitter Feed PHP “widget”. The twitter widget caches your twitter RSS feed and only refreshes every 60 minutes to avoid the twitter API call limit and to help keep your site running quickly and smoothly on each and every page load.


NOTE : Please disregard any irregularities in the theme preview such as extra spacing and some characters that may look out of whack. This is merely an issue caused by the encryption software that i’ve used to try to prevent the ripping of the theme. I guarantee you that the theme itself looks and validates 100%.

mobiTheme XHTML Features Include:

  • Two level navigation menu
  • Easy modifications of theme color, link and hover options
  • Sexy animated home page tabs
  • Collapsible search form for site wide access
  • Collapsible navigation menu for site wide access
  • Fixed (pixel based) width layout OR 100 % liquid layout option
  • Apple Touch icon
  • Social networking implementation
  • Includes PSD files of elements for easy modification