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Looks as if the contact form doesn’t have any sort of field validation…


I’m working on this. An update should be released within a week. :)


The validation update is awaiting approval. Until then, sit tight! :)

Might have wanted to do that before you uploaded this :p

Send me a message when you add this so I can buy it then :) Thanks.


Yeah, it totally slipped my mind. :$

I’ll send you a message when it’s updated. :)

Validation update is now available!

Nice theme, but the email box doesn’t work at all.


Please advise.

AFX Purchased

Great theme, but FANTASTIC customer service!

I had an issue with the contact form (which was my fault) and one quick email later it was all fixed for  me.

Thanks for all your help.


Liking your theme. Just uploaded it. Easy to use. Great Job!

If you have a quick moment here’s a question for you:

Is there anyway for the mail.php script to GET the webpage that the email was sent from? If so what how could I add that to the code. This would be very helpful for me.

Hope to hear from you, but regardless I am giving you top ratings for the work.


didierev Purchased

Too bad you used a commercial font for the logo :(

purchased and downloaded, but I don’t have the validation. please confirm if there is another version.


The validation should be available in your version.

andray Purchased

Nice, thank you.

212dsgn Purchased

hello Brent, nice template does the twitter feed work?