21 newsletter templates made in 8 different color schemes with inline CSS and flexible table structure for quick and easy layout manipulation (delete/copy/replace table rows inside and between layouts).


  • 21 different HTML layouts...
  • in 8 color schemes (yellow, orange, red, anthracite, blue, turquoise, green, olive)...
  • Flexible table structure (delete/copy/replace table rows inside and between layouts)
  • Layered PSD files of graphic elements used in layouts (images with corners and ribbons, buttons, icons, graphics…)
  • Documentation file with examples how to work with modules (table rows) to get desired content structure of templates
  • Well commented code
  • Inline CSS
  • Valid XHTML
  • 600px width


  • These templates are created by writing code directly in HTML files so I can’t provide a PSD file with complete template structure. Layered PSD files of graphic elements (images with corners and ribbons, buttons, icons, graphics…) are included in download…
  • You can import your finished templates into Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor, and they will be displayed correctly, but there is no pre-defined content editing or system tags (merge tags) inserted in templates…
  • Templates are fully tested in all major offline and online e-mail clients but correct display in a specific e-mail client cannot be guaranteed.

Update 2013/02/25

  • Fixed padding issues of list-like tables in templates “newsletter-side-left”, “newsletter-combo-1” and “product-presentation”
  • Fixed padding of bottom image and text in template “announcement”
  • Changed structure of templates “newsletter-1” “newsletter-3”

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