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Same issue as “adro21” above: I would be glad to find pencils.jpg somewhere as a psd, with the right grey line and shadows on it.

thanks best

I would give the same response sorry. This is one of my placement images and not provided as PSD layered the package is already tremendous value.


Could you tell me if this works in Mail Chimp please? If all is ok, ill be purchasing.


Hi – yes it’s a regular HTML email so Mailchimp will accept this to send – they will provide snippets of code for certain functionalities to auto place first / last name and email address of recipient but it’s just a matter of copy / paste their little code where and if you want those things to appear in your template.


I would like to add that i have bought this product and used it, and am extremely happy with it.

In addition, Jonathan, its author has been helpful and responsive to my email requests for support.

I would definitely purchase products from Jonathan again.

Thank you very much for your kind words – I really appreciate you stopping by to add your comment!

Nice Email Template! One quick question before purchasing: If I want to tweak the color of the green just a bit in order to match that of a logo, is that hard to do? (kind of new at this).

no not at all – you can always ask a question if you get stuck after purchase.

I have purchased this and Im have problems with the images.

I and using Campaign Monitor as suggested, However when running the tests none of the images load in the tests Im running in outlook 07 and gmail.. Is there a work around on this so you don’t have to right click on the images to display them once the email are received?

Everything else is so far good.

Thank you.

sounds like you haven’t changed the img src to a full url such as or whatever structure you have in place.

Hi Johnathan

I hope you can help. Im a complete novice and have purchased your template which is awesome, ive accomplished everything except one thing how to insert the code to have the email redirect to the browser – it probably is stupidly simple LOL but i cant find a code snippet anywhere??

Hi – not sure I understand what you mean by the email redirecting to the browser – possibly you could explain a little more and I will try to help


I was wondering if your templates supports outlook. I noticed that you used background image, but my understanding is that outlook doesn’t support background images. Please advise me. Thanks

All email templates are fully tested in all major offline and online email clients. Certain elements will degrade gracefully depending on the client being used.

Just purchased this file set to compliment the MB3 Light Wordpress Template I purchased awhile ago.

I have to say purchasing Jonathan’s templates and themes is one of the best trusted sources I have found here In all honesty, I wouldn’t consider any other after working with his templates/themes. Very helpful, and answers your questions right away!!!

In all, a great, professional, creative person/company. Thank you for what you do Jonathan!!

Thank you very much for the really kind comments! :) It’s really nice to get these!!!

Thank you so much!


will this email work with constant contact? Thanks!

Yup should do its regular HTML email template no difference :)



Hello Jonathan,

I’m not an expert Photoshop user, so this is probably a silly question, but I can’t find a text layer in header_splash_small, although I can in all the others. Am I missing something?

Many thanks


As it was just text on a grey background we did to create an image there is no layered version of that small image – it was simply produced for image size guidelines for your own image I’m afraid. You can see the font used throughout by opening the main photoshop email design and selecting a text layer.

Hope that helps


Hi there interested in you product,

I would like to now if we can use this on gmail, because of the blocking off pictures and stuff like that. i am afraid that the whole layout is getting scrambled.

Thanks in advance

Do you support @media styles to render at a different width on mobile devices??

not on email no as emails are based on tables and a specific size of around 600px

Many thanks



We use vimeo plus as our video hosting provider. We then generate our own custom video thumbnails through our CMS with a play button over the top. The call to action once clicked opens a lightbox which then automatically plays the associated vimeo video via API work which our tech guys have done. To do this we generated a line of javascript code. Do you think our code would work within your email template? If so could you also comment back and email me at

Thanks heaps.


video should never be used in email. It’s doubtful you will get anything like this to work in an email as an email client will not run / support JS and you would have to have the script for the lightbox included in the email without a way to do that.

Many thanks


Great set of templates. Highly recommended ; )

thanks man! i appreciate the kind comments! :)

Hi! I am using constant contact. Before I purchase, can you tell me if this includes inline CSS? Thanks!

It does and it was tested using their testing tool so you should be all good!



Hi Johnathan,

I have just purchased the item but have not opened it yet. My question at this early stage is – what is the actual price of this item? Is it US$15 or US$17? The reason I need this clarified is because the price shown here is US$15 but immediately after clicking on ‘purchase’ the payment page of ThemeForest shows the item price as US$17.Ok, it is not much but it is a matter of principle in a way. Is this ThemeForest having it wrong or? Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.

You receive a $2 discount by using your funded account – if you pay directly then there is a $2 extra charge to cover PayPal fees – this is explained in the support center area for the marketplace – thanks


Thanks for the explanation Jonathan. Yes, unfortunate and unfair as PayPal also deducts a fee from their end.

Hello, would it be easy to integrate with MailChimp? Can you advise a little?


MailChimp, just like all other email sending services, accept any properly coded HTML emails – all you need to do is insert your tags and content.

This however doesn’t mean this is a MailChimp drag n’ drop template – so to answer your question can you use it with MailChimp, absolutely. Is it a drag n’ drop MailChimp interface template – no it is not :)

Hope that helps!


Hi Johnathan,

I have a client who has a new business and would like a template for mailchimp based on one of your template design.

Can you contact me if you can provide this service and if yes, what your charges are?

He would need a template similar to one in your portfolio, with some mailchimp tags included which would allow him to add, hide or repeat rows or columns in the template while he is in mailchimp.

Please get back to me asap, mcmood @ ymail dot com

Thanks and regards Mac

I’ve replied by email Mac – many thanks


Hi. Why is not this template responsible? It does not look great in mobile devices doesn’t it. I bought the template yesterday and today found out this issue, unfortunatelly.

Hi and I’m sorry for any inconvenience. We do not state anywhere on the item page that it is responsive. It’s an older template. We have many new ones that are responsive.

Awesome email, looks nice. Have you tested this on with their 40 email clients?

Hi – we use litmus test for testing.