Modern Business 5 - Responsive Landing Page

Modern Business 5 - Responsive Landing Page

Welcome to the Modern Business 5

I’m really excited about this one as I was the first to introduce modular design on ThemeForest for email templates, which enables users to basically construct their own layouts quickly and easily via simple copy/paste.

Modern Business 5 is the 5th in a series of very successful products sold exclusively on and it’s a fully responsive application or service landing page with fantastically clean design, superb call to action areas and is created in a fully modular way meaning that it’s a breeze to create your own unique pages from the solid selection of fully styled and responsive “sections”. The main index file displays all sections for you – the other layouts were created in just a few short minutes by copy/pasting sections from the main file in to a new html document – it could not be simpler!

Live Demos

Package Files / Features

  • Main splash area with full width background and 30 day trial validating capture form with a fully working php mailer script
  • Main splash area with full width background and title and text areas with buy now and trial call-to-action buttons
  • Beautiful full width swipe enabled slider with transitions and breadcrumb navigation
  • Video section with placement for iframed video from any video service such as Vimeo, Youtube etc with heading, intro text and call-to-action buy now button
  • Beautifully responsive and swipe enabled carousel with built in lightbox and side navigtion (side nav only displays on desktop screens!) plus 2 call-to-action buttons for trial and buy now
  • Double wide benefit area for large impact images and titles plus text
  • Multi benefit area with space for icon images, titles and text plus 2 call-to-action areas with buy now and trial buttons
  • Staff section to display staff portrait, name, text area, social icons with tipsy rollovers, and a quote area
  • Contact section with a fully working and validating php based mailer script for name and email, plus automatic customizable twitter feed and a social icon area listing 6 most popular social websites (with tipsy rollovers!)
  • A style section details out many different available button color options, list styles and so much more for you to be able to create your own unique new sections completely – almost like a playground :)

Version History

June 29 2015 – updated prettyPhoto to 3.1.6 – files updated: /js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js

Oct 26 2013 – updated index.html to correct an error with the form

April 2 2012 – updated the css file to add a quick fix for IE8 button display