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The demo page unavailable, what’s the problem?

Should be good now

Hi there! I love the theme so far. As ive seen with others, my Groups do not have the names on my home page. Any progress with the idea of tiles on other pages, not just home?

I am not getting the group names on my home page for my MM-Groups. Also, sorry, that was a typo, I meant tiles on other pages (not just home page)

Im still not able to get Group headings on my main page. I even tried it on a new clean site. Any suggestions?

Kluska, I am trying to get this site ready to launch at our company but would really appreciate some feedback on the issue I mentioned with the group headers on the main page…

Hello, After Sales Question! Is this theme still being updated for the new wordpress? If yes, when will it be good to go? If no, why not? :)

Thanks, Tommy

Hi I am interested to buy the theme. Do you have HTML version?

Nope its WordPress only.


Could you add bbpress support?

Hi! No plans for bbpress right now


I am looking to add transparency to the background of the Navbar, but I can’t find the right place in the CSS script to add the

background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0.8);

Can you help me out?

I got an Forbidden page when clicking on the live preview


Dipak7 Purchased

Hi Kluska,

Great work on the theme. Just a couple of questions on the google maps part.

1. I noticed you have a [googlemap] shortcode, but cant find anywhere to edit the settings, nor is it mentioned in the documentation.. 2. Tried installing the Google Map Builder plugin (as I need to show multiple locations in multiple maps) but the plugin doesn’t work with the theme.

Not sure if these two questions are related in any way. But how do I make the plugin work, or edit the inbuilt shortcode settings?



Dipak7 Purchased


Another question on the nav menu. How do you change the icon for the homepage? On all other menu items the icon is drawn from that page settings, but since homepage doesn’t have its own editor page, where would you find this? The icon space next to the home page link in the nav menu is just showing a grey box.

You can create custom page, set it as home page in admin panel and add it to menu then.


Dipak7 Purchased

Thanks but I want it to display like the original homepage, and there doesnt seem to be a template for that.

1 other question: 1. The facebook share is showing an error ‘The href URL must be absolute’ – is there some setting I should be doing first? Cant find anything in the documentation

Hm, right now I am looking for a good metro-styled theme. Yours looks great, but I think I won’t buy it anyway thanks to the lack of support you’re showing here. So many questions that get no answer doesn’t look like a professional theme-creator. Sorry…


Dipak7 Purchased


There seems to be a bug in the navigation scroll..on some browsers (all the mobile ones), when you open the menu, you cannot scroll up or down. Once you close the menu and open it again, the scrollbar appears then it works fine.

Anyone else facing this issue? Appreciate a quick fix if theres one.

Could you provide more details? I’m not able to reproduce this issue.

Thanks for a cool theme. As i’m exploring the functions-noticed, like others have pointed out from awhile back-the homepage tiles are shown WITHOUT the group names associated with each grouping.

Your site shows group titles above each tile grouping, like: Last Posts, Social Sites, etc…those aren’t showing on my site.

Has there been a standard fix for this issue?


Bargai Purchased

Hi, I’d like to know if the theme works with WordPress 4.1.1. I’m unable to see the tiles on the pages with WordPress 3.9.6. Is it related to the version I used or to something else ? Thanks to anyone answering !

Hello Kluska!

Is it possible to show for example world times on tiles? Or stream some RSS feed on tiles?


T3Kaos Purchased

Pre-Purchase Question: When will this template be upgraded to be inline with the latest version of WP?


T3Kaos Purchased

After running additional tests I can confirm that this template IS NOT compatible with the latest version of WP. Massive compatibility issues.


T3Kaos Purchased

Bug #270615-2A: Your theme contains a meta description, which blocks WordPress SEO from working properly, please delete the following line, or press fix it: <meta name=”description” content=”<?php bloginfo(‘description’); ?>”>

The developer has hard coded the meta description. This is bad practice and can be solved by installing the Yoast SEO plugin.


T3Kaos Purchased

Bug #270615-2B: Yoast SEO is incompatible with this template. If installed it causes the WYSIWYG editor to not appear on page creation/edit.


laod Purchased

Hi, got the same issue with titles not showing above MM-groups on home page.

I was able to get tiles on other pages than homepage, but Im unable to keep them sorted the way they are sorted on sample page.

Otherwise great theme, wonderfull! Thank you for it.


Can anybody explain how to get tiles on pages besides the homepage. I see some people figured it out . Help me out?? Thank you!

Set page template to have tiles and then set different pages to be child of this main page.

Hello Kluska,

I was wondering how we can remove the side menu? I had it setup that way, and now that I’m moving servers for the client, I can’t seem to find how that was done.

Best regards,


hi, i have some problems

1.icons on menu didnt work 2.In IE11, the bottons in the first page dont work 3.problems to reorder the bottons 4.when i change the windows to the second monitor in my pc, page appears like a mobile page 5. put a backgroup image in a page didnt work 6. where to change main menu to other text


Hi, I like to buy this theme (http://impactweb.pl/themeforest/modernmetro-dark/). But before that I need some information 1). Is there any update for wordpress 4.3 ? 2). There are some bad attitude about this theme. are they real?