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Hello, Thank you for this great theme. Is it possible to hide or deactivate the left main menu ?

Hello Klusca. You comment that you buy this item, the truth is that this pretty well. I have a project I’ve been working on my local computer. I managed to change quite a few things, the most significant is the size of the tiles, icons and texts. I explain I have always been interested for this job, make the home page all the visible screen without scrolling horizontally or vertically, after many laps I got it locally. I leave a link for you to see me as is local, as I want.


The only thing I’ve done is change the css styles and so is the result.

Now the problem comes when I upload it to my server via ftp to view. goes with vertical gaps between the tiles and looks bad, I’ll leave the link as I left when I upload it to my server.


As you can see all the same and the result is not the same. I have cloned the web, I copied and bound and even have made new from 0 and there is no way that I was like locally.

The question is can you tell me how to remove the separation between the tiles vertically.

I would appreciate if you could give me a solution is possible, it is very important to my project because it GOT convince them to put something new and a little different from what you get.

If you need to look like this on the server, you can see it at:


NOTE: The icons and texts are not a problem that is controlled.

Thank you very much and forgive the rush.


For me it look great on your server, exacly as on your screen from localhost. Can you see if you’ve got any errors when issue occurs?

hi great theme, however i am missing the category titles on the homepage

my site is www.nsfg6thform.com

how do i get them in?


bump :)

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Hi Kluska,

I am adding some pics on a page, but they are breaking into columns. I want the page to have scrolling columns, like in the shortcodes page, and show them in groups but I cant seem to make this happen. Also, I didn’t find this vertical_scroll shortcode you mentioned here in the documentation.


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No… Really…. Messing with the template here, now I have no idea how you did it with the independent column scrolling on the Short-codes page.

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Holy frigging Kluska! The damn shortcode is [metro_scrollbar] / [/metro_scrollbar].... I just lost two days fiddling with the code and just found out on the shortcodes.php file, and because it was inserted on the example you made. Hehe. Well, the hint stays for the next one, and for you to put it on the list!

Thanks for the awesome theme made. I was looking for something “different” for my Portfolio and found exactly what I wanted!! Thanks Again man!

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Spizaex Purchased

Damn Kluska,

Ran into another snag today. Your progress bar shortcode stays at 0%, even on the Live Preview! Please respond!

Thanks man!

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Oh no, don’t worry. You just forgot to return {$progress} on the line 627 in shortcodes.php.

For those who run into the same, just go to shortcodes.php in _ / php / and replace: 0% for {$progress}

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Ran into another snag today yet…

You answered this in a comment:

“Please mail me, I will show you exacly with screenshots how to do it. If you want to check php, you’ll see that inside blogpage.php template wp checks if your page has some content and treats it as $cat. Then you can see inside query_pages.php that if there is some $cat, it adds it to query and loop only posts of that category.

About dropdown, thanks for notice, I’ll fix it as it indeed shows all categories now.”

However, the dropdown was not fixed I guess…. Is there any update concerning this??

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Another thing… You also said:

“Then on single posts you’ll need to set parent of post so If user clicks back button he will go back to its parent page.”

How on Earth do you set “parents of posts”? Have you misunderstood posts for pages?

On Homepage I have a parent tile named PORTFOLIO. When I click it, I go to a page where three Portfolio Type tiles appear: named WEBSITES, GALLERIES, TEXTS.

If I say, click on WEBSITES, it takes me to a Portfolio Type Gallery with my many Portfolio Pages.

When, however, I click on the back button, I am taken to


and not


As you might have understood, I can’t find a way to set the parent of an individual Portfolio Type Post to WEBSITES, instead of PORTFOLIO.

I already sorted out the categories thing. What is bothering me is the back button.


I am not able to use shortcodes on Blog Pages properly. First, the shortcode actually shows on the blog thumbnails, say http://impactweb.pl/themeforest/modernmetro-dark/?page_id=131

Also, when you use, say [metro_scrollbar] before the first column, to set scrolling on this same column, it breaks into another column after the title….

Thanks bro.

Hi, my name is Francesco, I buy your theme, but I can no longer see the curtain of shrtcode within in editar text. Can you help me. Thank you Francesco

Hi I just paid and downloaded your theme

I unzipped it went to themes add new upload zip selected “modern-metro.zip”

And I got a word press failure notice, are you sure you want to do this, please try again

hi great theme, however i am missing the category titles on the homepage

my site is www.nsfg6thform.com

how do i get them in?

Few questions: 1. How can I make the logo larger? 2. How can I remove the author gravatar and make the author name smaller? 3. In the blogfeed how can I remove the author name?





According to the support documentation on Themeforest, you are to be providing support through your comments feed. However I have not received any support and have emailed you as well. Is there some place else you are providing support?

Hello! Nice theme, but I have a problem with charts — they simply don’t work for me. When I create a post with chart shortcode, the post contents show only infinite Win8 «loading» circle. I re-installed theme, just in case, and still can’t get charts working, here’s an example:

What could possibly be the reason for this feature to behave like that?

Thanks in advance.

Reading all the previous comments I guess there’s no support for this theme anymore. Too bad that I bought it before checking the comments. Still hope to receive some feedback.

Are you going to make update to WordPress 4?

any help? I really don’t want to have to change themes – this does most of what I want, but need some help?

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I need some special change on this Theme and would hire you for a small job. Please answer me on: themechange(a’t)sunsetbay.club in next three days. Thanks Greets

is there any chance to create submenus in navigation metro styled instead a list with all the voices? the classic page list doesn’t have a good look…


The template has too many limitations and unfortunately its creator doesn’t provide any support … money lost

Hello, if I upload bg image via appeareance > theme settings. I always get following error:

Uploaded background image is to small (min size is 1920×1080)

My images are Jpeg and the right size. Any idea what the issue could be? Thanks in advance


Might be becouse of files permissions of your theme. Try to make sure theme folder has write permission