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Before buying this theme I would like to know if people can register and list their own apartments for sale (like a Classifieds Ads site) without me having to do it manually.

Looking forward to your response.



I’m very interested in this theme, but am wondering if it has IDX functionality with dsIDXpress plugin integration?


I must admit I do not see the wisdom of having all of the support on your support forum. Why make it more difficult for existing and prospective customers to access information and help? In addition it appears that support is slow or non existent on the ‘support forum’. I was interested in this theme for some different projects but I get the impression that you are lax at replying to support questions. This probably accounts for the low sales of what is an attractive and usable theme. Basic marketing guys, instil confidence and you will get the customer. Looking at things as they are I would be fearful that you would simply stop support for this theme as e-mails and questions are already answered slowly.

Is this theme WAP Enabled? If no then how we can add WAP plugin.. please help me

Is anyone else having problems with the built-in PageNavi and CommentNavi functions? If you found a solution, can you please let me know how you fixed it?


Will I be able to replace the currency symbol?

eg $ ====> €


How I change custom fields in “Start Listing search now” form? If it’s impossibile it’s a REAL big problem…

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I see there are changes in the template. The old template to override the new files? Compatible with both the template?

Thank you for quick answer!

So support people are responding or what?

I want to know how can I translate this theme unto another language…

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Well translated fields-search-listings.php in russian, and i doesn’t show up correctly… Anyone any idea ? I think it has something to do with cufon font, but i dont know where to shut it off for the search. Thanks

EDIT : i found the solution, saving php as UTF -8 without BOM

I’m more or less a newbie to wordpress, I made two very small sites. I recommended this to a friend because I’m a programmer and he needs a real estate theme and I thought I could figure it out but I can’t find any support help. I’ve emailed the authors and I hope they get back to me but it doesn’t look like anyone but a few customers are participating in this forum. I need to know how to install the slider at the top, the theme showed up without that and I don’t know why. I was a major selling point for me. Am I missing something?

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humm…. ive got dissapointed with this theme for so many years..

it has css conflict with contact form 7 plugin which i had it since 2006 i had asked, but there’s no answer

until last week, i found that css conflict is right at jquery-ui.css. so i made modification by myself.. thx for not helping

off course there’s also improvement.. they separated listing type post from blog post, so we can have different kind of posting,

but right now this listing type posting is not showing up on mobile.. i dont know why.. the mobile layout is sucks..

i had tried to activate and deactivate jetpack mobile version also using wp mobile themes plugin but it still nothing happen…

perhaps anybody can help me?

regards, qinkqonk

Is this theme still being supported?


Yes, you could email me at themespike@gmail.com for questions.