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hey, this is what I´m looking for.. any chance of a wordpress version?


Hi, we are working currently on WordPress version and I think that it would be ready in about 10 days…

Nice green! Looks great!

Very good colors theme and overall design, pleasant to navigate in. Think i will buy it next month. Good job my friend.

Maybe a rollover effect on the send button in the contact page would be great addition instead of the rectangle which appears and stay visible when clicked, just saying :-)

Great work! Can you tell me when the Wordpress version will be ready?



WP version will be done by the end of the next week. We would done it earlier but it’s holiday time :-)


LIVE preview not working. Getting ready to buy.



It works now…our server was down probably…

The top menu can give me submenus?

hi there, what happened to the wordpress version? It shows page cannot be found…


I am looking for a template that allows users to login and create and modify there resume/portfolio for everyone to see.


Hi, Really liking the template overall but had a couple major frustrations with this that I’ve solved and thought I would share with others the solutions. If the developer reads this they should also fix the package to help others avoid the frustrations I had!

Firstly this template breaks totally in IE9 , due to a known issue in IE9 with cufon font replacement. Info on how to fix is here: http://www.egypt-webdesign.com/designers-developers-come-here/cufon-yui-js-ie9-fix.htm Just follow option one and replace your cufon-yui.js with the new version and it will work in IE9 also.

Secondly, on very long pages, the background image was getting cut off, but increasing the height on line 38 of the style.css then broke shorter pages.

Simple trick is to change height: to max-height: and also increase the height number, and all will be fixed. Again if there are no side effects from this (I am yet to find any), it is a fix that should be included in the original download.


Hi! Just bought the template. It is missing the “portfolio” drop down. Is there any way I can have that. Thanks LS

debiano Purchased

Hi, i have many problems with explorer 9 ! :( - Top Menu not show - banner out position - button without text - etc…


This has been optimized for IE9 , I have checked it even in IE8 and IE7 , and it looks everything nice. Can you try pressing F12 , and check the Browser Mode and Document Mode. They both should show IE9 . If it’s not, it shows weird stuff on site.


Can the scroller on the home page be turned on to automatically advance through the slides at a predetermined pace, or are they only static until you click on prev and next>

Would really love an automatic process to show the slides.

Thanks, QComp.net


It can :D Search for line 7 in folder js, file scripts.js Replace this with: $(”.scrollable”).scrollable().autoscroll({ “interval” : 2000, // now is 2 seconds “autoplay” : true });


I get “page not found” for the WP version.



This is HTML template, not Wordpress theme.


qfard Purchased

I thought above comment said that you had WP version – already purchased and using it – thanks for the great template

Hey there, in reviewing the Preview, how come the slider doesn’t automatically play? Especially the stretched version. Let me know so I can decide on the purchase. Thank you.


ikennah Purchased

I am having problem making the footer stick the the bottom. How do I make the footer stick to the bottom regardless of the height of the content.