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No, but you could use a SEO plugin that allows you to add more details to each post.


If you want to change the page that is being displayed as your home page, please use a static page instead of blog posts (Settings > Reading).

If you want to edit the content of that page you will find it under “Pages”, in your WordPress admin.


It may be possible but some custom code will be needed to accomplish that.


Hi, Stupid question I know. Will most plugins work with your theme?


Hi, most plugins should work fine, in some cases you may need to make minor CSS adjustments to make them look right but other than that everything should be fine.

Is there a way to just have a blog page? No menu up top or anything. Also, is there a way to change color?


Hi, yes, you can remove all the other pages and disable the “Static” home page.

Colors can be changes with CSS, either in style.css or in the “Options Panel/ Custom CSS Rules”.

So far, this is my pick for my mobile version of my services. I just noticed that it has not been updated since release. Are their any plans for an update in the near future or should I just hope that everything will work as intended out of the box? Cheers


Everything will work as intended outside of the box. If you come across any issue we will assist you without a moment’s notice! If needed, we will even update the file for you! But we made the file to work like a charm! All our files work perfectly! We check periodically! Thank you!

I love this theme but I’m disappointed with support—sent an email 5 days ago with what should be a simple query and no response yet? I’m trying to find out how I can add longer text on the landing page navigation items, currently I can’t add more than a few letters per item and that’s not very useful…


Hey there! We must not have gotten your message! Our server is having a few hickups since we updated the PHP. Can you please send your question through our profile! There is no reason to be dissapointed with support! We offer support for all our items! As soon as you send me the email I will forward it to our WordPress developer personally! :)

Hi I like your design for this app. I have a few questions. I never worked with and mobil app so…

1. Do this installs as a normal WP theme… same procedure? 2. I like to add a icon for paypal donation. Is that possible? 3. I will use this to upload photos and I would like to have a share button on each photo so people can share my photos on for ex. facebook, can or? 4. I have to work in iPad, iPhone and Android. Do this theme do that? 5. When the app is done I like to upload it to the App & Android store – can I do that or?


Hey there! I’ve notified our WP devleoper. He’ll answer your question, right bellow my reply as soon as he gets my email.


Hi Mrnicoo:

1) yes, this theme can be installed just like any other WordPress theme. Instructions are included in the main ZIP.

2) sure, you can add a button if you want, but you have to write the code for it since it’s not a default feature

3) a share button can be added, or you can create a custom gallery page (or use some existing plugin) if you wish

4) yes, theme should work on all 3 devices/platforms

5) to be able to do that you’ll have to purchase the extended license.

You can customize the theme as you wish, it all depends on your skills.



I have a plugin that loads a different theme when viewed on a mobile, so I have chosen for this theme to load only when on a mobile.

Some of my pages use shortcodes that aren’t good for mobile. I have overcome this by making two copies of each page (normal, with shortcodes that loads my normal template when on a desktop, and mobile without shortcodes that loads this template when on a mobile) and I created a new menu for this theme that obviously links to the mobile versions.

The only problem left is, I cannot change the static front page to my mobile-home page as it seems to be a global setting not a theme setting.

How can I change the homepage for this theme as a theme setting, like the menu option is?


EDIT: Or even simpler would be, how could I get your theme to ignore any shortcodes used.


Hey there! Please use this form for WordPress Support. Our WordPress developer will assist you in 24 to 48 hours! Thank you!

Please ignore my above comment, the plugin I installed gave me extra options that fixed it for me.

I can’t see instructions in the documentation to explain how to have the icons on the homepage as in your demo though?



Hey there! Please use this form for WordPress Support. Our WordPress developer will assist you in 24 to 48 hours! Thank you!

beyondpt Purchased

style.css file not inside to download files ? can not upload to my web siter


Hey there! Thank you for your purchase! For WordPress related inquiries, please use this form and our WordPress developer will assist your shortly! Thanks again!