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Very, very slick. Your theme does something I do not often see in responsive themes. The slider size stays the same as the featured post image size when you reduce the screen to iPhone size. I think this is natural and think themes that don’t do this are counter-intuitive. Good work. One big question: How do you insert slide shows into posts or pages? If this is easy and possible, your theme will rock. I expect to see a flood of responsive themes here at Themeforest. Good work for getting in early! Tim

Thank You for appreciation,

On single portfolio page slideshow automatically appear if You provide more than only 1 image (featured image) – You can see it here (first 2 minutes)

How setup homepage slider, if someone is curious –

I haven’t icluded (yet, maybe on update) any option to enable slider/slideshow anywhere else than homepage or portfolio single page.

This is really impressive! Do you plan a HTML -version (no wordpress) too?


i’m not planning html version ;/

By the way, I am checking out the theme on my iPhone 4S and it looks like it is not being responsive. When I make the screen caller on my computer, everything is okay. On the phone it basically looks the same as it does on the computer. Nothing is getting smaller. Just me? Tim


It seems the carousel slider does not work on ipad. Btw, nice work ;)

Hi, thanks.

You sure it don’t work? ;}

in all fairness, it is a very full on validator, and you are right, with most smartphones handling the responsive themes


Beautiful theme :) Though I am stuck on the Theme Options page. If I try to upload a logo/favicon they don’t actually upload. Also when I try to visit other options in that page, (header, homepage, content colors, etc) nothing happens. I can see in the URL it’s changing though the page remains on the General page.

Hi it appear sometimes, i don’t know why, You need refresh page (but before save your all changes !)...

Next time please login from account You bought file, it’s the only way for me to verify purchase, thanks.

Thanks to all who already bought it. Unfortunately i found few minor bugs, update is already on Themeforest, download package again and overwrite all files

The updates fixes:
  • contact forms inputs&textareas on some pages had > 100% width
  • comments area also had > 100% width
  • added min-height to testimonials rotator (prevents small jump)
  • Nivo slider – some transitions were loaded badly

Beautiful Logo, hilarious avatar!


Thanks, if You’re curious ‘logo’ was made from this font –

Is it possible to have 3 columns?

Thanks =)

Just purchased and noticed a possible bug. On the Theme Options page>Copyrights Area there is a field at the bottom that says “Test Input” How do I get rid of it? I see you are using OptionTree and I thought it read an XML file to create the Theme Options but I don’t see that input field in there.

I just check theme on 2 independent servers and can’t see any input field (in copyrights area). Try click on ‘Reload XML ’ (second button on bottom left).

That took care of it. -Thanks

nice work..

Update (1.0.1 – 18 Nov) now in queue.

Once You grab it overwrite all themes files.

CSS Fixes:
  • (tablets) fixed slider buggy resizing (horizontal scrollbar)
  • (all media) fixed portfolio items buggy resizing (black gap at the bottom)
Other changes:
  • new page template Testimonials – let you listing all testimonials on a single page –
  • new input field in Appearance >> Theme options >> Homepage >> Testimonials page link (remember to click on ‘Reload XML ’)
  • added missing PSD file for testimonials buttons (proj-buttons.psd)

Available for download.

Hi, looks like this theme would do the job for me. One question though; I’m going to need a fairly elaborate search function, as it’s for an estate agent and users need to be able to search by a number of criteria. Would it be possible for me to drop in a search plugin like Search Everything, for instance?

Hi, i’ve installed Search Everything plugin and it seems working fine.

Hello, does this theme include .mo and .po files for localization?



sorry but localization isn’t included.

So why can’t this work on my Iphone? It doesn’t scale….

Remove themeforest frame…

Hmmm close, but maybe just a few more bugs to work out. :) I’m viewing your theme on an Iphone 3GS using Safari. Is it suppose to scale?

it definitely should fit entire iphone stage width (320px)...

What shortcodes did you use for the sample homepage you created? For example the, “Looking responsive solution for your business website?” with the sub-head, in addition to the two-column format underneath.

It’s not the shortcode:

If You want same homepage as on demo, grab xml file from here Unzip it.

Go to Tools >> Import >> Wordpress (choose homepage.xml). During editing remember that images/icons need alignment left.

How do you set up the area which is displayed right under the slider on the homepage of the demo, sort of featured portfolio items?

Already tried widget area ‘home page area’ and portfolio items.

Nice theme!


You need create any portfolio items/pages then go to Appearance >> Theme Options >> Homepage (check those You want to display)

Also, page used as front/home need be created with ‘Home Page’ template(i bet you probably forgot about this step ;) ) – – watch from 2:17

Thank You

Very nice theme, but seems to have problems with the widgets. When I add widgets to the Pages sidebar, they show up on both the Homepage and the Pages. When I add widgets to the Homepage sidebar, they don’t show up anywhere. But if I remove all widgets from the Pages sidebar, then the Homepage widgets show up.

Would work nice if I didn’t need a sidebar on the Pages, but unfortunately, I do. Anyway you could look into this?


open sidebar.php, delete everything and paste (copy to clipboard) code from here

If it works i will submit update right away.

Sorry for inconvenience, and thanks for purchase.

That fixed it, thank you for the quick response :)

When I load images into the Create slides area, I can only Upload from my PC. All the other options DO NOT WORK . For example, I can not choose an image from the gallery. Why? How do I fix this? Thanks. Great Theme in General. -SS


You can easily add images from gallery/media library, You just need click on ‘show’ toggle button, then add image with ‘Add to option tree’ button

i’ve made screencast –


Yes that screen cast helped.