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Hello again…

Also quick contact. Where I enable it?


Can you send me log&pass to your wp site (through my profile page)?

quick contact – put contact form shortcode into text widget.

My friend,

I tryed to change the name of the search box and I took the website offline. I’m trying to find on my FTP the search form codes to correct y mistake.

So, where I can find it?


You need bring back old version (download theme once again) widgets.php, it’s localized in theme folder >> inc


I did it, but still out:


Sorry for bother

now i see that shortcodes.php needs to be changed, localized also in theme folder >> inc

Well… I will upload the website again… crash error.



The contact form is not working… can you check the code please.

Also, I’m trying to change the name of the search widget to portuguese, but it’s remain in english. I think is bugged.

Can you help me?


I have a parent page called Services that I want to be able to access at but every time I go to the permalink that page comes up blank.

How can I fix it?

Hi again, so you only want the “empty link” services in menu?

Look at area with number 4 (Custom links):

- in field URL paste #
- put Services in field Label

add this cutom (empty) link to menu

Sorry I probably didn’t explain it well.

That services page actually has content but it will not display. There is a page with text there and even when I go to preview page nothing will appear. That is the only page I’m having problems with. It might actually be a wordpress issue, I don’t even know.

Weird, Can you send me log&pass?

Hi There,

thanks for the great theme but I have one mayor issue. When I uploaded the theme and work true it bij theme options the theme is not saving my changes (like phonenumer, color options etc.) at all. It just simpley say that everything is saved but all the input is gone. I started over and over again but it is not work. How to now?

Thanks for your answer!


Hi there,

I solved it yet. Just switched off al plugins and that will make it work just fine.


Hi there,

Do you rember names ot those disabled plugins. You are the first one who report such a issue:{

Thank You.


Please, the contact form is not working… can you check the code please.

Also, I’m trying to change the name of the search widget to portuguese, but it’s remain in english.

Can you help me?



i’ve fixed it 4 days ago, here is screenshot from widget page(i used google translator):
also i’ve inputed e-mail address you send me in mail, it should work:

Hello, can you help me place a static image only on the homepage? How do I accomplish this? I did a full width page but I can’t get the portfolio options that are on the demo, or the other homepage content w/ the sidebar at the bottom of the page on the demo. Thank you!


You declare homepage in Settings > Reading, right? – See how to do this here

To imitate static image – upload only one image in slider and disable all options (pagination blips etc.)

“I can’t get the portfolio options that are on the demo” – You mean those three images below slider? – once you create at least 1 portfolio post/page –!/portfolio (see from 2:13)

Thank You

Hi there.

Thanks for de wondefull theme. Just one question about a problem I’m facing in IE9 . On this url there is the ‘test’ website. It works just fine in all browsers (chrome, firefox etc.) but in IE9 I get a vertical menu. Any thoughts how to fix?

Thanks in advance.

Grtz G


could you provide screenshot of Your issue? i have installed ie9 (win7) and can’t find any difference between ie9 or firefox/chrome ;)

How can I get that screenshot to you? Can you provide me a email adress?

Thanks for the quick respons.

upload img on your site and paste link here

I’m a little lost right now…maybe just blind ;)

1.) somehow I cannot figure out how to add Google custom fonts… Do I have to install the CSS , just add the name? I need Dancing script added.

2.) Background color change for the main background. I find Header and Footer but not the main background?!

1) To enable dancing script font, go to google fonts page find dancing script and click on quick use, next paste link and font family code into proper fields (see screenshot) –

2) there is no color picker for main background, you need modify css manualy, like this (paste in style.css):

#wrapper {
background-color: black;

Thank You

Hi synesthete, I’m looking for the module to buy. Do I need a product page that will be standard on my sites, it must have a picture in miniature of a product with a text description next to it, it may contain much text, and clicking on the photo thumbnail to open a photo great product, you have that option in the module?

Synesthete Hi, sorry, did not look right and now I have seen that has this option #! PrettyPhoto, only one question: Is it possible that all figures right to open this way? With a large image at the top and the text below? I mean, what the right hand column is a list of products where clicking on each picture to open a different product?


right column is a list (kind of navigation) of all portfolio pages (and lightbox cannot be applied to those images).

If you asking if lightbox (big image preview) can be applied to every image in theme, the answer is no ;{ for example here

If you are curious there is an online documentation of theme –


I purchased this theme (it’s awesome!!!) a few weeks ago and am looking to launch my website in the coming week. Is there any way for me to enable users to click anywhere on a picture after they hover-over it (rather than having to click on the small button in the center)? Or, if this is not possible, is there any way to either expand the size of the button, or at least the “clickable” region?

Thanks! Really appreciate your time and attention.


I hope you can help.

I am using NextGen public uploader to upload photos to my site. It is crashing because of the upload limits. I have uploaded a php.ini file with memory_limit = 100M, upload_max_filesize = 1000M and post_max_size = 1000M, but it is still failing.

Reading around I have found that certain themes have issues with the size and dimensions of images being uploaded.

The images I am trying to upload are over 4mb and have dimensions in excess of 4000×4000 pixels. Is there anywhere in the theme files where I can change the maximiuym allowed dimensions to enable these images to be uploaded?

Thanks for your help


I think that php.ini should do the trick (maybe you should try lower a bit values from 1000m to 64/128/128). (try .htaccess method)

Hi, this is probaly a stupid question. But how do I get text/text boxes underneath the slider on the front page? If I use the home page widget, the different text (widgets) only sit underneath each other, not next to each other. I want text to be displayed just the way it is on the demo page. Does my site need to be a blog for that? Thanks for any help!


here are the steps:

- Your home/front page should be created with ‘Home page’ template

- create some portfolio pages, and go to Appearance >> Theme Options >>Homepage >> Show featured portfolio items (and check those page You want display – from 2:15)

Thank You

Im having an issue when viewing in ie8 the homepage does not show the slider.

Here is my link:

here is a screenshot:

Your screenshot fit perfectly for IE7 not IE8 , check if You don’t have compability mode enabled –

Theme wouldn’t pass review process if not displaying properly in IE8 …

I’m having some serious issues with Internet Explorer. I can’t get the homepage slideshow or the menu to show up properly at all! Please help

whole mess in IE is cause unproperly edited functions.php file :/

// replace WordPress Howdy in WordPress 3.3
function replace_howdy( $wp_admin_bar ) {
    $newtitle = str_replace( 'Howdy,', 'Namaste', $my_account->title );            
    $wp_admin_bar->add_node( array(
        'id' => 'my-account',
        'title' => $newtitle,
    ) );
add_filter( 'admin_bar_menu', 'replace_howdy',25 );

add_filter('jpeg_quality', function($arg){return 100;});

remove <!- AKG CREATIVE ENHANCEMENTS -> from functions.php