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How do i globally change the colour of the boxes on this theme, for instance the box on your homepage with the text ‘support multiple images’

thanks in advance


Go to Appearrance>>Theme Options>>Content Colors>>Theme accents background colors (choose any color)

Also how is the quick contact at the base set up please. I know it’s a widget but can you send the script please

it’s just a text widget – paste your contact form 7 shortcode into it.

How do i remove the left hand menu & social media from the portfolio section please? on your example click on support multiple images button on homepage. The menu starts with content, featured image etc…

Also how do i edit the copyright footer text please as this is set to 2011

thanks in advance

Open single-portfolio.php, delete everything and paste code from here –

To change date, just open footer.php and find at line 24:

<p class="columns">Copyright © 2011

just change the date.


Hi there,

i opened up single-portfolio.php deleted everything and pasted the code from the url and i got a blank screen?


omg ;/ this will work, just tested it on my demo site.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Love the theme!!

I need to have two distinct sections in my website – products, and services. I’ve tried to make this work using Portfolio >> Services, using Portfolio images/Project Title for the four Services.

I was hoping that by ticking the check boxed under Provided Services I’d created as separate pages, they would appear when clicked. But they just return a small image of the related service on an otherwise blank page.

Is there something I’m missing, or is there another way to achieve this? Even if it’s duplicating the Services page and naming it products in the css?

Please bear in mind I’m a relative newbie to WP – and website for that matter!.

P.S. One last one … how can I change the colour of the testimonial page name/title boxes, and the portfolio left side menu (I want to change the blue).


Provided Services will never return single page – it is a listing page that retrieve all portfolio items assigned to one category.

To change testimonial colors, paste at the bottom of style.css:

.lkt {
background-color: orange;

To change portfolio left side menu, paste at the end of style.css:

.services li a {
    color: red;

change color values for your needs.

Hi all,

I have vacation time (yay!!!), hence delay in asnwering for last 6 days. I will ve fully available from 10th september.

Thanks for comprehension.

On the bottom of every blog entry is a google and twitter button but no Facebook like button…how would I go about adding one? I am comfortable editing almost any code but im just not sure where to start looking. Thank You in advance.


Well there was fb like button, don’t know why and when it disappeared ;/

please open footer.php, delete everything and paste code from here –

worked great…thank you again

Hello synesthete,

Bought your theme a while ago and it’s working beautifully… Still i am trying to put a video (vimeo) on a single page (which is not the home page). How can I do that? (The website is for a movie, so there is a trailer, but I don’t want the trailer to be the front/home page, I want it to be just a page.) Do you have an idea please? Thank you,

the portfolio items do not appear in frontpage

If it still doesn’t show up, send me log&pass to your wp site through my profile page.

But everything what you need to do should be in documentation…

Thanks, it´s working!!!

thanks geformas…! I finally found another way to do it and it’s fine.

Still I have a problem with my home page. When I type my website’s URL , the home page opens normally, but the main navigation menu is not clickable, so I cannot see the pages. Would anyone have an idea? Does it have anything to do with the WP version? or the Theme? Thanks!

here is my url :

in style.css, paste at the bottom:

.home .row.extended-margin {
    display: none;

If You would like ever use slider on homepage, just delete this.

oh wow! great! thanks a lot! it’s working! I hope qtranslate will not compromise this solution! (i’m about to add qtranslate plugin) Wonderful theme by the way!

I would like to know how I can disable the links on the home page for the 3 portfolio items. I’d like to use these images but dont want to link to a portfolio page. In fact, I’d like to be able to link to some of my other pages for this. How do I do that?

Thanks for that.

In that case, is there a way to add copy/images etc to create individual product pages that appear as ‘services_rendered’ items?

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this theme. It doesn’t render properly on IE versions and keeps breaking. Things that work one day stop working the next. Despite numerous requests for assistance, there is no response at all. Its worth considering this when you are thinking of buying this theme.

have you done an update for the twitter issue?

apologize for delay, what issue?

i noticed some php tags in tweet, to remove it, please open single.php and single-portfolio.php, find this:

<a href="" data-url="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" data-text="< ?php the_title(); ?>" data-via="yoast" class="twitter-share-button">Tweet</a>

change it to this:

 <a href="" data-url="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" data-text="<?php the_title(); ?>" class="twitter-share-button">Tweet</a>

I want to display a specific portfolio category on a new 3 column template page. How can I do that?

Thank you in advance

Simply, You can’t do that, it requires customisation work.

Thank You.

Nice theme!

Is it compatible with WP 3 .4.2?

Thank you!

Yes it is compatible. Thanks.

Hi there,

have you an update for the twitter feed that has stopped working? this can bee seen on your demo site also.

thanks in advance

sorry forgot to mention i have tried your solution to update the single.php etc but it didnt work

Can You send me (through my profile page) log&pass to your wp site?

Hello, I bought your theme and I love it already! I’ve only got an issue with the portfolio. If you click on an item the portfoliopage doesn’t show up. Do I have to change something in the settings?