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Ignore my previous question. It had to do with the permalinks!

Hi, I’m glad it’s working and thanks for info that You fixed it ;)

Hi all buyers,

Modulo is compatible with wordpress 3.5

Hello there,

Is it possible to have two “Testimonials” areas?

I need one “from clients” and “from students” if possible.


ili :)


sorry for long time without response.

On front page, You can display only one testimonials block.

Thank You.

The testimonial section on the homepage shows more than one post and expands vertically if you click on the next arrow quickly. Is there a fix for this?

I’ve tried, but can’t fix that, sorry…

I have made corrections to the script so it now works as I believe it should. Feel free to test this out. In order for my version to work you must set your testimonial “list items” display to “none” in your css. The new code can be found here Please let me know how it works for you

is there a way to disable the social media buttons in this theme in order to use another social media plugin?

Open single.php (post page), delete everything and paste code from here –

Open also single-portfolio.php, delete everything and paste code –

Most of social media plugins allow embedig through shortcode or php code, In both of pastebin files you will find answer where to put this code :

<!-- Embed here(below this comment) other social plgin shortcode/code -->

If you don’t want use default social icons you need clear one file, open footer.php, delete everything, paste code –

That is all for removing default Modulo social buttons…

Thank you I had found most of those but missed the script in the footer.

Is there any way to add a custom field to a testimonial, like you can on a regular post? I am using the “Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons” plugin and it allows you to disable the buttons on posts or pages by adding a custom field to either. Problem is it doesn’t look as if I can do that on a testimonial.

Sorry but You cant

that’s to bad, I could see that being useful. Perhaps the custom field box could be added back in to both the ‘testimonial’ and ‘portfolio’ post types without much trouble. It would make the theme a bit more flexible.

You don’t need custom field, echo social buttons in template testimonials.php:
<?php echo do_shortcode('[really_simple_share]');?>

If You want display buttons below every testimonial use code from here (but first open testimonials.php and delete everything) –

For buttons on the bottom of page use this code –

Is there a way to customize the link on posts “featured images” or do they all use lightbox script to show the image in a lightbox?

Only lightbox link or nothing…

can the lightbox link be disabled for individual featured images, if so how would I do that? Or does lightbox have to be disabled for all featured images.

single.php – delete… paste –

Paste this at the bottom of style.css:
.single .featured-image.full img {
    opacity: 1 !important;

how can I have a portfolio post that contains a video is that possible or do I also need to choose a featured image? I have followed your documentation but the videos are not showing. I’d appreciate any assistance you can give me.

see next comment

Ok… I might as well post this although this support forum doesn’t seem very responsive lately. I am a bit disappointed with the portfolio post functionality. Please correct me if I’m wrong. you can only add 1 video to a post(although you can add many images), also you cannot post only a video to a post without also including a “featured image”. This is very awkward and is not intuitive. I was intending to use the portfolio as a video hub, but that seems quite impossible now. When a user clicks on a portfolio item they first see the featured image and then have to click on the arrows(left or right) on the image or click on the second button under the image to get to the video (not very practical). Could you tell me why there is these limitations. Why can’t I add multiple videos like you can images, and why can’t the first “image” be a video??? I think it would be much more usable if that were the case. Lastly, unless I missed it you may want to document that in order for a video to show in a portfolio post you must past the URL of the iframes “src” attribute into the “Video Code” input box and not the full iframe code to embed a video. This took me a few hours to figure out. If you could manage the time I would appreciate a response to this and my previous posts.

That worked great, thanks. Is there a simple way to list all the “services rendered”(now called videos) in the side bar exactly like the wordpress categories widget works, except it only lists the “services rendered”

perfect thanks!

Are there any shortcodes in this theme to enable you to embed a video(YouTube) in a post so that it is responsive(changes size) when the browser is resized?

no, there is no shortcode

If you want, use this html snippet:

<div class="video-wrapper">
<div class="video-container">
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

and also this need to be pasted into style.css:

.video-wrapper {
    max-width: 100%;

.video-container iframe, .video-container object,  
.video-container embed {
    position: absolute;
    top: 0;
    left: 0;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;max-width: 100%;

.video-container {
    padding-bottom: 56.25% !important;


I really like your theme, yet having dificulties installing it. I see the template as being installed, but it doesnt show properly “live online”. Please have a look at my url

What did I do wrong? Hope to hear from you soon since I have a deadline for this project.

Thanks in advance!



I’ve prepared xml file which include all posts, pages, menus etc.

Import this

Unzip >> Go to Tools >> Import >> Wordpress.

Slider and three blocks below it (homepage) must be edited manually – it’s well described in documentation (its available in the unzipped file you downloaded form themeforest).

Thank You.

P.S. If you want send me log&pass on my email, and i will install it.

Hi thanks for the reply! I don’t fully understand your instructions, what is your email address? Or you can email me at :) I will send the log on info to you then

thank you.


it appears I may have found a bug in the archives.php. When you go to the Archives by clicking on an author’s name next to a post the page that comes up should have the title Archive: author’s name according to the following code

<?php elseif (is_author ()) : ?> <h2 class="title">Archive for <?php the_author(); ?></h2>

Unfortunately only the word “Archive:” appears on the page, no author name. Is this because it is not “inside the loop?” After looking the function “the_author()” up it says it can only be called from within the loop. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks again for your help.

in archive.php, change (line 23):

<h2 class="title">Archive for <?php the_author(); ?></h2>


<h2 class="title">Archive for <?php $author_id=$post->post_author; the_author_meta( 'user_nicename', $author_id );?></h2>

That works! thanks.

One more issue I’m having. every post or page content that I write is getting paragraph tags inserted in it that I cannot remove. If I add an image into a post the paragraph tags surround that image.

<img src="/imagepath/img.jpg" />Some text becomes: <p><img src="/imagepath/img.jpg" /></p><p>Some text</p>

Is this because of the visual editor? I don’t think so because even when I enter the tags in text mode the paragraph tags still get inserted…. PLEASE HELP! all of the posts I am trying to format are a mess. Thanks

Please ignore my post about the paragraph tags… it seems as though wordpress considers this a “feature” to wrap image tags in paragraph tags. It appears that image tags must be surrounded by a block level element. So in the editor if you wrap your images in a div… no more paragraph tags.

wordpress wrap almost everything into p tags…

yes… wish there was away to prevent that without hacking the core.

Does anyone experienced problems with adding more images into portfolio page editor with “Additional images or videos” metabox??

Found a code mistake in the post navigation code:

<?php posts_nav_link('sep','<div class="previous"><span> </span>Previous Entries</div>','<div class="next">Next Entries<span> </span></div>'); ?>

The first argument in the “posts_nav_link” is printing out the string “sep” in the navigation, I believe it should have an html entity or an empty striing or whatever string you want to use to place between the previous and next text.

Hi there, thanks for a great theme.

I was wondering, if the service template could be modified to show a small blurb of the content that is in that portfolio post with a read more button?


I’m not sure what service template you have in mind. Can you send me link to such a page?

try open taxonomy.php, find this:

<?php echo content(6); ?>

6 – is the number of words that appear below the title, change the value, to enable more content.

Thank You.

Is there any way to add pagination to the testimonials page? It seems as though this makes sense since one aims to collect quite a few testimonials which would end up creting a ridiculously long page

sorry, no.

Hi there, Still loving this theme, my client is super happy with it!

Just one quick question: I upgraded to WP 3.5.1 yesterday and have since lost all ability to drag/drop/edit any widgets at all!

I need to edit widgets urgently – is there a fix for this?

Hi, definitely it’s caused by some other plugin, try deactivate some of the plugins.

If it doesn’t work send me(through my profile page) log&pass to wp site


I can’t get the testimonials to rotate on the website i have made with this theme

How do I get them to change? It seems broken?