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Hi can the portfolio support video?


Hello, yes but only via lightbox (prettyphoto)

I love the theme except the menu. it does not include a symbol to show that there are more pages. I am using this theme for a big site with child and grandchild pages. Is there some way to modify the menu to show an arrow or some symbol when subpages exist?


Hello, If you want to do this you need to know a little jquery, you must edit the class RMenu (custom.js) because the template does not have this option.

tsmaxel Purchased

Thanks Rascals! I love the Modus theme! Using it for a non-profit missions organization.

We are experiencing a 410 Gone error… ” class=”share-it share-twitter tip” title=”Twitter”>

I am not able (or have not been) to find the code… How do I fix this?

Appreciate your help!


Hello, This problem was corrected in version 1.1.3, please do update your template. If you have version 1.1.3 and the problem still exists. Please contact us through our contact form.

tsmaxel Purchased

Please forgive me if this has been previously posted… But, how can I sort portfolio postings? I want to change the order of how they appear on the page… The are in the order of how they are posted. Any way to change this?

Appreciate your help!


Hello, You can sort the Portfolio only by changing the date in the post.

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Hi, i have a problem with contact form. I can send the mail from form but under the form afer the sending message show “can’t send message”.

So ….I would like to know what is the php where is the write message “can’t send message”

Please i need this info soon

Thank you!


Is this compatible with 3.13?


It is compatible with the latest stable version 3.1.2.

Hey Rascals

Just wondering how you create a table like on the bottom of your demo page here? ?http://themeforest.net/item/modus-premium-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/145312

Are there short codes for the items on this page?



Hello, We emailed you back with some details. If you have any other problems or need further assistance you can email us via our profiles page contact form.

The support I received from Rascals has been phenomenal. When I ran into a bug related to searching, they promptly responded and took time to understand and correct the issue. I couldn’t be happier!


We are pleased that we could help you.

how can i link to a Tab from link inside of page..


Unfortunately it is not possible to call a tab from the direct link.

Hi, i have a problem with contact form. I can send the mail from form but under the form afer the sending message show “can’t send message”. So ….I would like to know what is the php where is the write message “can’t send message” Please i need this info soon Thank you!


Hello sorry for delay,

We sent these ready-made solution, please check your e-mail.

hi does this theme have price tables ?


Hi, unfortunately, this template will not have a price tables.

When is the new version of the Modus 1.2 template coming out? Looking forward to the included Shorcodes Manager.


We are still working on a new version, please be patient. Changes in new version 1.2:
- The new framework
- New R-Panel 3.0 with full support for Ajax.
- Shortcodes Manager – easy management codes.
- Generating thumbnail images on the fly with the possibility of crop and alignment.
- Easy Link – easily add links from the whole pages by ajax.
And much more …

We developed a new graphic styles. We want to refresh the graphics to be modern. We hope that we will have to wait a bit. We think that one week max.


How is the 1.2 coming?


New Modus 1.2 will be available next week at ThemeForest.

is there a way to make the mp3 player continue playing until it’s being manuel stopped when slides are switching?



Hello, Unfortunately but this is not possible.

Hi, i’m interested to buy your template. I would like to use just the background image but not the content into the homepage slide. Do you think that it is possible?

Please kindly let me know at your earliest convenience.

Best Regards



Hello, Yes, you can use only background image see following screenshot:


graet! thanks!


I am thinking about buying this theme, but have two questions:

1. Can the header/footer/background colors be changed?

2. Can the homepage have a sidebar? I am looking to have a newsletter signup form where the checkmark/box widget is located on your demo.




1. Only via CSS . There is no option for that in the control panel.

2. In this template, you have two homepages.
- Homepage with the content that you create by shortcodes.
If your newsletter, you can put by shortcodes, there is no problem. - Homepage with with blog posts and sidebar.


Where’s the link to view the video tutorials for this theme?




Unzip the file that you downloaded from ThemeForest. Then go to folder “DOCUMENTATION” and click on “documentation.html.” On the left side menu, click on “Video”.

Thanks ^

I’m trying to make “Blog Small Thumb” the main page.. such as:


Can I do this by simply changing the Reading Settings to:

Reading Settings > Front Page > Blog – Small Thumb?

Thanks again.



Reading Settings> Front Page> do not choose page here. See screencast called “Setting Up The Blog” in theme documentation.

I am enjoying the Modus template, but I have a problem. My r-slider stopped working and I can not fix it. please help me. My address is www.whatsuptv.com.br



Of course we will help you, but send to us your question again through our contact form http://themeforest.net/user/rascals (bottom of the right column), we will respond as fast as possible.
Send us following data:

- Your problem/request
- Url to your installation

Please tell me how do I remove the button in the “home” that says “See the case study.”

thank you


Hello, Go to Modus Settings -> Homepage > Display Slider Button and swich off this option.

Let me know if you can open the flickr photos using R-Flickr in a new page or lightbox.

than you


Unfortunately but this is not possible in this template. You must use an additional plugin.