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acsgmbh Purchased

Hi, I purchased and installed the theme, now I am wondering why there are no css styles applying to my navigation. Did I do something wrong?

Also, is it possible to change the height of the slider? I was trying to work my way through the code but did not come across something like height…



Thank for purchased our theme :),

regarding to navigation, you have to set up the menu, eg. go to apperanec -> menu

for height of the slider you need to modify functions.php since it work on wp post thumbnail and after you alter the height you need to installed this plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

this is a roughly , if you confuse please email us. we will provide step-by-step guide for you :)

Best Regards

acsgmbh Purchased

thanks a lot for the quick response, managed to do all the changes i’d liked. your theme is awesome


that’s cool and thank for your kind word :)

jujes Purchased

Hi! :) Know something about the my request portfolio tag on patones.org? We talking about it around one week ago. Thanks!

acsgmbh Purchased

How can I get text displayed in the 3 column portfolio view? I was thinking, excerpt?!

Also the arrowed list does not seem to work. Was following your documentation, but it will only display the list with normal squared listitems.

thanks in advance, Nils


Hi Nil,

How can I get text displayed in the 3 column portfolio view? I was thinking, excerpt?! - yes it is a excerpt, please let us know if it not display correct on your site ;)

acsgmbh Purchased

Ok figured out that it’s not “[arrow_list]” but “[arrowlist]”

jujes Purchased

Hi, How I change the portfolio URL to just directory like: site.com/portfolio/donec to site.com/directory/donec and site.com/portfolio-tag/donec to site.com/directory-tag/donec Thanks


send us portfolio.php and portfolio-gallery.php file, we will fixed for you ;)

jujes Purchased

Hi, let me ask :) Do you send me anything? I lost mails on my server.




not yet, we were waiting for your files, could please send us your portfolio.php and portfolio-gallery.php file ? , we will get alignment for you :)

Quick question. Is it possible to tag portfolio items with multiple categories, so that they can show up more than once with the filtered links? For example, an apple could show up in both “fruit” and “snack” portfolio links.

jerad Purchased

Documentation states to import the json file under Appearance > Option Exports/Imports. This does does not exist on WordPress 3.3.1.

Is there another way for me to import the json file?

jerad Purchased

Disregard. Theme was not activated.

jerad Purchased

How do you get the featured image to show on the portfolio info page?


Hello Jerad,

featured image will be show on portfolio info page if you choose “gallery” post format, look on the right side when you edit/add portfolio, there will be a box called “Format” you can choose standard or gallery

any problem please let us know ;)

I’m having trouble with installation on Wordpress 3.3.1. When using Theme Options Import / Export, I upload “options-setup.json” but get an error stating “There was a problem importing your settings. Please Try Again.”

I don’t see the theme option panels: Homepage setting, Slideshow setting, etc, which I assume is related to the above.

Is there another way to import the options, perhaps through FTP ?

I’m quite stuck, thanks in advance for your help.


Is there a dark theme for this?



unfortunately we did not have dark theme for this


webkid Purchased

Wonderful theme and a brezze to work with. Just 2 quick questions !

1. When looking the at the single portfolio page and viewing the portfolio slider it sometimes shows the featured image and sometimes doesn’t. I would like it to never show the featured image.

2. I would like to remove the featured image in the single blog post as well. However don’t see the code in the single-post.php

Thanks let me know as soon as possible !!!!



Thank for purchased our themed :),

regarding your question.

1. to make single portfolio never show feature image, choose “standard” post format(on the right hand side when you editing portfolio). 2. to remove feature image in single post plase go to content-single.php line 15

let us know if you need further assist ;)

acsgmbh Purchased

short question:

what do I need to do to change the height of the header on the homepage with slider. I want headers to look the same on all pages.

also, where’s the difference between carousel and slider? carousel does not seem to work for me…

thanks in advanced



regarding to your question, on homepage will have extra div which you have to hide it. try to put this into css customize box in theme option

branding div.clearfix, #branding .site-introduction { display:none;}

about carousel and slider, the layout which have config by select page template. for slider please refer to this http://addtwomore.com/wpthemes/mojitos/home-slider/ for carousel please refer to this http://addtwomore.com/wpthemes/mojitos/home-3-col/ http://addtwomore.com/wpthemes/mojitos/home-4-col/

where in theme option, there will be a config for slider and carousel, - in case of you are using slider, it can config to fade or slide-horizontal animation. - in case of you are using carousel, it can config to slider one-by-one, or as a group(eg. 3 as a time in case of using 3 col carousel)

please let us know if you need further assist :)

I love the look of this theme, but the responsiveness needs a bit of work.

Take a look at the home slider and blog pages on smaller screens. They get jumbled a bit.

If this theme reacted better at various sizes, it would be an easy pick.


thank you :)

we will add responsive in next release

Hi… this is a beautiful theme… really loving it!!!

I am working on a website for a client, and added new portfolio and the tags are not working here is what it says when you click

http://cl.ly/1V3A3F1v3Y0M1E272l37 here is the website http://beyondidonline.com/portfolio/ also how can i get the home page to look like your example http://cl.ly/3I2s002J2u2P2E0L203n

i couldnt find a place or anything about how to make that

thank you!

feel free to email me : melo.taly [at] gmail.com

p.s responsive design would be awesome too!!



look like the portfolio tag is working properly now ;),

let us know if we missed it.


Q:how can i get the home page to look like your example http://cl.ly/3I2s002J2u2P2E0L203n

A: will send you a sample file and instruction to your email ;)

for some reason my slider is also not working properly …. the images are only covering half of the slider even know i choose them to be “full size” anything I am doing wrong?



can you install this plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/ and regenerate size again, then images should fit to it container

Please let us know if this does not solve the problem :)

best regards


Thank you so much for the quick response!


First off – great theme!

Just one question – is the home page full customisible? For example, through either shortcodes or widgets?

Many thanks,




Thank you :)

regarding your question, it’s partially customize.

please consider as a block from top to bottom

- the site introduction(below nav) is made from page. you can put any thing in this css/shortcode or even php if you add more plugin.

- fixed: slider/3col carousel/4col carousel

- 3 col feature boxes, will leave empty if you don’t have one

- Left: latest article is fixed, on the right hand side is widget area


kubawolf Purchased


Wondering if you could advise upon the best way to adjust the height of the header area on non-index pages. I have a logo which requires a bit more vertical space, it seems to adjust fine on index, but I’m having trouble making it work on secondary pages. I’ve tried a half-dozen or more conventional methods but the title remains below the header content (blue area).

Great Theme! Help is greatly appreciated!



Hi Erik,

very nice website :),

regarding to your question, ideally will have to add clear fix div to clear float menu. can you add on header.php and find “first <!- .col-width->” around line 118 section and put this code in “ “

after this will can expand/narrow height in #main by margin.

please let us know if this confuse or not solve the problem ;)



you can send us header.php as well , we can add for you


msoural Purchased

Hi, I have two problems: 1. everytime i set a preview image in a post, it appears in the post its self aswell, is it posible to avoid this? 2. my fb share button does not work (all the others do)

Regards, and thanks for a great theme otherwise, Martin


Hi Martin,

Thank for purchased our theme :),

regarding to your question,

1. you can remove it by go to content-single.php and remove this <?php the_post_thumbnail('single-thumb'); ?> on line 15

or send us an email we can send customized file for you.

2. fb button it should work fine, can you send us url link where we can address the issue?


Hi again.. i am having a little problem with the website… it was working before just fine when i create but for some reason now its not. the portfolio. you can see that its here (under portfolio) http://beyondidonline.com/portfolio/ but when you click on each project they are gone, i already checked the url and they just dont work even when i get them from the back end.

Please advice… I did delete the Comments from the other pages because i couldnt find a way to turn it off…. could that have caused this problem?

Thank you!