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also portfolio tag is not working anymore haven’t done anything with it… seems like it works then stops =\ not sure what could have happened.. melo.taly [a]gmail.com

feel free to email me

thank you :)



it could be .htaccess

in your admin, could you please navigate to settings -> permanent links -> click save change button again.

if this not solve the problem could you please us , admin login as we can address the issue clearly.

regards :)

Hey is there anyway of adding portfolio widgets? and also adding portfolio pages? I have over 300 items in it and its taking a while to load… Any help would be much appreciated.



hi Pat,

portfolio widget come along with the theme you should see there in the widget area. , unfortunately theme can have only one portfolio page


Fantastic theme but terrible shame the psd isn’t included in the purchase.


thank you for purchased our theme :) ,

we are sorry about PSD , since it has many revision, but we do have the draft one, in case you still want it could you please send email to us ;)

Best regards,

Absolutely love this theme, works perfectly!!

Just one question: On the portfolio page the different portfolios are organised by Tag, it seems the Tags are set to order alpha-numeric. Is there a way to override this OR to set the order value at the Slug value?

Many thanks. Alex



thank you for purchased our theme :),

regarding your question, we use get_categories, the code is in archive-portfolio.php line 36 (you have to change in this as well taxonomy-portfolio_tag.php line 22) it can be sort by id,name – default,slug,count,term_group

ex. if you want to sort by ID

for more detail, http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_categories

you can tell us which one you prefer we can make chagne for you ;)

Best regards,

Hey, for some reason youtube embeds have started changing size for no reason? could you help?

Example: http://allaweb.org/theweb/the-hipster-games/

was a problem with jetpack my bad.

hi i have something before i purchased this amazing theme . is it able to convert it to RTL language i wondering about this issue . email me at hannooi [ at ] re-chargeit.com if there is any additional cost. thank you..

thedoct Purchased

Hi, it is possibile to display more than 2 blog posts in home page?



it is possible but you need to edit in code level.

this a bit tricky, please refer to what layout of homepage you are using eg. if you slider then find template-home-slider.php -> try to find this sentence ‘posts_per_page=2&ignore_sticky_posts=1’ in this case is on line 91. change 2 to number of post you prefer.

in case this is too advance please email us, along with number of post you prefer we will customize for you :).

Best regards

How can I remove the blog on the homepage?

Great theme, thanks!


Hi, Thank you for purchased our theme :),

To remove blog on home page you need to edit in code level.

this a bit tricky, please refer to what layout of homepage you are using eg. if used slider then find template-home-slider.php -> try to find this ‘ ’ in this case is on line 88. -> remove to the whole div (line 88 to line 127)

  • please notice that if remove only div=”recent-post” there still side bar on the right side, in case you want to delete to whole block please remove line 87 to line 138.

in case this is too advance please email us, we will customize for you . Best regards

Great theme, I have one issue that I have not been able to figure out yet. I wish to have portfolio pages nested underneath Wordpress “Pages”.

For example, an architect has the following Wordpress “Page”:
Wordpress Page -> /buildings/germany/
Individual Portfolio Page -> /buildings/germany/portfolio-building-1
I am happy to make changes to the source code, but not sure how to do it. Can I create a new WP Page and then assign a template to it or use a shortcode like
<?=get_portfolio_item('portfolio-building-1')?> ?

The client is insisting on SEO -friendly portfolio pages and they love this theme so I have to make it work with Mojitos.

Appreciate your help, thanks.

Love the theme. Is there a way for featured images to never be shown in the portfolio item itself? For example, I want to set a featured image for the main portfolio grid, but I don’t want that image showing up on the full details page once they click on it.




this can be done via, post formats while you are on portfolio editor on the right site there will be 2 post format radio buttons – gallery and standard, in this case choose standard will give what you want. for more details you can refer to theme document section portfolio.



I’ve actually already tried both and the featured image shows in both formats. Perhaps I am doing something wrong when choosing a featured image? I would love to be able to upload an image as the Featured Image, and then NOT show that same image in the portfolio detail view (making it a thumbnail only basically).

Hope that makes sense, thanks for the reply!

Edit: it would be very nice if I could use the Gallery format and still do this. It’s very important to the design. Thanks again!



could you please send us an email, will get some customized file to you ;)


Hi, I also am having problems imposting page-setup.xml. Imports fail.



could you please send us an email with admin access, we will look for you ;)


Hi, it’s me again. I have one more question and I should be good to go. Is there any reason why shortcode doesn’t work in the Site Introduction page? I’m able to add shortcode nearly anywhere, but it just translates it to plain text (i.e. showing “[button]” instead of, well, a button) when I add it to the site intro.

Thanks for the help once again!

Just FYI to anyone, I fixed the previous problem myself by changing

$site_intro_content = get_post($site_intro,ARRAY_A);


$site_intro_content = do_shortcode(get_post($site_intro,ARRAY_A));

in header.php


good to hear that your issue solved, and sorry for the delay reply

Thank you ;)

Hello -

First, thank you so much for this fantastic theme. I purchased recently and am loving it:-). Two questions/issues:

1.) Via ‘theme options/general settings’, I selected ‘Display the site tagline under the site title’. This worked, however, in doing so, it moves the primary navigation bar below the horizontal line and renders the links inoperative. I’ve looked at the css but thought I would ask first before dinking around.

2.) I noticed someone else reporting that the ‘carousel’ option for the homepage slider didn’t seem to work; the ‘slider’ option remained active. I’ve tried to change to ‘carousel’ as well and see no difference. I see no option under templates for the page other than ‘Homepage with Slider’. Is there another step to take to activate the ‘carousel’ function?

I am using version 1.3 of the theme.


This is Magicmarker3927 again…

Well, dummy me. I work daily using Google Chrome v. 18. The issue above regarding the tagline is a problem with this browser, but only on the ‘pages’; the homepage works fine (larger header). I didn’t think, until now, to check in other browsers. In Firefox V. 12, the tag line and primary nav bar display and work fine. Same for IE 9 , however, Safari 5 has the same problem as Chrome as described in my previous comment.

Any thoughts/suggestions as to how to display the tagline in these browsers so as not to compromise the nav bar links and force them below the white horizontal line?

Thanks much Mark

This is Magicmarker3927 again…regarding the issue of my tag line not displaying properly on page and posts, is it possible to call the same page that the home page uses, i.e., ‘siteintroduction’ so as to make the header area larger and would this cure the problem?



sorry, as it hard to clearify the problem, could you please send us site url, as we might need inspect the element then can address the issue.

and regarding to casourel, you need to change in page template to activate the casourel(3 or 4 col) , then in theme option is use for configure their animation or which portfolio tag will be use

regards, :)

Thanks much for the response. Here is my site url:


Again, with the tagline (secondary heading) active, the homepage is fine. It is the other pages/posts that are effected.


we have looked at the site, look like css overlapping. could you please send us your header.php we will fix for you :)


K, TY for looking.

I don’t think it is a header/css issue. I say this because other browsers, IE9 and Firefox 12 render the header just fine with the tagline displayed. It is Chrome and Safari that have the issue.

I can send you my existing header file, however, I just uploaded a fresh original copy from the download zip file received after purchasing, and the issue remains. The only difference, at least that I could tell, is the one that was up there has Google Analytics code just before the closing ’/head’ statement.

Can you check for browser compatibility with your theme, particularly with Chrome? If it comes to it, where should I send the header file? I requested an email be sent when these posts were answered, and have not received any. TY


can you please send us screen shot , as we might miss understood since what we saw is every browser cause the same and solution is have to fix the header.php


I’ll be happy to send you the header file. How? I do not see a method to do so here.

Since we are talking about the default header.php file that comes with your theme, can you edit as necessary and send to me? My email: mark@integrityitandwebservices.info

We have send you an email :)