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nnet Purchased

Hi guys,

Im going to go ahead and purchase with the assumption that woo commerce will be compatible very soon – Its been a while waiting for the update :)

Looking forward to using this great looking theme. Cheers, Sam


Hi, thank you for your purchase. Will keep you posted. Thanks.


Is there a home page option and a blog option? So I’m asking: will the home page be one way and once you click a post will the blog be set up a different way? Or is it one or the other?

Because I see that Home Page 5 is a mix of the two set ups.


Hi, the homepages ade created with the page composer feature. So you can mix different elements in the page and find the best solution for you. Thank you for your comment.

Hello, thanks you for this template, it’s great, besides one little problem: When I insert the “continue reading” function in my texts and save it, it doesn’t appear on my website at all or not where I want to have it. Greetings, Katharina


Please ask technical questions on our support forum http://support.favethemes.com/.

Hi, love the the theme, however, I can’t seem to get the homepage to scroll after setup. Do you know the reason for this?


hi, contact on support forum with website link. http://support.favethemes.com/

Hello. Any update on when the theme will be released with Woocommerce support? Thanks.


Hi, actuallly we are planning to develop Mokka for woo commerce compatibility. Thank you


Yes. You stated over a month ago that you were adding woo commerce support. Any idea when it will be available? Thanks.

Delfins Purchased

I’m trying to understand how to succeed in add left and right margin to the main container. I explain you: this is my website: http://alnayr.guidoarata.com/

I would like to format the page this way: http://www.lapinella.com/

As you can see there is a grey left/right margin! How can I reproduce this?


Hi, You have customize little bit, if you have knowledge about CSS, HTML you can do it otherwise you have to hire someone to customize it for you :)

vwulanda Purchased

Hi, I just purchased the Mokka theme and found out that the small logo on the Top Menu (at top-left) is pointing to WordPress URL instead of Site URL, e.g. homepage.com/wp instead of homepage.com. How do I fix that?

please ask on our support forum with website link.
thanks :)

I bought this template two days ago and I saw your “instructions” and guess what? the site changed I can’t find the purchase code anymore. Yet, I still need help with the same problem the person above mentioned. I don’t find a way to change my submenu items, I want to have them showing images. like previews.

Hope to hear from you. Don’t send the your computer-like message”

“Please ask technical questions on support forum http://support.favethemes.com/

I can’t find the code, what I ought to do now?


you can contact with me at waqas@favethemes.com :)

Hi! it is a really nice theme! I bought it as part of the Envato summer bundled. I installed, installed the content demo but I am not able to find the Revolution Slider anywhere to activate in the backend so I checked the folder …\includes\plugins and there are only 3 other plugins included:

bootstrap-shortcodes contact-form-7 zilla-likes

I do not see any Revolustion slider or any other slider plugin

My questions is does it come with Revolution Slider Plugin or any sliders

If yes, then how do i download it? or where do I find it…

Please advise and thanks….



Hi, There is no Revolution Slider for Mokka, you can add Flex Slider and IOS Slider using page composer

I would like to make images bigger in blog post format 3 ….In your demo the feat image is large but we cant make the images in the actual post that size I would like to tho. The images in the post are only as big as the text I would like the ability to make them larger if I have to give a specific size the same says as the feat images in the blog 3 demo in the link above.


hi, ask technical question on our support forum http://support.favethemes.com/


Yea i did over 5 days ago and got no answer.

Also where the logo is there is a second title under the logo at t he top of the site. I would like to change the size of just that text may I have the code line in css?

Hi, I bought this theme and would like to add an e-commerce plugin. Could you please let me know which one are compatible with it ? woocommerce ? wordpress ecommerce ? Wpshop ? Thanks in advance


Hi, we are planning to develop Mokka for woo commerce compatibility. Thank you

Hi there, I buy your amaizing theme in “The Envato Market Bundle is on for 1 Week!” some monts ago. So, how daes it work updates about it? Thanks!


Hi, please contact us by email. Thanks.

Hi, the column shortcode is not responsive. It is a problem because the view on mobile is looking bad.


Hi, can you post on our support forum providing the link of your website page with this issue? Thank you.


Hi, i fixed the issue with an external plugin. The issue is visible on your demo too. http://themeforest.net/item/mokka-minimal-elegant-wordpress-blog/full_screen_preview/8047638


I have two issues with the theme:

1) i am disabling the top menu and using only the main one. However, it makes the “mobile menu” to disappear as well!!!! Can you please advice how can that be fixeD?

2) in posts even if you disable comments etc it still shows under the slider 0 messages. how can i make this disappear as well?

thank you


please ask technical questions on our support forum http://support.favethemes.com/

For the Mokka Image Banner Widgets: It would be nice to have the option for it to NOT open in a a new window tab on click. This is not useful for internal advertising on a site. Thanks


Hi, thank you for your suggestion. We’ll add in future updates. Thank you.

Hello. Any update on Woocommerce? Thanks.

Pre-Sales Question: Is this theme compatible with WooCommerce? Does this theme work with BBPress {forum}? Thank you.


Hi. we are working on Woo-commerce and BBPress compatibility, Hopefully will be ready in start on new year. It planned earlier but we are little behind deadline :)

Hi guys,

I’ve just purchased your theme, and being a complete newbie to wordpress was wondering how to go about editing the theme so it looks like your screenshot 5?

Basically the blog post slider at the top under the header, a narrower page width and the blog categories underneath.

Is it also possible to get rid of the second menu bar completely?

And lastly, is it possible to edit the amount of category posts you have showing on the main page? I want to have thumbnails of all my recent posts on my homepage alongside advertising space on the right hand sidebar. Is this possible? Thanks for your help!


please register on our support forum. Our technical expert will help you

About the post views… How does that work? Can I change the number of views a post have? thanks n happyxmas