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I would love to use this theme, but not for a blog site. Is it possible to show featured “pages” on the homepage? Or should I prepare everything like a blog post, but remove all the blog type design elements, like date and time, archives, categories, etc?

Better is to prepare everything like a blog post. For show featured pages on homepage you have to customise little bit

Hi there, Got this theme part of a bundle a while back. It’s great for my wife’s blog but she’s having problem with the instagram widget. I understand that you don’t provide full support on bundle purchases but could you just tell me where I would need to update the mokka-instagram.php file to get it working again. Thanks!

contact us via email we will send you latest theme version

hello, please how do I move the grid slider into the same container as the latest post. In such a way that the sidebars start from the top, as against starting from the side of the latest posts?

I also need to put a 728×90 Ad on the header (right side of the logo)

please contact on our support forum.

ok. done

Hi, I bought the theme and i’m very satisfied, you’ve done a great job. However, i cannot save changes in the “Mokka Options” today…Could you please help with this? Thanks

please contact on our support forum with admin login and website url.

... waiting for response from support…

vacation? at least say so so I could have bought a supported theme.

You posted on Sunday. Sunday is holiday after that we take 24 hours for response if we have lot of topics on monday. You will get response in few minutes for sure

Great. So sorry. I didn’t realize it was Sunday. Been working non stop over here. Sorry to be disrespectful or insensitive to the team’s normal work schedule.

My apologies.


it’s ok :)

hello anybody home?

Nice theme, !!! non responsive support. ( hard to recommend the theme house that way )

I can not find the setting for the roll over text color in the mega menu drop down.

Please advise.

Sorry for delay, i have assigned your topic to support guy

great thanks

Few years ago I bought a bundle “The Envato Market Bundle is on for 1 Week!” , with Mokka at Envato. recently I have started a new blog and download my bundle again, but I found that the file inside is only version 1.3.8, which I find that Mokka is already come to version V1.6. I would like to have the most update version and see if the bug still exist. Unfortunately I can’t download the latest vesrion at your envato. Please tell me how can I fix it. Many thanks.

Hi, please contact us by email here http://themeforest.net/user/favethemes thanks

hello dear autor , i would like to purchase this theme however i have a question regarding an example. i would like to modify the page like this example. is this possible ? how ? http://lotusmodels.net/

Your reference link also using Mokka with Visual Composer, If you use Visual Composer you can do 100% same as example website without any change

thank you very much dear Author . i will try that

welcome :)

I am loving this theme. But for my homepage - the images at the top - is it possible to have no text on them?

Use this css code .post-banner-content { display: none; }

One more issue. When I enter my site identity (site title) it doesn’t change to what I wrote. It always just says MOKKA. How do I fix this?

Please contact on our support forum with website link and admin login

Hi I’m looking for a handy theme, and this one looks ideal. But I would like to ask:

- Is there an option for a (preferrably sticky) go-to-top button on the homepage? - Can there be a background image in a quote post? - Can I add the widget/section of featured categories or most-liked posts at the top (instead of at the bottom), just under the slider? - Can I add an instagram feed at the bottom instead?

Thanks much!

1. There is no go to top button but we can add it for you.
2. No, you have to make little customisation to add it.
3. This also need little customisation.
4. You can add Instagram feed in footer.

When I enter my site identity (site title) it doesn’t change to what I wrote. It always just says MOKKA. How do I fix this?

replied you on support forum

Hello, I have some problems with the template. The instagram widget is not working and also there is some things i canĀ“t change

Please install latest Mokka version

Pre-purchase question: Has Woo Commerce been integrated into the website yet? I want to add a shop. If you could let me know ASAP that would be great :) Thanks! Josh

It is possible with Woocommerce, you just have to adjust some CSS.

Ok great! We will be in touch when it gets to that stage then for some assistance. Appreciate the quick replies!

you are welcome :)


adalyno Purchased

Hi there,

Recently bought the theme and I enjoy the clean look. I was wondering if there was a way to disable the main color option from the MOKKA Options menu on the dashboard. It overwrites some of my CSS.


Hi, Put your CSS in theme options then it will not overwrite or contact with our team on our support forum with website link and login , they will help to disable it