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Will this Theme work on Word Press.org? Kindly advise

yeah, it will

Hello, I’m tempted in buying this theme but first I would like to know if it would be possible to have 2 sliders side by side on the homepage?


Hi, What you mean 2 sliders side by side ? Can you send me example or screenshot at waqas@favethemes.com ?



Excellent theme favethemes, i will definitely buy this!!! I got a question though, since I got two website’s http://www.wealthgenerals.com and http://wallstreetgenerators.com to wordpress do I have two buy the template twice? Just curious, thanks.

yeah you have to buy twice, this is Envato policy.

Hello, thx for the amazing theme I need some help. I have an issue for some reason when I click the next page (or pagination on the home page) like when I “page 2” to show the next page it doesnt work.

See website here www.toomuchfancy.com

(at the bottom click page 2)


please contact on our support forum

Hello, I have a couple of questions.

1. Is it possible to have latest posts as a grid?

2. I have three different authors, is it possible to have different pages for each of the authors in the menu bar?

Thank you :)

please contact on support forum for support

Hello, I have by mokka theme but i can’t found the tutorial for help me. I have a wicker help but in java script, I can’t read it, no wicker with internet link. Yours sincerely

did you read documentation which was included in theme-forest download pack ?

No really, i find nothing, my mokka theme work to wordpress, but, i would like to have something to explain me how can i do for make “grid 3” or Masonry ect… Sorry to bother you but i’m really lost!

strange, here you can read online articles http://support.favethemes.com/section/mokka/
If you face any trouble please contact on our support forum.

Is it possible to widen the post area and photos? I’d like them to be as wide as featured picture.

Hi, Please contact on our support forum, our technical expert will help.

Thank you very much for creating this beautiful theme! I was wondering what the best way is to contact you. I’d like to have some small changes, but I didn’t find it in your instructions. I left a comment on your forum as well. Thanks a lot again!

Hi, it is weekend that why there will be little delay in response on support forum

Thanks a lot!

quick question: can the “last comments” section be changed to facebook comments and use a FB comments tools like Facebook plugin?

Yeah it is possible, you can use facebook plugin

hello, just bought the theme, looks nice.

One question – I cannot share the posts with default thumbnails for Facebook share, seems like it uses random pictures from the web-site for that. Is there a solution for that?

may I ask another one? I don’t see video posts showing up correctly in both Homepage Slider and Featured posts. Is it just me?

cannot understand what issue are you facing, please contact on support forum with website url and admin login

I am having issues uploading my theme to wordpress.org. I am getting a lot of errors and I am not sure how to fix them. Sample Error

Results of Automated Theme Scanning: Fail

RECOMMENDED: Text domain problems in field_groups.php. You have not included a text domain! Line 147: ‘title’ => __(‘Title’),

RECOMMENDED: Text domain problems in field_group.php. You have not included a text domain! Line 727: ‘publish’ => __( ‘Publish’ ), Line 728: ‘pending’ => __( ‘Pending Review’ ), Line 729: ‘draft’ => __( ‘Draft’ ), Line 730: ‘future’ => __( ‘Future’ ), Line 731: ‘private’ => __( ‘Private’ ), Line 732: ‘inherit’ => __( ‘Revision’ ), Line 733: ‘trash’ => __( ‘Trash’ ) Line 746: $choices[‘super_admin’] = __(‘Super Admin’);

RECOMMENDED: Text domain problems in dummy.php. You have not included a text domain! Line 19: $this->label = __(‘Dummy’);

WARNING: The theme uses the add_shortcode() function. Custom post-content shortcodes are plugin-territory functionality. WARNING: Found base64_encode in the file class.options_machine.php. base64_encode() is not allowed.

Line 1124: $output .= ’<textarea id=’export_data’ rows=’8’>’.base64_encode(serialize($smof_data)) /* 100% safe – ignore theme check nag

please contact on our support forum, our technical expert will help you to solve this issue

Hmmm still no sign of the Woocommerce integration that you said you would add to an update months ago.


I bought this theme, and I want to use the layout “new homepage 7”, but I cant choose this in my admin, I just can choose the default layout. I cant configure the slideshow too. Can you help me, please ?

Did you use Page Composer ? Also please contact on our support forum with website url and admin login

How do I update the theme on my wordpress account? Do i have to delete and redownload again or is it an automatic update?