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I would like to know if is it possibile to create different album inside the gallery. Thank you


Hello, what are the options on this theme for mobile devices?


Sorry there are not many options for mobile devices at the moment


hmm that’s too bad.. we really like the theme but that is kind of a killer in today’s market. Thanks

Hi Dave,

Do you know if this will work with WP3.8?

Any plans to make this responsive?


I believe the demo is 3.8 so should be fine. Responsive is def planned. No idea when I’ll have the time but check back here every few weeks for an update. Cheers, dtbaker

kenzeyo Purchased

I have put a support request in over a week ago and have had no response! Annoyed!!!! Ticket no: 005955

kenzeyo Purchased

I have put a support request in over a week ago and have had no response! Annoyed!!!! Ticket no: 005955

Any plan for WooCommerce?


It should work with Woo

mezzee Purchased

Hi, could you please help with the slider, contacted via support 2 weeks ago and have had no response. The slider is good on the home page but due to the small headers on other pages its half on the header half on the page. How do I remove it from all pages except home?

Hi, I can’t figure out how to change the logo. It doesn’t work when I upload it in the logo section. Help!


Please try clearing the browser cache (or shift + refresh) to see if the updated logo appears.

Hello, I just purchased this great theme and I am so glad. I would like to kknow if is possible to sell e-books or infoproducts?


Yes with WooCommerce you can sell digital products.


I have some doubts. I´ve done a lot of modifications in my theme, how do I do disable the automatical update. If the theme update I will lose my customizations?


There is no automated update. You have to click an update button. If you do not with to update please do not click the theme update button.

Sorry I forgot to ask you, is there some xml file with the posts of demo version?


There should be a file called wp_default_content.xml in the download file. If you cannot find it then it’s located here: http://tf.dtbaker.net/wordpress/mummy_blog/wp_default_content.xml (right click – save as )

Hello, I am setting the theme and when I click on author name, it shows a weird title. It´s untidy: http://oi59.tinypic.com/aaufa.jpg.

That is ocorring with other pages. How do I fix that?


Sorry but I have other issue: I installed BuddyPress and BBPress on my theme. I would like to know how I can leave every sidebar on the left. Because when I create a new topic, the sidebar is on the right. Thanks.

I need help, when will you answer me? I can´t do include any pagination plugin on theme. How do I to fix that?

“Responsive is def planned. No idea when I’ll have the time but check back here every few weeks for an update.” Any news about that? :)

This is the worst support. Never answer me!!!! WHEREEEEE I CAN ADD A FAVICON ?? Should someone help me ??


Please go to plugins and add a free WordPress favicon plugin. Or google for “how to add a favicon to WordPress”


That is a basic function in a theme, but it is ok. I am gonna do this.

Hey I have bought the theme. Trying to set up the dummy content just like the demo website. But gives some error can you help me with the dummy content setup.

lumicon Purchased

hi, looks really great all together!:) ..is there the possibility to import sample content? thank you!

I’m brazilian and my english isn’t so good.. sorry.

I have a doubt. Can I use categories at shop? I only see some products, but it isn’t organized with categories.

I would like to buy this theme but I need that organization.


How do I remove the words Category Archives from the category pages? http://mommypins.com/category/pinterest/toddler-hair

I would like to remove that from every category page

People, sorry, my english it’s not so good.. I’m brazilian, but i’ll try the better of me to explain.

I bought this theme and it was developed with jigoshop. But, in its explain says the i can put another e-commerce plugin. See:

“You are welcome to disable Jigoshop and use this theme as a standalone blog, or replace Jigoshop with your WordPress e-commerce plugin of choice.”

I removed the jigoshop plugin and installed the woocomerce, and firstly it’s ok.. i can even add products.. but i can’t access the configuration!! When I’m trying to access the woocomerce configuration, i receive a page to instal/activate the jigoshop.

I need so much to use de woocomerce plugin!

Someone can help me?

Thanks.. and sorry for the bad english!

Hey, its’m me again..

I would like to know when this theme will be actualized, because it is incompatible with the current version of wordpress and jigoshop and it is hard do fix the bugs because of that.

I bought this theme recently, but i’ve being with a lot of troubles without this upgrade..