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t0ma Purchased

Is there an option to remove feautured image in single post?

Open “Momo/content.php”, lines #64, #65 and #66. These lines should read:
<figure class="k-relative">
    <?php the_post_thumbnail( 'large' ); ?>
...delete them and save “content.php”.

t0ma Purchased

This will remove images from all posts, not in single post, but ok. I’ll try so. Can i change on category page, page numbers? ( from this http://prntscr.com/8prod5 to normal 1 2 3 - 86 87 88)

No, if you remove lines #64, #65 and #66 from “Momo/content.php”, featured image will be gone from post single page only, I just have checked once again.

As for the pagination… Check out here first and then open “Momo/inc/helper_functions.php”, function “k_pagination()” and arguments passed to paginate_links(). The lines you should be checking are between #128 and #142.
Hope it helps!


arumenn Purchased

Bought it, love it. Some questions tho :

- How can I disable the zoom-in effect on image mouse-over? - Is there a way I can use the category colors for other html elements, for example h2 or blockquote?

1) in order to disable hover effect on images open “style.css”, call out (cancel) styles on the lines #88, #89 and #90. Like so:
figure a img { -webkit-transition: all 0.15s ease-in-out 0s; -moz-transition: all 0.15s ease-in-out 0s; -o-transition: all 0.15s ease-in-out 0s; transition: all 0.15s ease-in-out 0s; }
figure a img:hover { -ms-transform: scale(1.3, 1.3) translateZ(0); -webkit-transform: scale(1.3, 1.3) translateZ(0); transform: scale(1.3, 1.3) translateZ(0); }
figure a img:focus { -ms-transform: scale(1, 1); -webkit-transform: scale(1, 1); transform: scale(1, 1); }

2) if you open “style.php” (it’s a dynamic stylesheet file), lines #80 – #97 you gonna see the logic behind categories coloring. It has been achieved by assigning category slug to an element prefix class. So, basically, what you should do is to assign new class to an element of your choice (yes, you’ll have to edit theme templates – wherever that very element is supposed to be shown) plus category slug.
For instance, if you want to change the color of post title on post single page, open “content.php”, line #79 and do something like :
<h1 class="k-article-title single-post-title-<?php $category = get_the_category(); echo esc_attr( $category[ 0 ]->slug ); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></h1>

Now, back to “style.php” file, your title should be styleable via new class:
echo '.single-post-title-' . $category->slug . ' { color: ' . $cat_color . '; }';
Hope it makes sense!

arumenn Purchased

It does makes sense, and works! Thanks But what about html elements inside the article’s content? My workaround so far is to use jQuery but it would be best if done on server-side.
jQuery('blockquote').addClass('blockquote-'+jQuery('#k-bottom-bar').attr('class').replace('container cat-', ''));

The elements inside article’s content can be styled up by following my mini-guide on that subject. Trust me, there’s no other way. jQuery could help, however, things should be fully dynamic and jQuery can’t do it.


Thanks for the MOMO theme. Quick question. I’m trying to get a 2 column text block under the main image on our blog:


I’m using the Home Pages builder but don’t see any shortcode options to achieve this. Can you help?

Thanks, Eric

Home Page builder is used for home pages only, if you need two columns layout use shortcodes for that purpose! It will let you create columns and rows at will.

Thanks. But I’m not looking for a two column page layout. I want to have a text block on the homepage under the main hero image. I just want it to be in a two column grid. Make sense?

You can’t because Home Page can be composed out of shortcodes only and there’s no text block shortcode. All of home page shortcodes are either news or media (photo, video) related.

Hi Feeleep. Is WP 4.4 supported? Can I update?

Yes you do!

Hi, I would like to use your theme for my blog, but I am struggling to get it working correctly.

1) Do you do an install service, if so please quote me? 2) We want it to look exactly like the template in the layout, but obviously customise the background image and the menus etc etc,, If you can set it up I can do the menus and image, but i need help installing mulitlingual WPML (which I already purchased) and getting support with the weibo and chinese social media on there.

Please contact me asap.


Did you follow theme manuals and the installation procedure described in chapter one? I can’t see any content at your web site so I suppose you didn’t try to import demo content. It’s always good idea to do that in order to figure out how things work. As for WPML and Chinese social media, these are the plugins and if having any issues wit it please contact plugin authors. I don’t offer install service, you could go to Envato Studio and hire someone to do that for you.

Hi, yes I have imported all the demo content and followed all the instructions, but absolutely nothing shows up.. very strange. Anything you can do?

I could take a look but will need an access to WP admin. Feel free to create one then send credentials via PM. Please include brief description of a problem so I don’t get lost. Thanks!

Hi, I just cannot get these theme demo to work properly… http://news.pyromusic.cn I have tried many times, one main problem im getting is that the custom permalinks don’t work.. but even with them turned to normal id numbers, the theme just doesn’t load properly.

Flush permalinks! Go to Settings > Permalinks and hit “save changes” button which should refresh it, that’s all. I guess it has been mentioned in manuals…

How can I make to show all posts from a category? Today, this is set to ten posts by category before pagination.

Go to Dashboard, Settings > Reading :: Blog pages show at most NN posts
...where NN is the number of posts per category page.

Thanks. It works!

How can i set the News Slider to auto play?

It should be working as auto-play but I see it actually doesn’t.
Try to open “Momo/admin/shortcode_generator/momo_shortcodes_engine.php” for edit and go to line #604. That very line reads by default:

<div id="k-make-carousel-<?php echo $carousel_wrapper_id; ?>" class="carousel carousel-news slide"><!-- wrapper -->
Append new data attribute (data-ride):

<div id="k-make-carousel-<?php echo $carousel_wrapper_id; ?>" class="carousel carousel-news slide" data-ride="carousel"><!-- wrapper -->
Save the file on the server.
Hopefully it’ll make it auto slide!

Great! Thanks man.

How to list all posts from some category and show this in some page?

You’ll have to create new menu item. Go to Appearance > Menus first then pay your attention to menu panels on left. Expand “Categories”, tick the category from the list and hit “Add to Menu” button. Here’s a screenshot: http://awesomescreenshot.com/08a5sjk7ec

Category has its own template, why do you need to list certain category posts on the page? No matter what, it can be done by using custom templates. Use Google to search for Wordpress custom templates and you’ll find out everything you need too know about. Good luck!