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I appreciate your response to all my questions but your documentation should have already provided the answers to these questions. Your documentation should provide a step-by-step, not just focus on features, and if you’re not going to do this, there should be a support forum. The the theme should also include content which would make it a heck of a lot easier to set things up. Thankfully I have some experience with WP and am capable of getting my hands dirty in the code but there is no way a new user would be able to resolve some of the same issues I’ve had to dig for.

I realize this is an older theme but as long as it’s being sold here on ThemeForest, the documentation should be clearer or you should still provide a support forum.

The News Problem appears to be because the theme keeps loosing the “Featured Image” settings box. If I switch themes, I see the Featured Image, when I switch back to Mondeo, it’s gone. Why is it doing this and how do I fix this?

These questions are still unanswered…

1) On my Portfolio list page, I know how to change the maximum display of 64 to whatever I want but if I have it set to display 10 images at a time and I have 50 images or so, the next button appears, but when I click the next button it does not go to the next portfolio page it goes to the 404 page.

2) The Featured Image Settings box keeps appearing and dissappearing. Even with all plugins are deactivated.

3) News page – If I do not want to include an image, how do prevent the blank image from showing (featured image)? Some News posts have have images, others may not. Is there a template file I need to edit to do this or shouldn’t it have the smarts to do it whether you’ve decided to include an image or not?

4) Header – I know that I can remove the social icons by not including the URLs in the Mondeo setup but is there any way to add either a text box or image in that space when using Layout 1? I know you don’t do any custimizations, I’m asking which file I would need to edit to do this.

5) Lastly, since this theme is a little old, although updated, if at some point you remove it from ThemeForest and you no longer have a support forum for it, where will the original demo theme be kept? I ask this because you do not include the demo content as part of the theme download so if at some point you take down the theme and I need to see the features again to see how to set everything up, I would like to be able to view the original demo theme.

Hopefully these are the last of the questions :)

I know the theme is old, I didn’t notice the date untl after I purchased it but that’s still ok, it’s a beautiful theme and works great for what I need it to, there are just a few minor issues I’m trying to resolve and would appreciate your assitance with. I have the site now live but I can not post the URL to a public forum. If you would kindly let me know an email address I can use or if you would email me directly, I would gladly let you see the live site so I can find workarounds for the issues listed above. I’m sorry if this is taking too much of your time, normally, themes suppliers provide forums for this type of thing.

Please send me a message from my profile page contact form with your wp login information and I’ll get you fixed up, but now it’s weekend, we will reply you in next week.

I sent you 2 emails on 04/03 with the login info and haven’t heard anything back. Do you have any ideas on how to resolve these last remaining issues listed above and detailed in my email?

I have a couple of questions:

First – will you be including a Pinterest icon anytime? secondly – I notice someone asked about skin 4 ad how to create it. I understand that you go to Appearance – Mondeo – homepage to create it, but I was hoping you could develop on that a little as I have created my whole site, minus the homepage as I cannot figure it out. thirdly – On my contact page I see there is a contact sidebar which states that it needs a widget. When in widgets I can’t see anything that goes there. Ideally I would like the contact page to only have one column and no side bar, is there a way to do this? Thanks

1). We have no plan to add the Pinterest icon.

2). If you mean the layout of the homepage, you can find all the code in the package => custom_content_template

3). No, it does’t support the one column.

Thank you


I am completing my homepage with skin4. All looks well, but I notice that in the demo the three pictures are smaller than the ones I have. How can I decrease the size of mine so that they fit on the page correctly. Thank you

Sorry, I don’t find the different place.

Can I email you a picture so you can see?

Please email me using my profile contact form.

Hello, Im having a problem to set the the quantity of portfolio items in portfolio list. Although I change it in Mondeo settings, it only shows 10 items and I want to show 12 or more. Can you help me with that?

Go to dashboard => settings => reading => Blog pages show at most => set it as “-1”.

It works! . I changed it, to the amount of blogs post I wanted. thanks a lot..

Hi- I’m providing support to a client for this theme where their intranet site loads properly, but when trying to access the admin panel, it throws the following error in the web server logs:

Call to undefined function login_header() in /var/www/html/al/wp-login.php on line 673

When I switch the theme manually in the database, it works fine. Only happens when I have Mondeo as the default theme. Can you please advise?

Sorry, please using the current user which has purchased our theme to ask question here.

In which file can i find the ? I opened the header.php but is not there. could you help me?

in: includes/inc.helpers/help.sitetitle.php

ok thank you very much. one more thing. how can i add alt and title to my “sized_images” in the homepage?

You can only add “alt”. See the shortcode options: http://mondeo.themedownloaded.com/images/

Hi HawkTheme,

Love the Mondeo theme and has worked great until a few weeks ago, I have been getting this error at the top of all my pages:

Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/content/34/9653634/html/wp-content/themes/mondeo/framework/plugins/post-types-order/post-types-order.php on line 173 and defined in /home/content/34/9653634/html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 992 Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/content/34/9653634/html/wp-content/themes/mondeo/framework/plugins/post-types-order/post-types-order.php on line 251 and defined in /home/content/34/9653634/html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 992

You can view the website here: www.bodylinespdr.com/before-after. The rest of the website seems to be functioning fine.

All themes and wordpress versions are up to date.

Thank you for any support you may be able to offer.


Please update the theme to the latest version.

I purchased this theme a few years ago.. I’m on 2.0.6, would it be safe to update wordpress to 3.8.1?


Will there be any further updates to this theme or is that it?

After I create a Gallery in my page then click on an image, I am getting the error ”Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.” plz i need help


I am still waiting for the answer ….?

Please choose the media link to “File”.

from where??

Safe to upgrade wordpress 3.9 ?


I purchased this theme last year and I didn’t use it until now. I now have an issue with sliders (I ‘m using xampp 2.5 / Windows 8.1)

Basically sliders aren’t showing up & I get a red message in home page saying:

“You do not have any sliders to display.”

I checked server requirements…I believe I’m OK, I’m running PHP Version 5.3.8, GD settings are as following:

GD Support     enabled
GD Version     bundled (2.0.34 compatible)
FreeType Support     enabled
FreeType Linkage     with freetype
FreeType Version     2.4.3
GIF Read Support     enabled
GIF Create Support     enabled
JPEG Support     enabled
libJPEG Version     6b
PNG Support     enabled
libPNG Version     1.2.46
WBMP Support     enabled
XBM Support     enabled

Any help on how to fix this?


Hello, I’ve recently upgraded to wp 3.9.1 and noticed a glitch with the theme just today. When I want to edit a page, both the visual and text view don’t show anything; neither the editing tools nor the content of the page. Is this a compatibility issue? Is there an updated version of the theme or a way to solve this problem please?

Can you help please? Thanks.


neruda Purchased

Hi, I just emailed you to ask if you had any plans on making this theme compatible with the newer versions of Wordpress? I realize it’s an older theme but I really like it and don’t want to have to redo my whole site just to close the security holes associated with the out of date WordPress version.


mnzhc Purchased

Hi! What about responsive? some way to get it or i have to change theme? I did great work with this theme, i dont want to lose it!

thank you