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wow awesome!

Thank you!

Very nice, but only one question: Supports this template video (swf, external video…)?

Hi there! I’ll add in video support and update. Not sure if it will be this week or next. I’ll let you know.


Should be uploaded to ThemeForest in the next day or two.

Ok, thank you, and I repeat, very nice template…

Can i use this in Wordpress? I like the theme very much <3

WP is in development but it won’t be for another month or two!

Very impressive, this is fresh! :-)

Thank you! You’re works are impressive as well. :)

Great template, thank you very much! Just a quick question to see whether I could link to vimeo videos on the recent work section instead of having it image based?!

Many thanks, Dan

Hi Dan,

You are welcome! In response to your question: I need to post an updated file because slimbox does not support video, I gave videobox a try yesterday but there was conflict between the js files. I hope to post an update before next Friday.

Thanks for the speedy response. That’s great news, Look forward to the update!

...one more quick thing (if you have the time) Is there anyway to bring the thinner borders underneath each page title closer to the text inbetween, so there is less of a top margin and bottom margin, the lines about and below text such as:

“Highlight your areas of expertise. Nam condimentum mauris pellent esque nisi blandit. Erat volutpat aliquam id nisi ultrices risus.”

would it be in the css file?

Thanks again, Dan

Hi Dan,

Yes—look in the styles.css file and modify both the top and bottom padding for H2. Let me know if that works.

will you make a wordpress edition of it?

I’m not quite sure just yet. As soon as I have a better idea I will let you know.

any news? i would love to purchase it if it was a wp theme

Hi Lamine,

WP won’t be released for at least a month maybe more.

Nice template! Is there a way to make the circle badge on welcome screen fade in like the menu does using opacity?

There is but it wouldn’t be in the same way since the main menu fades in based on scroll position. This seems to work:

<script> function Badge(){var fade=0,badge=document.getElementById(“badge”).style,ms=(badge.opacity==0)?0:1,pace=setInterval(Fade,20);function Fade(){if(fade<100){fade+=1;if(ms)badge.filter=”alpha(opacity=”fade“)”;else badge.opacity=(fade/100)}else clearInterval(pace)}}; window.onload=Badge; </script>

Place it above the </head> tag. I am not sure if it is the best solution and I have not checked it for cross browser compatibility

Thanks Yok! I tried and it did not work. I sent you a email/pm with details. Any ideas? It would be a cool function and play well with the template.

I will take a look this weekend. It worked on my end but I only tested it in firefox.

Is there a fix for this to work on my iPad?

- J

Thanks so much for the update yok!

We have an update for the mobile version?

Thanks :)

Shoot me an email digital: info@ yoktemplates.com

Going to use this template to display results from a 14 week study of Flickr the Commons. A much more creative way to display data, beats an academic paper anytime :)

Great piece of work, very happy with this template. Can’t wait to see the fix for the iPad!

So glad to hear that! I will let you know when iPad update is posted!


Just wanted to let you know the ipad fix is finished and the updated files are going up for review this evening.

perfect! Thank you very very much!

beautiful… simply… beautiful… I might be purchasing this one in a bit.

Thank you!

So I get that this doesn’t work with Wordpress. What would you reccomend instead?


Hi there!

Can you maybe be a little more specific?

What I meant is what script (Joomla etc.) would you recommend in stead of Wordpress? Failing that and if I am unable to use it, how should I go about getting reimbursed for the purchase?

Many thanks

I am unfamiliar with anything other than WordPress. As for the refund, the wiki reads:

“please contact support and tell them which file you purchased and exactly what the problem has been with the item.”

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

How we looking on that update for video? ;)

Looks like I’ll load it by Thursday night or before. Approval process for themeforest is relatively fast. I’ll post here once it’s approved.



Should be uploaded to ThemeForest in the next day or two.

Is it possible to add more projects than in preview? Or there is only fixed 12 number of project?

The portfolio section uses unordered lists and each unordered list is a row. So, you should be able to add as many portfolio items as you like!

Thanks for the video update! :)

How can I use this code:

<iframe src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/37324523?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0&color=ffffff” width=”425” height=”239” frameborder=”0” webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>



To show my videos from Vimeo in the lightbox? – any ideas? Thanks again!!!

Nice!!!! Thank you for sharing! I love the modifications. May I include your link on the item description page?

Only just seen this comment! Of course you can. Ps. Haven’t got round to changing the colour scheme for the last page yet, been mental busy! – will do as soon as I get a spare minute! Ps. Did you do an update for mobile? Dan

Hey Dan,

Thanks! Tablet update is still in progress – that will come before smart phone update. I’ll post here when the update is uploaded.

Question: How can I extend the height of the “inside” blue box? It seems to cut off longer text or photos and so far haven’t found a way to resolve this. Thanks a lot!

Hi there,

What do you mean by “cut off” can you send a screen shot to my email?

Can you zip up your entire site and email it to me? I can’t look at it until tomorrow but I would be happy to see if I can figure out why it’s doing that.

Hi there,

Love this web template and I’m working to update it.

This has probably been asked before (sorry if so) but it doesn’t seem to have firefox support? In Firefox, when I move from index to the other pages, the 1st bg image still partially shows on the other pages.

Is there a fix for that?

Seems to work fine in Safari and Chrome. Haven’t tested with IE.

Thanks, Myles

Hi Myles,

Can you send screenshots to my email address?

Will do – whats the email address?

Hi there,

I can add more pages?


Can you be a little more specific?