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yes, now there are these 5 pages: home, abouts, portfolio, skills, contact

I want to add other pages for exemple: my photo, my hobbies.

You can add other pages quite easily. Since it’s a one page template, you would just add another div wherever you would like (after the contact page, after the portfolio page, etc) and then add another icon into the list of icons at the top. With a few modifications to the CSS you should be good to go. If you purchase it I can add a few more comments to the files and send them back.

Hey yokTemplates,

First of all – LOVE it ! Its a so nice template – i will buy it for sure soon!

2 questions – its not for wordpress right? Its gonna have to get uploaded and customized via css right?

And is it possible to add text in the menu instead of the symbols that is in the demo site?

Regards Malthe

Hello, def think this is a pretty cool site!! I know people have asked but will wordpress be coming out anytime soon? :o

Please let me know! I want to try somting soon!!

Thank you so much!


I’ll keep you posted, it may be awhile.

thanks – please let us know when it happens.

yok – would be nice to get a response? (:

Hi there.

I am glad you like the template. I got married this weekend and was unable to check my messages. This is not a WordPress file and it is possible to have text instead of images for the navigation.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Still no ipad fix?

Hi there,

You can check main preview from your ipad to see the new file is working in landscape but not in portrait. Also have a compatibility issue with safari that needs to be fixed. Hope to have these two things resolved soon. If you email me I can send you the update as soon as its ready.

ipad fix is ready! Once it’s approved it will have an updated preview image. If you’d like the files sooner, just send me an email.

Thanks!!!!!! Awesome \o/

Congratulations on your Wedding!

Thank you!

Hey Dan,

Just wanted to let you know the tablet fix is going up for review this evening.

That is great news! Thank you ever so much. How can I apply it to my site? Do I have to re edit the html?

The best way would be to start over with the new files. If you feel this will be too time consuming you can zip up your site and send it to me and I can take care of it.

Hello YOK , does this template work properly on smart phones? Thanks.

Thanks for the question – At this point it does not. That will be in the next update.

Hey YOK ,

Great that you are expanding to both mobile and wordpress.. Im still about to buy the themeplate – but I think I wait till you make it for wordpress.. If I should add pictures, text and so on - then it would be very time consuming not having a cms system right?

Hi there,

It just depends, it is a fairly simple theme, but the WordPress version would be easier to work with.

Hi yokTemplates

I could use your help, I am looking to make the Title for each of the images a h-ref clickable link, which will open in a new window, I have been sitting for hours trying to make this work. If you could give me an example on how this would work that would be great. the link will direct people to another website that has been designed by ourselves.

here is the code.

  • Elise Dumontete
  • The code doesn’t seem to be showing up let me know if you cant see it.

    I have worked out that (title=”www.elisedumontet.com”) is the words under the picture but I cant make it clickable?

    Thanks Michael

Hi Meg

I have sent you an email which should help, your help will be much appreciated.

Thanks Michael

Great! I should be able to take a look tomorrow.

For links inside of the captions you have to use encoded HTML entities.

Love the design of this.

Not sure what is going wrong but my installation of this looks all messed up on iPhone (haven’t checked iPad but I’m assuming it’s similar):


Appreciate your help.

Hi there,

Thanks for the comment and the link. As that description states, it’s been optimized for the iPad but not mobile. For mobile phones, users will be redirected to a simplified version of the site. The mobile update is ready and I hope to get it uploaded this evening. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

Thanks for the quick reply.

So, after the mobile update the site will look like your current demo site does on mobile?

After the update the site will look it does on the demo but when a mobile phone is detected it will redirect to a simplified version.

What do I need to do to implement the mobile update?

Can you confirm that this works with IE 8 ??

Client tried on his Windows machine using IE 8 and can’t see the site. I only have Mac, so unable to test.

I’m not having any problems on my machine…. can you be more specific?

Ha, wish I could – that’s all I was given :)

I just sent you a PM with the dev site, if you wouldn’t mind giving it a quick look from your IE8 I ’d really appreciate it.

Thanks again for the excellent support!

Hello there,

Love the template guys, is this ready for wordpress yet?

Thank you! It’s still in progress. I’ll post here and let you know when it’s going up.

Hi, First just wanted to thank you very much for this beautiful template. I got the same problem than on http://www.danielburdett.com , When you set one only background for all the “pages” the stripes doesn’t fit between the differents “pages”. Does it make any sens ?

I’d realy appreciate any help on this :-) Thanks, Max

Hey Max,

On http://www.danielburdett.com the problem I see is actually a duplicate background image, not a stripes issue. Can you send your site? info@yoktemplates.com


Hi, I really love this template; best investment yet!! But I am having issues making the “contact me” form work. (www.bykinetiksoul.com) I want it to submit to me in a email, but the button stopped popping up the sent message. do you have any info on how to set this up? Thx!! -Marie


Can you zip your latest files and email them to me? info@yoktemlates.com


I’d like to use a homepage logo, without the hello, subtitle text and the dividers, but when I get rid of them, the arrow go’s out of place. How do I get it to stick in the same spot as, when it’s displayed with the texts and the dividers?

Thanks for this sweet theme, Ilari


Can you send an email with your issue? info@yoktemplates.com

Hi first of all congratulations on the great theme! I just bought it and was wondering if it is complicated to change the menu to a fixed one (keep it always at the top when the page loads and when the user scrolls).


Hi there,

Thank you! I can take a look tomorrow morning. Will you email me your question at info@yoktemplates.com?

Hi, i recently purchased this item. i love it! it is a great responsive template. however, i have a question regarding the portfolio page. is there anyway that you can show multiple images on fancybox when you click on a project? let me know. thank you