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Hey Hasan, brilliant template bro…quick question, how does the php script work with this one? is it included as a separate file or would I have to write my own?


Thanks man , php script for project planner and contact form are included in the package.

Unable to install Montreal Theme: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.”

What can I do ?


its not a wordpress theme mate, its an html template. It works on its own.


Oh, I see ! I need a WP-Theme though…

How can I get a refund ?


dont know mate, contact themeforest. Though they wont offer you a refund I dont think since as a buyer you should have read what it says.

Apologies for the hassle, nothing I can do.

yunglee Purchased

Y’all need to learn how to read before you BUY something. This is not a Wordpress Theme. Heck, it isn’t even in the WP section. Not sure how you would get this wrong.

I’m just saying what many people are thinking as we read these comments asking for help to install it on WP.

yunglee Purchased


Can I add links to the BG images on the main page so that users who click on it will be redirected somewhere else? If so, where do I do this?


Hey yunglee, in the slideshow file where you put the image source

{image : ‘image source’, url : ‘your link’}

this should work.

yunglee Purchased

I did as you suggested and it didn’t work. Do the options in the slideshow.js file need to be changed for this to work?

Also, do you have any plans to release an update that would have a navigation for the homepage slideshow?


Hey mate, no there are no such plans at the moment. You should look up supersized by buildinternet on google and read through their documentation. That should help you.

Laderiva Purchased

Hi dude, i have been wondering how can i place the same effect of the portfolioblack in the portfoliodrag, for the images.

Can you give me a hand with this? thanks a lot :)


what effect do you mean man? black and white to color? or ..

Laderiva Purchased

black and white, yes.


Hey mate, apologies for the delayed response.

Just add these two classes to the css file.

.item img{ -webkit-filter:grayscale(); }

.item:hover img{ -webkit-filter: saturate(800%); }

Nice template. Clean and elegant. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!


thanks man :)

Grayline Purchased

Fantastic design! Purchased and will experiment with it! Thank you!


thank you mate good luck :)

Grayline Purchased

I have a question… At the bottom of the pages there is space for subscribing to a newsletter… Where does the site store the subscriptions and where can I change it?


its a form widget mate, it doesnt have a backend script. the other two forms do. thanks

maddix Purchased

Hi Hasan…....Great template….. I am moving from flash back to html because of mobile devices!!

and therefore my question…....

on my pc’s the alignment is perfect…..as well as mt galaxy s2…. but on some of my other mobile devices…...alignment goes off center and other issues on the samsung S3….......

can you help?......I would like it to “fit screen”........

thanks in advance…..



Hey maddix thanks for the purchase. The alignment of what exactly? if you can mail me a screenshot or mail me in more detail of what is not aligned properly Ill see what I can do.

maddix Purchased

hello again…..well this is portrait on nexus 7 and s2 and s3…..great:


and this is landscape :


as you can see the “recent work” text goes off center and there is a glitch on the slideshow statement…..

on the s3 I can see the placeholders for the “slideshow” and the same text alignment glitches…....sorry mate!........

all the best….


mate open up style.css and search for .slideshow and remove height 100%

This should fix half of your problem. for the other half open up index

and go down to the code for the slideshow statement. it would be along the lines of div class="six columns bigpadding

change the bigpadding to bigtoppadding.

problem solved.

Thanks for pointing out, ill start working on an update.

Grayline Purchased

Hey bro :)

One more question, at the bottom of the pages with the twitter feed that comes up, is there a way to change the username so that it could be someone elses twitter feed that gets displayed?



yeh ofcourse man. If you open up help.html you will see all these basics and how to do it.

Hey Hasan, I’m having trouble getting the maps plugin to work. It’s not displaying anything…


hey man, mail me your website, so I can have a look.

Hi Hasan,

Are the images shown in the Live Preview part of this download? If so how do I get them to show up. All I am getting are placeholder images showing the size required.

I cant find anything where it says they are not included.

If they are not included can you show me where I can buy some of them? The images I am referring to are the girl smoking on the home page and other images in that sldieshow etc!


hey mate, cant remember the sources, but its obvious no images are part of the download.

The images have the authors name on them, joi, plaits etc. you will just have to look for them yourself.

Iv changed the 4 pictures and iv added sources in the item description, if you are interested n the new ones

IPM Purchased

Dear Hasan!

Nice work with your template! :)

If i wanna have a image next to the text on the main page is there any image class? couldt seem to find it in the help file.. I tried with just the normal img tag and it worked just got put under insted of left or right to the texts. but how can i place the png file next to text so its aligned and not under..



Dont understand your question buddy. What image next to the text?

Grayline Purchased

Hello again mate :)

I read in the previous comments that you are planning Wordpress version in the future. Any more news on that? Would be fantastic to have the option of both :)

Hi mate

In the “meet our team” section. I want to have just two “team members” but I want them centered. Can you tell me what classes I need to apply to get that to work.

I have tried six columns centered but they all end up on top of each other!

Thanks Mate!

n5zm Purchased

Hi there, trying to install this theme, keep getting this error :

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Please help, urgent.