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n5zm – its not a wordpress theme!

HI again,

Can u tell me the name of the font you used to make the Montreal Logo?

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Me again,

With regards to the Font Awesome.

I am integrating this into Expression Engine and unfortunately the twitter icon does not show. Instead I get a rectangle with the short code \f099 in place of the twitter icon.

Any ideas about any other file I may need to alter to ensure it gets the right icon for the shortcode?


Im not sure mate , Iv not tried so I couldnt comment. But I think its something to do with unicode and hexidecimal code. If it just doesnt work you could add font iconic and font awesome. They can work quite well together.

To answer your previous question, the logo font is helvetica.

Also Im not sure why you are having problems with showing two team members ill see if i can replicate the problem and Ill give you the solution.

Happy new year to you too my friend.

Happy New Year Hasan,

I’m having lots of problems with the contact page. When I hit submit nothing happens. I’ve already updated my email address in the sendemail.php script. Help please…


happy new year to you too bro. I replied to your email.

Hi Hasan,

Just a quick note to confirm that I am a dipstick!

With regards to Font Awesome I had not copied the font folder!!! arrgh

I have sorted the two team members problem I was having and once again the problem was my own lack of skill, knowledge and common sense rather than a problem with the template!

Helvetica! got it


haha its ok man, glad you got it working

This is beautiful template. Great work!!! I will purchase on Friday. One question? Is it hard to Integrate a WordPress Blog Into your existing template. I just wanna use your HTML/CSS blog page with wordpress. I have very basic html/css knowledge. Thank you.


hey Hansino, thanks man. If you have a basic html css knowledge then i take you have even little knowledge of wordpress in which case it might be a bit difficult for you to integrate wordpress with it. I am working on a WP version, but due to unforeseen circumstances its taking a little longer then expected. Incase you want to wait.

Thanks again


thx, I do prefer the html/css version. with my little html/css its easy to customize stuff. Not fan of wordpress!! ..lol

hi, when the wordpress version will be ready?


in a couple of weeks mate

Hi Hasan, Nice work. What about video embedding? Also will the future WORDPRESS version integrate with BUDDYPRESS? Regards David

sarapee Purchased

also waiting on wordpress :)

anytime I change any of the text my navigation flushes to the right and changes color to orange.. I’d really love to put the html to good use just am running problems that are not clear too me.


you mean when you change navigation text?

To begin with the ‘orange’ is the default link color. Navigation class has its own color so unless you are changing the navigation class, its not possible for the nav links to turn orange.


for instance if I change any of the text in the html… say the phone number.. the whole navigation moves to the right and completely fills the left side of the page.. showing all the drop down options and everything.. the font defaults to what it looks BEBAS… if you have an email I can send you a screenshot please let me know


yeh please do, just send me an email through my profile page with a link to ur website and ill have a look. :)

Ref: Montreal Responsive Interactive Creative Template

In IE 8.0.7 I get a JS error about the Modernizr that says this: Webpage error details Message: Access is denied. Line: 4 Char: 12115 Code: 0 URI: file:///C:/Users/Steve/Documents/montreal/js/libs/modernizr-2.0.6.min.js

Do I need to update the Modernizer file or is just not compatible with IE8? Thank you

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i’m having an issue with the facebook code on portfoliobasic.html, and other pages that call on facebook.net is the code outdated, and if so where will this be altered? is the code customized, if so where are the custom fields? your help is appreciated


Hey mate, what error are you getting?

SDCS Purchased

the prettyPhoto pop-ups all have “this website…”, i’m assuming this is calling the facebook code for “like” or “share”, but is not calling properly

hi hasan, Please check your mail and reply ASAP. Sorry for contacting you through this.

Mr. Hasan, Thank you so much for the template! The information provided made it easy for a first time html user to customize. We used the template on our CLVproductions.com and have boosted customer interaction with the sleek project planner design. I do have one question, in regards to the google map locator on the contact page, is it necessary to have a customized google api? Thank you.


hey man, Im not sure what you mean, dont think its necessary.


...how do we change the location on the map? Thank you for your time.


if you scroll down on contact.html you will see the bit where you have to post longitude and lattitude for your location. it is after the footer, in the scripts section.

what CMS system would you choose so that I can make the use-ability easier for uploading and changing things?


hey mate the wordpress version should be out by the end of this month. Theres also going to be a drupal version around the same time. So I would recommend waiting a little

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Hi, im trying to set up the newsletter in the footer, how to do that? <.<


hey saykopk its a widget it doesnt have a form. But you can strip project planner to just the email field and rename it as another form and use that to mail you subscriptions

I posted nine days ago about the Modernizr issue. When viewing the template in IE8, I get an Invalid Character message. In my CMS, I get constant Main.JS errors and Modernizr errors.

Any suggestions?


Nevets can you please post your website or email me your website so I can have a look. Ill see if I can find a solution for the modernizr issue in Ie8.

For your CMS you will have to find your own solutions as I didnt make your CMS and I simply dont have time.

Excellent man !! I llike it


thanks man

Is t possible to setup the file in a way that we get the drag option (in portfolio) for mobile/iPad and get the “Fold Black” option for desktop?

Sorry, I am kind of clueless about this.


yeh I dont think that should be a problem you could redirect users according to screen width, something like

script type=”text/javascript”

if (screen.width <= 700) { document.location = “http://website.com/foliodrag.html”; }

Something along those lines should work


This is Great, Thanks, Great work


thank you, but you havent purchased the file yet :)

What do i have to do so i can use multiple drawers?

NAme them some how?

Because now all the drawers i create open and close at the same time.

Must be simple, but i don’t get it to work!