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Awesome design! GLWS mate :D:D:D

Thank you ! :)

wow nice work!

Thank you, glad you like it :)


Any chance you can incorporate Font Awesome to CSS?

Hello ktank,

Yes font awesome can be easily incorporated in the template, by just following the instructions that they provide to do so in their documentation.

It will be a nice addition to this template and we consider adding this feature in a future update.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Do comments work out of the box for this template or do you have to integrate?

Hello Ganzuelo,

Thank you for interest. This is a html template so no, there is no functionality attached to the comments. However we plan to release a wordpress version of this template in the future that will add full functionality to the comments section.

Hi there

The twitter bar seems to have stopped working on my site. It has also stopped on the demo. Any ideas?

Hello again dee7271,

We have updated the template with a working twitter bar(a non-php solution has been posted in the thread we previously posted and we implemented it) and also addressed a bug in related with portfolio 1.

To get the latest version, just re-download the template package from your downloads section.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Fantastic. Thanks very much. Great service.

Quick question…. if i already have a site installed with changed css etc. What scripts/files do i need to update to make it work on existing install ?

Basically you will have to compare the css code to your own, there is no easier way to achieve this. The changes we have made in style.css are only related to the twitter bar. In the rest of the files, we have changed the footer area where js files are included, also custom.js and jquery.stapel.js have been changed.

Hello everyone, I will just ask why i cannot install this template on my wordpress I downloaded and unzip the file then i upload the folder moonrise via ftp and it has an error message saying missing stylesheet. I also uploaded the template throught web but it doesnt install Please help. Many thanks

Hello melvinmojado,

It seems that you made a confusion. Like it’s name implies, “Moonrise bootstrap html template” is a html template(hrml, css & js files), not a wordpress theme, so it can’t be used with wordpress.

Ah, i understand now Can you help me how can i implement Or put this on my server to make it As a website What folder of the template will i put on the server? Do you have a step by step instruction on how can i upload it on my server and make it a website or blog.


To use the template you will have to directly edit the html files(using a text editor), remove the demo code and insert your own content using the necessary html tags. You will need to know basic html and css to do this. After editing your files you can upload them on your server via FTP.

In regards with the blog, to have functionality the wordpress functionality you will have to hire a developer to convert it for you into a wordpress theme.