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Very Very cool design! Any thoughts of an HTML version? Is it possible to create the main gallery on the home page to slide and expose larger content areas for the specific items? (Sorry know how to do it in standard code but not sure about creating it in WP). Good luck – its awesome

Does Unlimited colorschemes means that we can have a black&white version? Thanks


Yes, you can set your own colors for partial sections. So B&W scheme is possible.

Very good, I’m also interested in HTML version.

wow this is simply beautiful.. good luck!



Very nice. What font are you using for the logo?


Futura and DIN

Very Nice. Can the mosaic section links to items in the portfolio or page the same as it’s linking to posts?


Now, is possible to display portfolio or common blog posts in the mosaic.


This is an awesome template! True to the meaning of “responsive” great job on this!

I am also interested in knowing about the mosaic section on the home page, can we set that up through the porfolio section? or would it just link to regular posts/pages?

Please advise

Thanks a lot

Keep up the great work! Mani


Hi, now is possible to display portfolio posts or common blog posts in the mosaic.

Hi there, just bought this theme, may be a silly question, but is there any way I can remove the mosaicintrobody2 from the mosaic?

I can’t seem to find out how to insert text into that box, do I need to create a post and tag it as the ‘service area’ ?

Hello, can you add an image as the background instead of a color for the main body? Thanks and nice work.

OK. Have implemented this theme on my website now Link is here: http://londoneater.com . But I still can’t figure out how to put some text/photo in the blue box on the mosaic.

Please can you help me…


Hi, you have to use Announcement custom post.

Had to get this theme, but is my first experience with WP. Cannot figure out how to get images into the mosic, in fact don’t know where to find the home page in the pages to edit!

Any help would be a great help


1, In admin menu select type of mosaic section (blog posts or portfolio posts) them use “Set featured image” to get images. 2, Mosaic homepage is by default – you don’t have to use page templates to do this.

Beautiful theme, after a lot of searching this is definitely at the top of the list for my website, one quick question, is it possible to have the blog be one large column that goes across the page instead of having the two (main blog column + sidebar w/ top posts etc.)?

Thanks so much I appreciate it!


Yes, is very easy to remove sidebar – thanks to responsive layout.

Thanks for all appreciations. And if you satisfied – please rate. Thanks

Wow I love this theme, good work!


The theme looks really nice and I guess it’ll fit my project as well. But I have one tiny pre purchase question;

Can I edit the all the mosaic pieces to same size with CSS ?

Demo seems to be down. Ignore me, gone mad.

I wish this mosaic of news section was a wordpress plugin, that would sell a lot.. because most of the people have working customized theme, not need to change, but extra would be great!

Very nice design, I’m expecting the HTML version since I need to do some customization. Hope you will release it soon :)

Everything sorted except one thing. I can only get blog posts or blog categories to show in the slider but want portfolio images.


In admin menu in Featured section select portfolio type of mosaic.


Yea I know, but cant seem to get portfolio type in Featured Section only post and post categories. Have made some portfolio posts and given them portfolio categories but they don’t show up.

I’m missing something but don’t know what!


Portfolio Mosaic displays latest portfolio items there is no category option.


Thanks, got the annoucement working now. Just one other thing, how can I make the images in each blog post go full width ? Currently it is limited to 598px instead of the full post width of 627px.




Hi there, edit ownScript.js file (js folder) and change value on line 137. Thanks