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All of my projects media just got deleted for no reason….. This theme just wasted 30 hours of uploading over 1000 pictures…. WTF.

Hello. It could not possibly be due to the theme. Please, if you need help, please contact from the account from which you purchased the theme, otherwise we can not help you

Hey, great theme, just customising now, couple questions.

1. How can I remove the featured image/header image from appearing twice in the projects? 2. How can I change the order of the projects in the portfolio?

I purchased the theme of course otherwise how else would I be having the issue? Please see these screenshots..


Please reply in the comments I wrote on the theme, or reply to my support request, or you could email me, thank you.

Yes, you really bought a template, only another author with the same name as ours :-)

Apologies, I guess that is where the confusion lies, they shouldnt let themes have the same names haha..the other author support is not very good, they still havent replied :(

Does this theme has also dark layout?


By default, no, but with the builder you are not limited in the choice of colors


odjone Purchased

Hello. I even cant read the preview anymore from themeforest’s website (blank page).. I have those errors in the console: “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request) jquery.mb.YTPlayer.js:156 Uncaught SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin “http://mntn-classic.fragrancetheme.com” from accessing a frame with origin “http://themeforest.net”. Protocols, domains, and ports must match. http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Brandon Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request)” Is there a big problem with your website or is it just me ?

Have a lovely day



We just tested something and have it removed. Thank you for your wish, you also have a nice day :-)


odjone Purchased

many thanks… everything is in order . I saw that you tried to put a youtube video on home… that’s a great idea =)

This feature included already. But not work with Envato frame)

hi I want to create a ticket on your support page but i don’t know what is my envatoID and where to find it? thanks

sure but what is the good link to go back to the main page, if I put ”#portfolio” I don’t go back to the main page

another question how do I update my theme ? I already installed it before the update

Back to the home page, you can only Home link.

You need to re-download and install the theme, all your settings are saved

Hi I want to display images fullscreen width, I cannot do that even if I duplicate the homepage it does not display fullwidth, is there any css just for the home that does that ? I want to display pages images fullscreen as well, how can I do that ? thanks


In exactly where you want to display them so? It will be easier to understand if you send a link to your site, please

Hi where can I translate all text include on the theme like “read More”, Next post”… thanks


This must be done in all files that contain in its name “content”. “Next post” in the file includes/navigation.php.

Hi is there a way to order the home slider post?


You can manage changing post date.


The website seems to be down at the moment for mountaintheme.com – the theme is pulling some assets from your server so our site is not loading – http://www.freerideproject.com/

Please can you help, I don’t know how to fix this as I cannot access some of the files, they are not in the mntn theme directory.




Unfortunately, we can not help you in this matter. First of all, you need to check the work of your plug-ins, or contact your hosting service. Theme does not receive any data from our server. Our demo using the same files and can see how everything works. I will remove your ticket from the support site

Congrats. Awesome work!

Hi there. Great work, however I can’t make the contact form to appear. I already folled the instructions in the documentation but it’s still not working. Also, when I intalled the demo-data I got an error of the contact page not installing correctly or something like that. I tried to make my own contact form and copied the code in de documentation but nothing. Please Help.

You can add property overflow: hidden; in file style.css after lines 2407 and 2459

That was it. Thanks. Now I just have the problem that when I send an email there appears a weired green box and it’s all over the fields.

This refers to the functional plugin, we can not provide support for this. Sorry…

Hi is it possible to have a slider on the post page? thanks

Hi. Sure, you can create gallery in post

a wordpress gallery yes, but a slider like on the home page is it possible? if yes, how can I do it? tanks for your answer

No, slider available only on home page


mvacelet Purchased

I update to wp 4.5 and visual composer does not work anymore? what can I do?

Hello. I will upload updated with the latest version of the composer as soon as possible