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Hi, I have download the zip file but while uploading the same i can only see one blog post page nothing else, its very irritating can you please help to upload my theme in the wordpress uploader. I can give you access if required.

I have deleted twice the theme from WP uploader and again the same problems persists. I have purchased theme today only. i.e. 14 Feb 2015 Kindly help me at the earliest.


i have already read the documentation but the problem still persists please help. Its really frustrating. It keep giving me either 500 internal server error or if it get uploaded than i cant see it completely.


my website address is www.ahujatvs.com


Sorry, did not understand what the problem is. I see your site

noah249 Purchased

Hi two questions!

1. Is there a way to change the destination of “Blog” on the homepage? It keeps directing me to here: (http://www.website.com/#main_header) instead of my blog entries

2. Is there a way to make albums within the portfolio section instead of individual photos?

Thank you!



1. Blog is provided as a separate page, you must add the menu and it will appear at the end of the menu sections.

2. Now provided only gallery. You can try to plug Gallery and implement it in the post as a shortcode https://wordpress.org/plugins/nextgen-gallery/

Hi good theme but some request:

1 – Service page is not responsive

2 – Is possible open Photo in ligthbox?

3 – go to top why is not in homepage?

4 – if i insert a gallery is only slideshow Why?




1. Also add property in line 2184 margin-left: 0;

2. This is elements .section_description p? You can find it on the line 1080


i made what did you say but nothing succed…on mobile team is ok but service no, also image in showcase not responsive. Description in Header color i not found in style.css

please can you sand me a file style.css modify by you? Sorry but my client is very particulary Thank’s


Answer to your email

HI, can i insert a page that i create in wp, in homepage? thank’s



The only way to add something to the home page – this is to add your own code in the file home-page.php


Great theme and sorry if my question has already been answered. I have checked through and couldn’t find anything.

Desktop and tablet display is working as it should, but mobile version isn’t centred in some sections and the text spills outside of the display and can’t be viewed – particularly on iPhone 6.

How can this be solved?






Update for iPhone 6 is already loaded. But on your site so many changes that it hardly even recognizable theme, although looks great!

Hi, If someone wants to fix the problem with the menu and the small logo which goes out of the screen, here is the code.

Go to style.css, find MENU section (around line 307).

In rule

#menu #main-menu

right: 15%;
and replace it with
left: 0;
right: 0;

The menu section will be centred.


Thank you, we will check it. May I ask why you do it?)


Hi Lesya, I just went through the comments and noticed that some people asked how to fix those bugs, so it was just a help nothing else. :) BTW, you’ve got a nice good looking theme, great job!


You are very helpful, kind man :-)

Pre-purchase question.

What I need is a portfolio website with all these features such as full screen photo, auto sliders, portfolio gallery, etc.

However, what I need in addition to the above is:

- some kind of gallery with users who can see their content only

- watermarking on uploads for previews in reduced resolution

- once photos are selected visitor should be able to pay and download full version of his photos (selected ones only)

It is similar to sites just selling artwork except this one has to sell personal artwork. Would it be possible using this theme?


Lesya Author

Wow, that’s a lot of features. If you have plug-ins that work with it and can be built using shortcodes, you can do this simply by embedding code in each section, as it concerns your question about nextgen gallery

In addition I would like to ask whether it works with nextgen gallery