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Beautiful work. Now go code it ;)

Thank you, it’s already in the developing process :)

aaaa i see you got thrue… congrats! as i sad b4 i digit :)

Good luck with sales

Yes! :) Thanks

Good luck with the sales mate :)

Thank you

awesome design.. I would love to see WordPress version… :) good luck!

Thank you, mabuc, I hope there will be WordPress version of this theme soon (1–3 months)

Very nice design, congrats ! :)


I usually don’t comment on PSD templates, but this looks so beautiful, that I had to make an exception. ;)

Excellent job!

Thank you, Smuliii, I love your themes!

How long before we might expect an html version?

It should be released next week.

Really great work, Flay.

Do you work alone or as part of a team?

Thank you! I work with one developer, who is now preparing the html version. If you are looking for partnership, just send me an e-mail throught my profile :).

nice work…

it’s Nice! and Clean, good luck with sales!

Love it, and it’s super-easy to work with. Eagerly awaiting the HTML version (any day now???) :-)

Thank you for purchasing the theme! The HTML version should be released this week or early next week.

Okay, well I’m definitely making use of this in a current project… so if there’s anything I can do. In fact, I’d even be happy to pay now for a “pre-release” version that I could update later when it’s “officially” done, if something like that is allowed.

I’m sorry, but it’s in the hands of my developer and this won’t be realizable. But don’t worry, the theme will be here really soon! :)

Eagerly awaiting the HTML . Do you think it’ll be out this week?

Kind Regards,


Thank you! Yes, the HTML theme will (hopefully) be available this week.

It must be nice to know there’s such a strong demand for your work!

and purchased! :)

Thank you! :)